I hope my face is not blurry let me just close the window I have a lot of questions in real life about my hair since I just dyed my hair and I save the
boxes just to show you guys the dyes that I use I use this hair color I used
two boxes because my hair is longer now when it was around my shoulder
I only use one, now that it has become longer I use two boxes and it’s really
covers a lot of my hair but I think if you have more hair than I do then you
might need three and yeah that’s all that I want to say let’s get right into
the get ready with me thingy so today I’m trying out a new foundation I don’t really use foundation I usually just use concealer and powder since I knew that
I’m allergic to foundation or like not allergic but like most most of the time
that I use foundation they break me out like crazy I think my skin was very
sensitive when I was younger now that my skin has gotten a lot better I think I
can work out with, I think I can wear BB cream, foundation, so I guess I’m just
gonna try a new foundation from No7 it’s the stay perfect foundation in the shade warm ivory I think this might be a
bit too dark for me I just told you I’d never really wear
foundation so I don’t really know how foundation works on me but I hope this
doesn’t breaks me out. I’m completely aware that if I try a new products it
might break out on me for the first time but let’s just hope it’s not that crazy they
claim to suit all skin types with medium coverage and it lasts for 24 hours and
it has SPF 15 from the ingredients they don’t have perfume and alcohol which is
great, they should shake it before you use this, so I’m just gonna give a good
shake so just to give this foundation a fair test I am going to prime my face as
usual so I’m using my collection primed and ready primer this is more of like a
pore minimizing primer so I just use it on the center of my face, on this area and I also want to say that I have
applied my moisturizer and it has completely absorbed so I can’t really
feel anything which is good I don’t know if I want to use this primer or
not this is the VDL lumi layer primer I usually wear this anyway so maybe I
should just wear it today I usually apply this on the high points of my face
if you see me looking at here right this way I’m looking at the viewfinder so
just to let you know no on to the foundation I have a bit of breakouts
right here like these are new like I just got them yesterday or last night even
because even this was just here just now like it wasn’t even there last night so we’re just gonna shake it again
actually don’t wanna get my hands dirty so today
I guess I’m just gonna use this one it comes with a pump which is hygienic and easy
to dispose the product I think the colour would be okay for my
skin smells weird it reminds me of Chinese restaurant (lol) it says medium coverage but I don’t see
it covering anything on the half of my face where there it’s more breakouts than the other half of my face so let’s just try to build it up the formula is kind of thick though so I hope
they give me more coverage they don’t really give medium coverage I
don’t know how to feel about this the colour is okay it matches my skin it looks okay after I’ve done the half of my face. I did one layer on this side of my face and two layers on this side of my face the finish is natural so it’s not the dewy it’s not matte at all it’s just natural which I like doesn’t really cover my blemishes
and all, but definitely evens out my skin so if you’re looking for a foundation with
natural finish I think you should check this out I bought it just because
there’s a lot of good reviews on Boots website and it’s not that bad though. I can
work with it. Next! concealer, so this is a concealer that I’m using I think I
used this on my previous makeup video as well same shade it’s the collection
lasting perfection in the shade 001 fair I think this is the lightest shade. I’m just going to apply it under the eyes as usual just to cover my dark circles and I am just going to blend it with the same sponge because I don’t
want to get my hands dirty I’m getting ready for nothing actually
it’s just that my family are visiting me from Indonesia here to Glasgow because
if you don’t know and I think not a lot of people know, except my friends and family that I;m studying in Glasgow it’s it’s in Scotland, in the United Kingdom for uni and since it’s the holiday my parents my
brother and my cousin are visiting me for a week and we’re gonna travel to
Edinburgh York Birmingham London
I guess that’s all and they’ll be here today I want to meet them so why not I film me getting ready for
nothing so now I’m gonna contour my face I’m
using my Collection contour kit this that I’m gonna use this shade right here
the contour shade and basically contour my face now I’m gonna apply some blush from MAC
in the shade mocha just gonna tap a little bit then I’m gonna just highlight my face
with the same contour kit palette and just taking the highlight shade to highlight my face so I’ve already done my eyebrows off camera
just to speed up the process now on to the eyes I’ve been loving this eye look that
I’m gonna show you because I’ve been wearing it religiously for the past
three months and that tells me something cs I always change up my eyeshadow
routine. I’m just gonna take a beige eyeshadow just to prevent my eyelids
from creasing and just to set the concealer and all that stuff just gonna apply it all over my eyelids just to set whatever’s underneath and brush away any excess powder I’m gonna take my Collection palette in
Nude Rose. I’m gonna take this orangey middle shade right here and apply with a
sponge that comes with all over my eyelid If you want to get it cheap and pigmented eyeshadow I
suggest you to check this out and it’s travel friendly as well because I’ve
travelled with it quite a few times and it doesn’t break cs I find
other palettes break whenever I travel if you have greyeyes or if you wear
grey contact lenses it really complements it I also wanted to take the
colour on my lower lash line as well you can totally wear it like this but I like
my eyes to be a bit more defined I’m gonna take my Maybelline palette again
and taking this color over here and apply it just on the outer corner of my eyes this is also a great trick if you have
small eyes like me cs applying darker shades on the outer corner of your eyes helps to open up your eyes a little bit and gives more definition to your eyes
and I’m also applying it on the lower lash line around this area I’m just gonna curl my eyelashes (on call with my mom) I’m not feeling like wearing mascara
today so I guess that’s for the eyes now for the lips I think I’m just gonna wear
my MAC lipstick and See Sheer I don’t know how to pronounce anything at all so
this is what it looks like it’s a bit orangey nude and it’s really nice and
moisturizing as well I like this color this is the only MAC lipstick that I own and I’m so happy that I have this so this is the finished look my parents are actually here so I should better be
going right now thank you so much for watching though be sure to give this
video a like and share this video to your friends family whoever you want to
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my social media everything will be linked on the description down below
until next time bye


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