Going to Take a Day Trip to the Philippines *CAUTION-AGGRO*

I need cash Bring the cash Hi, guys I’m Gahyun from Korea Today, I’m going to take a day trip to Philippines Yeah, heading for the airport Huh? … Why am I going to the other side? Because I’m going to go to Philippines in Korea !? Actually, it is a Filipino market in Korea Shall we go together? There is Filipino market in Hyehwa every Sunday I wanted to buy this biscuit Have you tried that? Yes, yes, very good Do you want to try? Yeah, look around first Is this chicken? Pork? Chicharon. We call that chicharon I didn’t take chicharon, I took instant pancit canton That’s good too I like all kinds of pancit You need to try this Very yummy Bibingka? Yes, yes, bibingka I have a bibingka recipe Yeah? Yeah What is the name of the purple one? We call that sapin-sapin Sapin-sapin I’m very happy to find pancit canton and pancit bihon Yeah, they’re the biggest reason I’m here today Do you know banana cue? I know Helf yourself I don’t have cash You can also pay in cash You can’t pay by credit card Can I make an account transfer? Yes, that’s right That’s not true How much is this? 2,000 won 2,000 won Yes May I have your account number? Account number? I don’t have this Just cash, please Only cash? Yes Where is the bank? There’s Woori bank Let’s go and come back It takes five minutes It’s okay. No problem Be sure to prepare cash when you go to Hyehwa Filipino Market No transfer of account or anything I brought some money. Why don’t we go back? Oh! Red horse! Nine thousand. I’ll give you nine thousand 9,000 won? Yup Wow 9,000 won And these are Emperador, … Emperador’s here No Tanduay? Ah, there’s no Tanduay Is this crispy pata? Yes, yes Ah I was right to guess Ah, I want a banana cue Finally How is it? It tastes like I expected I can make it What is this? What? Mint color Buko pandan. Coconut, sweet Ah, I want to try Do you want a spoon? Yup You really missed pancit canton Look at this! I’m so excited Eh? Coconut? Yes, coconut and jelly Is it good? Yes. Coconut taste How’s the pancit? Cold Cold? Cold pancit? But I like pancit Do you speak Bisaya? A little A little Are you from Bisaya? No, Davao. Came from Davao Place of the President of the Republic of the Philippines When did you come to Korea? Within a month Within a month? Yup Eh? And my boss, she’s my boss Bye-bye Okay, bye-bye Playback speed: 500x If you see me in the summer, you will know that I have a nice body I’ve worked out a lot I see. It’s hidden Please come and see me next time, miss Playback speed: 500x Now he died of cancer… I’m not a good drinker these days either Don’t drink too much But I bought a drink These were brought in by hand luggage These are not imported These snacks are good because they’re fresh I bought this much today I’m planning to do an eating show with the food I bought at Hyehwa Filipino Market If you want to watch the next video, please subscribe and leave a comment

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  1. Have a great time in the Philippines, I am here now it’s very beautiful and very friendly people. Thanks for sharing have a safe trip

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