HoneymoonLifeStyle Bahamas PART 1 The journey

Hello today we start the journey of our Life our plane is behind us, which will take us to Frankfurt first then we will fly from Frankfurt to Toronto and from Toronto to Nassau, Bahamas our dream place we are already at the Frankfurt airport we landed happily now we must look for a flight to Toronto we still have about two hours the journey is not short, but it is very pleasant see you later we came across five hundred thousand different exits, entrances and passages very friendly Germans helped us we will travel the next 5 km by foot hi, we’re in Canada as you can see in Toronto we are barely alive we barely arrived here we are up for 24 hours yes we can say that we will be on our knees as soon as we are not on our feet time difference minus six hours we wish you sweet dreams we are going right to the airport we have been waiting at the airport for several hours we took a nap and we are ready for further travels it is after 9:00 am in Warsaw ours is after 3:00 am we are waiting for the flight at 8:00 am to Nassau I am completing the travel log I read a book we have something to eat there there’s something left, not bad see you later we’re going for a coffee, bye we start the last part of our journey the last stage, to Nassau this time we are already cleared we are still waiting, it’s five o’clock. we get on the plane in two hours Toronto, by night view from the airport view from the airport this means the airport itself 😊 we spent the last several hours here eleven, twelve hours we got enough sleep on the Air Sofa/Lazy Bag for a change it was great, we recommend it you can take it with you, catch some air and sleep well see you later under the palm trees next photos from the plane as we are above the Bahamas islands finally, we arrived after so many hours of traveling we can already see the first island of the Bahamas take a look

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