HijikuVape Mod Review Trip Mod by Vaporstorm (English Subtitle Ready)

Hello Genks back again with me Okta Riza in … HijikuVape Ok Genks, so this time we will review a device from Shenzhen, China This mod was made by Vapor Storm Vapor Storm was founded in 2015 but maybe it just entered Indonesia in 2016 or 2017 with a product that you might know about “Puma” We got several shipment of devices from vaporstorm one of them is Trip Mod Ok genks, we discuss about design first This Trip Mod has four colors Red navy blue black and also silver, only here I have the color red and navy blue because the black and silver colors are quite a lot. so I choose a color that is rather rare if we look at it from the desig this design may be very unique genks the design is very similar to the travel bag that we usually carry around when we get out of town how come I can think of it there maybe the vaporstorm wants to remind you that if you want to go anywhere you must carry this Now we see the backdoor genks so the backdoor is equipped with two magnetic points and here you can see you can install 18650 size battery now don’t have to wait long we put the battery on he’s on now, genks well, in this review, I will use atomizer Plume Veil v2 RDA I use this wire fused clapton with a resistance of 0.15 ohms we’ll see how good is this mod we use the usual settings first genks we will see the settings first he has the settings VW (variable wattage) or the wattage that we use normally he has temperature control too, Ni, SS Titanium, M1, M2 for your settings and there is a bypass too and there is “Curve Mode”. This is what I’m curious about, genks Curve mode, we will discuss later now we will try in ordinary watts first I usually use 66 watts of wattage with a resistance of 0.16 ohms now we first drops the liquid 66 watts using ordinary watts using ordinary wattage mode enough we try genks the power almost no delay in my opinion Ok, if we use a lot of ordinary wattage from other devices, we try mode other modes we try bypass mode this is bypass mode so bypass mode it will adjust wattage with the resistance used in your atomizer we’ll see This is very loud if I say this is fun we try now genks this mod mod at a price that I think is very OK but he can What is it? I’m a typical vapers who don’t like long puffs I prefer short puffs so it’s been 0.5 seconds enough to puff so it’s like this genks with a time of 0.5 seconds my nicotine needs are met, I’m very happy this is the power really brave this bypass is cool I have used several devices with bypass mode some of these devices are over wattage, over power so that the taste that was conveyed even not get at all only if this he have a tight power, but it’s still out in my opinion just right the mod adjusts the wattage correctly now we try curve mode this is unique genks This trip mod has a curve mode What is curve mode? curve mode can you can adjust the wattage every 0.5 seconds, for 10 seconds for those of you who do not understand, I will set an example so here in 0.5 seconds I will arrange at 70 watts in 1 second I reduce the wattage to 30 watts in 1.5 seconds I raise it to 68 watts in 2 seconds I put it down again to 30 watts so that the wattage when firing can go up and down with increasing time and so on. we’ll see we put it down again to get wet because if this is really necessary firing is rather long, to show and explain to you guys I will wet it first Well you can see genks this is no firing huh so he was like up and down up and down like that … like that this is very unique with this mode, you can set it and shuffle every second you need how many watts and the others so that the curve mode can be used correctly this mod can used until super sub ohm the resistance can be used up to super sub ohms which is 0.06 ohms it’s just that I don’t recommend playing with ohms or resistance because if I personally do not want to take a risks because we use 0.1x ohm is enough Ok now we discuss about the price how much is the price of this device? in Indonesia now? the price is only 420 thousand rupiahs This mod is good with metal material with lightweight metal not too thick and has several modes the power is OK the design isn’t bad at such a cheap price you must buy only I’m here to discuss about the minus first, genks we peel the minus so what I feel, From the chip and the performance, though I’m already in love with this mod I just have a few bumps here which makes me think why should it be like this? that is in terms of backdoor first so this backdoor is iron, thin but once posted here he feels rude if you open the lid it feels like it has sand like less smooth surface but if we hold by hand it feels smooth but if the lid rubs against the body sounds like a rubbing sound if you hold the device you will feel the same way that’s the first the second in terms of the firing button if shaken the sound will be heard somehow it was intentional or indeed its weaknesses if pressed, it does sound the disadvantages are not proportional to the strengths So in my opinion at that price You don’t need to see the minuses the minus is only a small thing which according to some is not important this power is the best Okay now I’m still curious about the bypass mode earlier because it’s real, this is the power I really like oh yeah and this one again, this wattage mode can be up to 200 watts at least 5 watts and the top at 200 watts but we know that we rarely use watts in this electrical mod above 100 watts and above average at 60 watts even 45 watts some are 70 watts it’s back to your taste you like the long puff or the short puff for setting the curveway mode it can be set to 10 seconds only 10 seconds is usually rarely used Oh yeah genks, this vaporstorm has several sorts of pods too one of them is stalker this pods in front of me and these three pods will be shared for you by quiz and if you can participate on condition like, subscribe share this video and comment your quiz answers in the comments column in the video below for you who participated and you have fulfilled the requirements and your answer is correct your names will be input tips to the randomizer and we will announce it in the next episode the question is easy genks first question Who is the founder of Vaporstorm? you can answer the comments below in a way # 1 for quiz answer number 1 second question In what year was Vaporstorm established? this is the second question, meaning you can answer with # 2 your answer third question .. mention one of the RDA produced by Vaporstorm okay genks, that’s all of our video reviews do not forget follow us on instagram @hijikuvape and don’t forget to follow the Instagram Vaporstorm @vaporstorm_factory vape with your attitude and be a Good vapers see you …..

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  1. Wah udh upload lgi video kmrn blm nntn eung. Nntn dlu ini ah siapa tau dpt wkwk
    #1 Tony Liu pendirinya
    #2 2015 di dirikan
    #3 flamingo rda. Lion rda. Raptor rda (kit)

  2. Ikutin kuisnya ya genkz hadiahnya ada 3 buah Pods, kaos, dan topi untuk 3 orang pemenang!!!
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  3. semoga menang, amin.
    berikut jawabannya

    #1 = ceo dari vaporstorm namanya Tony Liu
    #2 = vaporstorm hadir di dunia vape mulai dari tahun 2015
    #3 = produk vaporstorm yang merupakan rda adalah Lion RDA dan Flamingo RDA

  4. Untung tadi sore di ingetin langsung sama aa youtubernya hihihi
    Bissmillah 🙏 :
    #1 CEO/Founder : Tony Liu
    #2 Since 2015 Originated from chinese
    #3 Flamingo Rda : Material SS – 510 type – Diameter 24mm – Height 38mm – Weight 26gr
    Lion Rda : Material SS – 510 type – Diameter 24mm – Height 35mm – Weight 39gr
    Semoga awal tahun jd 1000 subscriber 🤙🤙

  5. Akhir tahun otw 500 subs nihh om 😄
    🤲 God Bless Me 🤲
    #1 CEO/Founder : Tony Liu
    #2 Beridiri sejak 2015 dari Cina
    #3 Flamingo Rda : Material SS – tipe 510 – Diameter 24mm – Tinggi 38mm – Berat 26gr
    Lion Rda : Material SS – Tipe 510 – Diameter 24mm – Tinggi 35mm – Berat 39gr
    Oiyaa om sekedar saran nih , audio nya di mantepin lg dongs 😄🙏 biar suara om okta nya makin jelas dan ga kecampur sama suara lain (motor/mp3/dll.) 🙏🙏