Hollywood Movie Scene – Triangle (2009) – Triangle on Trip | Psychological Thriller | M laZe

Yo, what the fuck? Wind’s dropped down on us. It’s not dropped, it’s gone. This is crazy. You ever seen
this before? Yeah, yeah. Just not
quite so sudden. Are okay to get
home? There is no wind. Yeah, yeah. We got
an engine. It’s not
a problem. It’s just, it’s weird. Greg? Is that normal? Okay, I’m fucking
freaked, what the fuck. Triangle to coast
guard. Over. Triangle to coast
guard. Over. Coast guard,
go ahead. Over. We’ve just gone from seven
knots to absolute zero. You’ve
got anything unusual? Over? Nothing showing up. Over. It’s darkening up pretty
quick out here. Looks like
an electrical storm. Over. Help me. Please. Can you hear me? Help me. Please, help me. Killing everyone. They’re
dead. They’re all dead. We hear you. What’s your
position? Over. Distressed caller,
we hear you. What are
your coordinates? Over. Coast guard, did you hear
a distress call? We’re not
getting it anymore. Over. Distressed caller,
make another transmission. What is your position? Greg? Get below deck now. Get the life jackets. Cut it. Cut the sail. Vic, get the main sail down. Get it down. Vic! Get back. Jess, take my hand. Grab on. Heather! Grab on. Heather! Vic!

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