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  1. Asslam o alaikum
    Main latvia k 2 months visit visa pr 10 se 15 din k lye estonia and finland visit kr skta hon ya nh???

  2. Main ne latvia Insha Allah May 2019 me jana hy or agr main January 2019 visa apply kro or approval b ho jae ga. Kiya visa May 2019 tk valid rahy ga???I

  3. App khud Jahil shakhs lagh rahe ho. Visa get. Is video main kia bataya. Taqreer ki bas. Choro yar. Cheap admi.

  4. Sir meri ak dost hai jo Latvia me hi rhti hai me usy kon kon se documents kohn k me asani se visa ly kr wahn ja sakon usy malom nhi hai please tell me please

  5. This awareness is for Indian students/business who wish to study/work in Latvia. Please think twice before you go to Latvia. You can’t find any work there, government is allowing you to work but you have to pass Latvian language test (Russian company is taking only Russians and Latvian companies only Latvians). 25% especially youngsters unemployed who indulge in crimes, you must know Latvian language to do anything/ translation in Latvian. No industry, they don’t make anything living on aids from EU. Latvian Government even selling passport to get money for budget/fooling students, they will suck your money and in return you will get nothing. Always tensions between Russians and Latvians (50% Russians). Latvians are mostly poor, economy depends only on Russians. Still communist country (County is free from Russia, Latvian people think like a communist because they don’t like Russians/foreigners). Latvian laws favour only Latvians even Russians who are living there for years have no rights, they consider them non citizen. Indians have no rights even you are living legally, they will put you in jail or deport without telling reason, court will not help you (actually no one is going to hear you even courts).

    I highly don’t recommend this country for students who have a different skin colour, or race. They’re really really Racist people and very rude. Any place you can find racism but Latvia it’s exceptional they’re racist for no reason. They’re so racist and not open to any other races at all. They’re emotionless and have only one cold face. No offence but it’s hard really for darker skins. They will never even apologise if they hit you by mistake. And they have nothing to do but whining about their hates towards the Russians/foreigners. And they are so arrogant I don’t know why. If you want to study abroad go to Germany or Scandinavian countries (don’t have to pay tuition fees, only living expenses have to pay education is free ). I think India is much better place to study and live, you won’t find another place like India. Don’t waste your money on countries like latvia, they have nothing to offer you. JAI HIND.

    These are only propaganda videos on youtube. Latvia has one of the lowest salaries in the EU + retarded government making all the young people to migrate. Country is half resist, full of bigoted, neonazis, prostitutes and thieves. Latvia lost all major industrial complexes now degrading agricultural and forest sector, shutting down secondary schools. Almost all capital sectors and banks are privatised by foreign ponzis. Ridiculous flat tax rates that doesn’t make any sense. There’s no hope for this country as long people won’t start actually doing something good. Mostly Latvian people think like criminals.

    Poverty in latvia



    Anyone who panders to them are a joke, a joke on their own society, an embarrassment to their people, their history – they should be ashamed of themselves.

  6. Bai slamalikum jankari dene ke lia thannku bai ma abb france me hoo our ma tourist vise par germany aia thaaa do saal phile kia mere doucument ban sakte ha lativia me please btai bai

  7. Hey you fucking gives wrong advice to people
    Say to people get a visa tour the country and come back because of you people Pakistani not getting visa or the embassy not trust pakistani

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