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I made all of my dreams happen. To Truth! No one or nothing can stop it. I can’t change what I did, but I can change what I do now. What makes you think you can? You better watch
your every move…. Ghost, get off of me! It’s always about you,
you’re so fucking selfish! Stay away from me,
and stay away from her. I ain’t gonna say
that shit again. So you get everything
you want, huh? And I got nothin’? I got nothin’! Tommy, you chose
to have nothin’, man! He’s a drug dealing,
king pin, dirtbag. I go to jail
and St. Patrick walks? Murderer! Murderer! If you didn’t do it, Jamie,
who killed my sister? I can’t tell you. I finally faced the truth
about who you are, James. Or should I call you Ghost. Yous a wanna-be gangsta. Man, fuck you! I hope you get everything
you deserve, Ghost. You know me,
I always do.

79 thoughts on “Ghost’s Journey | Power: The Final Episodes | STARZ

  1. interesting things about it is the James killed ghost…. this hold rewind forward and back is just prolong a second which could have gone to season 7… worst shows than this has longer episode i really dont it but at the same time i am not a producer

  2. Ghost Nd Blanca workin together hear whyy to clear his name Nd yunno wateva is done for ghost he gives bakk so she help him clear his name Nd she become the head of the office with dem other two niggas fired dat spot is hers nd Ramona is in on it I think Tasha in on it to cuz wen Paz ask her did she kill ghost she acted weird like she knew he wuz still alive dat nigga ghost is not dumb he knew sumbody was after him when Paz was in the car he looked bakk directly at the car as if he knew someone was after him he also caught her leavin the club so he knew wat wuz up plus Tommy left becuz 2bit gave him the information that spanky snitch its all coming together in the last episode Exacly How We Planned

  3. Ghost is DEAD. Ya'll have to accept that. Pretty sure 50 cent said Tariq is in the sequel show to this, so no way he could go to jail like Ghost wanted him too. Tariq and Tasha teamed up. Remember they had the pact to "never lie".

  4. This dude is so not dead. I hope he’s not, the man really wanted out the game and his dumb as wife and friends kept pulling him back

  5. If ghost is really dead . Why you keep putting who shot ghost ? and not who killed ghost ? No way ghost went out like that.

  6. It’s just strange how they put RIP Dre on the other video but this video they put ghosts journey not RIP so I dunno what to believe

  7. Tommy gone get fucked up by Benny's people. I believe he was the one tied to the chair with that brain matter on the ground

  8. Past two episodes seem to be rush and sloppy writing. Just like Benny deth. Come on now! Go out in a crazy bang

  9. Ghost ant dead y'all go read the description of for episode 13 STARZ official description for episode 13 reads like this, “James “Ghost” St. Patrick seeks vengeance. His former drug partner and brother-in-arms must pay for the ultimate betrayal.” Will Ghost successfully carry out his intense and dangerous plan of vengeance?23 hours ago

  10. If Ghost is dead, the question would be asked like" who killed ghost?" Not the way its been asked" who shot ghost". In short Ghost is still alive😁😁😁

  11. either way if ghost is alive he’s going down for Terry Silvers murder, that fed was heading to the night club with the arrest warrant

  12. Faking his death is way to unrealistic. I mean it's been some unrealistic stuff in here but still thats far out. Lol it's legal in New York😂. He faked his death and started a new life doing WHAT?? Its going to be some upset fans. You can tell from the dre epi they are going for a realistic twisted ending. BUT if it happens it does play into the show being called ghost if he did. Just dont see it..

  13. "Power Book II : Ghost" two options for me :
    1 – It will be about Ghost's past, how he became a drug dealer, killed Breeze and shit like that.
    2 – It will be in the future and the new Ghost is Tariq, he become a drug dealer and use his father's name.

  14. He faked his death. He’s paying off Paz so she would stay off his case, he got Warner fired and they closed his case

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