95 thoughts on “House Set to Vote Tomorrow On Moving Impeachment To The Senate | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. But will Bolton actually tell the truth? I cannot believe we’re even having this conversation… America wake the eff up!!

  2. Trump: "Russia, if you’re listeni…. What am I saying?  Of course you're listening.😂  look, that thing you did for me in the last election…..well, I need you to do that same thing again. Oh, and Moscow Mitch says that his campaign could use a fresh injection of some more Russian rubles. Thanks. Or as you say in your Russian tongue, thansky." 😉

  3. very well said, ty everyone. and exactly, bolton is a wildcard. he wanted to testify only after trumputin pushed iran to what could have been the breaking point. bolton has been wanting war with iran since the reagan years. i think this was in part a gift from trump to bolton to keep him from testifying against him and possibly testify for him. if he wanted to testify against him then he would have gone to the house before, or since.

  4. Listen up, donald trump is a criminal and MUST be removed from our White House!!!!! So glad America has people like Pelosi and Schumer who will fight for America dna our Constitution and make it so that trump has a trial that will remove him from office!!!!!!!!

  5. If trump wins again in 2020 we who care about America need to do whatever it takes to take the racist right wing in this country down!!!!!!!!

  6. They ask if Senators will bid loyalty to the President or bow to pressure from their constituents… how about following their Constitutional Oaths and Oaths to be Impartial and following their consciences since this will set a precedent for what all other Presidents can do?!?

  7. Trump:" there are a bunch of corrupt people back there. I know that because, ALL of the STUPID people are here" !

  8. Democrats just refused a vote to condemn Iran for killing 1500 protesters and shooting down a place full of people. How pathetic.

  9. We the People, want to hear witnesses under oath. Not a Trumpite, being an oaf! WRITE YOUR SENATORS, AND LET THEM KNOW!

  10. MCCONNELL is acting like he will still be on the SENATE floor. His public declarations of coordinating with DEFENDANT and promising an acquittal has nullified him as a JUROR as well as SENATOR GRAHAM. In my opinion and I'm pretty sure there are rules that back that opinion up.

  11. Like to be optimistic….but not confident on what John Bolton will reveal!
    Joker Juliani, on one hand, be great if he implicates Chump….at risk of a circus trial if Moscow Mitch agrees to witnesses

  12. Sounds like the Republicans are now saying, "Okay, you guys, you know, uh, we want to present witnesses too…you know."

  13. Raise a glass to AOC!!!


  14. They won't have Biden testify. Biden is the most centrist Dem candidate, and the big corporations don't want Bernie or Elizabeth. So they will protect Biden. And I wish they wouldn't, because we REALLY need a progressive candidate like Bernie or Elizabeth, if we want our planet to survive.

  15. McConnell has actually already made a verdict on the case and that’s NOT GUILTY!!
    He’s basically saying yeah he’s committed crimes against the USA democracy but so what, I’m a Russian spy and since it’s my decision to stay loyal to Putin and not the Americans in the US of A!!

  16. Trumps public statements are matter of record. PRIVLEDGE? Publicly invited Russia to hack a government officials communications. IF ITS TO GET HIS NAME BLOTTED FROM THE HISTORY BOOKS THEN ID VOTE FOR TRUMP. I like Russia but not enough to let them pick our leaders. TRUMP CAN PROSTITUTE himself but selling out our Military to protect SAUDI ARABIAN OIL where he now has new investments is criminal. In my opinion and I hope in the Constitution .

  17. What's going to happen, is going to happen.
    Nothing we say here is going to change that.
    What I will say, however, is this, "Decisions are made by those who show up."
    Something we must all keep in mind as this election season heats up.
    Decisions are made by those who show up.


  19. This is completely meaningless. The only power now to remove the occupant of the White House is in the hands of the American people, not in their sycophant liar congressmen.


  21. Everything trump touches dies, been short changing people all his life, republicans scared to death of trump because the job of robbing the country and they still wants a peace


  23. This is "news"?
    Mscnn spends weeks speculating and making things up about what the senate may or may not do.
    The senate can't do anything until they get the paperwork.
    Now the house is going to vote about it? Stupider and stupider!
    The vote to impeach was weeks ago, sending the paperwork is not
    optional, and definately not a "up for vote" thing.

  24. By Trump’s own words there is undisputed evidence that he abused his power!! Trump is a crook, and he’s a bully and everyone knows that about him, even the Republicans and his supporters know this about him! John Bolton's testimony, if given will probably be similar to Corey Lewandowski's testimony last time he was in front of Congress! Unfortunately, the GOP will get the final say in the impeachment hearings and McConnell is just going through the motions and shouldn't be trusted as his lips have always been on Trump's a$$hole and the whole world knows it!! 😆

  25. Welll….. if there going to impeach Mr. Trump then they all need to putt themselves on the chopping block because all of them are dirty and in this case most of those senators have been in office a lot longer then Mr. Trump which means there alot dirtier and have did and know about things that could putt them all away. Truth!!

  26. Too many of our sitting senators don't seem to be too interested in getting to the truth about Trump's extortion conspiracy.
    Worse yet, several like Cruz and Graham are outright liars, especially when they complain about the House's "trial." There was no "trial" in the house and neither of those two learned barristers have ever defended a client in a grand jury setting.

  27. MSNBC, the new National Enquirer. This CANNOT mirror the Clinton impeachment because the House passed HR660, completely changing impeachment rules due to july's failed impeachment vote. Wow, Goebbels' propaganda machine has nothing on this place.

  28. McConnell is starting to break because he can see the weight of public approval is shifting against Trump.. Couple this with the fact the Democrats are now winning seats in his backyard, he is starting to worry about his own re-election! By the time the trial gets to calling witnesses the flood gates will open and you'll see a full Republican backlash against the useless orange blob squatting in the White House..


  30. I cannot believe this devil in the flesh, wants to control the impeachment hearing, and not allow camera's in the room. And no audio. What is wrong with him and his administration? Don't let this happen.

  31. THere is such HYPOCRISY on the part of #MoscowMitch #HypocriteGraham and TraitorTrump and #CrazyGiuliani and such true patriotism for our Democracy and our Constitution from Pelosi, Sciff, and other Democrats, but most of all Bernie Sanders is TRUTH personified, but I doubt the corrupt Corporate Democrats will let him win the primary, even though Joe Biden has such bad baggage. #BadBaggageJoe #NOtoJoe. We want #BoltontTestify. Tweet @LisaMurkowski @MittRomney @LisaMurkowski @CoryGardner. Problem is #HawkBolton might have liked the drone attack on the Iranian general.

  32. The voters deserve to have their own elected president. But these demoncrates is trying to deny them by trying day and night using all means including witch-hunting, fake dossier, Russian collusion etc to remove the president. And now they don't trust the Senate to do their work. And who says we trust the demoncrates partisan vote in the impeachment article. Is totally nonsense

  33. "The American people" don't deserve any more than what they're getting, they elected this clown and his supporting act. They have for decades been electing the warmongers and hucksters, liars and crooks that led to the current loon in chief. Believe me it's gonna get a whole lot worse and there's no way back.
    Jefferson warned you way back in 1798.

  34. Q:  How many Republicans does it take to change a real dim light bulb?
    A:  Never got changed, they're still in the dark…instructed by Russia and Faux problem due to Earth's rotation, and also its present alignment with Ukrainus.

  35. Maybe Bolton meant "drug deal" in a good way. The "drug deal" conversation is not protected by Executive Privilege as it wasn't with Trump.

  36. Donald J. Trump have not told the America Woman’s & Mans the “Truth”
    If Trump is anime man ?Why ?
    1) why do America Woman’s @ MansLive on the “Streets” ?
    2) Why is there people are out of work ?
    3). Trump said in2016
    4) I will brings back the Jobs

  37. If they do not allow witnesses in such a case, then the system and the law should be redone for the future. As the case has emerged, it seems that they want to hide as much as possible, that they will not have facts on the table.
    Such a case should have been dealt with by the Supreme Court and with a jury chosen by the people.

  38. OMG! They always trot out Murkowski & Collins like that will appease us! 👿👺 Lisa Murkowski & Susan Collins were sent out during the Brett "I Like Beer" Kavascum Hearings to make it 'seem' like the Ru-publicans cared about the process and would do right by the Hearings. But NO they did not. I will NEVER, EVER FORGET Collins' slimy, smirking smile as she announced afterward she confirmed him with her head held high in a look that said, "F you people, we'll do whatever we want" – and they did. They are Disgraceful. They are NOT to be trusted for anything other than supporting the Fascist corruption in the Senate and the Traitor Trump – simply the worst president in the history of the country.

  39. If the 'Impeachment Trial' were a fair game the House led by Nancy Pelosi would win. But the farce of an 'Impeachment Trial' that Senate Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell tuR-KY has already stated he's going to orchestrate is dishonest and undemocratic, more like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The only one who will be giving thanks is Dysfunctional Donald.

  40. McConnell is just another Corrupted Senator? What does Israel have on him? This Jewish led COUP is going to see a final split with this usurping tribe. Watch n See.

  41. Speaker Pelosi: why is now the time to send articles of impeachment to the Senate? You can't fool all the people all the time.

  42. If the American people deserve the truth then why are there so many LIARS in American Politics ?
    Even Nancy Pelosi isn't being completely honest with The American People because if she was then surely she would admit to being an anti-Christian who believes that : she is God / her Pope is God / her husband is God / everyone except Our Father [God / Allah etc] is God and step away from Politics.
    If you follow a follower of Satan then surely you are a follower of Satan … and if the American People have been tricked into following a follower of Satan then they should not be ignoring / denying / allowing their abusers to abuse the children in the exact same way as they were / are being abused.
    Before they murdered / robbed / ate Jesus [Christ] the Catholics used to be called "The Unholy Roman Empire" they then changed their name to "The Holy Roman Empire" and then renamed themselves again "The Roman Catholic Church" and their "Emperor" was renamed "Pope".
    Symbolic cannibalism is symbolic of cannibalism.
    The definition of Democracy is : the belief in freedom and equality between people … however there is no equality between the sane and the insane … law abiding citizens and criminals etc etc etc so therefore American Democracy and its official political party is a sham / con / lie.
    The American People deserve the truth … liars have infiltrated American politics because the American political system was designed by liars who redesigned the failed political system of a long dead fake empire who called themselves Romans.

  43. Using trump as a guide line we should seriously look into the corruption meaning anyone sidimg with corrupted should be considered corrupted themselves!!!

  44. McConnell's argument and BS about this trial being just like Clinton's is a complete lie. Clinton had Starr's 6 year completely insulated investigation with documents and Grand Jury Testimony. The White House and Republican's have Obstructed every investigation, document, and every witness involving Trump and themselves. Gee, wonder why.

  45. Oh my goodness, how embarrassing! Shouldn't they find some evidence first? Evidence, you know, besides "I want no quid pro quo" and that he is doing a great job as president? I mean with the evidence they collected so far, they should be giving the President a medal of honor. They really flubbed this one!

  46. whether he wins or loses, trump will be the butt of jokes for the next 100 years. What a legacy! the most dishonest president in history.

  47. Iff trump has done nothing wrong like his supporters keep saying then let witnesses in and then let everything come out and iff trump has done nothing wrong it will be proven

  48. It's good thing Moscow Mitch has enough room in his throat to handle the s*** that Nancy is going to be pooping down his throat eat up Moscow Mitch

  49. Let the re-opening of the Impeachment Inquiry taken up by the House . Its the only way the Truth will come out. The House can play the same game the Senate Republicans want to play.

  50. Do any of you goofs actually think 2/3 of the senate will convict Trump?
    Unlike Trump, Clinton was charged with 12 actual felonies and he was exonerated.

  51. McConnell doesn't, for even one second, believe Trump is innocent. Moscow Mitch is Trump's puppet and a Russian asset. Let's stop trying to white wash that

  52. Moscow Mitch is over here like " I believe president Trump has done nothing wrong" bruh if people from his own campaign and momentous people have gone to jail by just simply doing what the president asks not knowing they are doing illegal activity

  53. The mainstream propaganda agencies will lose this one too. The case should be dismissed for lack if evidence. If it goes to trial, Trump will be acquitted.

  54. “America if you’re listening” Zealous vigilance, Nancy Pelosi along with being the American Democratic Party politician serving as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, is in fact also a great Law enforcing citizen of the United States of America and an upholder of the constitution of the united States of America. “America if you’re listening”. She is truly blessed with Zealous vigilance. We need to get behind her, and stand behind her, and support her. I am a US Navy veteran, Vietnam era. When I took the oath to guard my flag and my country and what my country means to me, and all that has died before me, and with me, along side of me. All I ever had in repayment to my flag and my country was, and still is my life. And before I allow an enemy of my country takes over I will die again

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