Get Rich FAST! Ride the Market!

“In Today’s Economy”. We’ve all heard
this from the news, friends or an employer. The going gets tough. The average Torontonian does not have any
saving plan, and as most Canadians – Lives in Debt.
For the person who wants to save, or invest for the future, options are limited.
The housing market is boiling, and crazy bidding wars deter buyers.
Online Brokering ? Complicated. And RRSPs… well, what’s the rate now ? 2.5%
Trying to figure out what goes up over time For the everyday saver, who’s looking for
a sound return on investment, there is now a local alternative.
Tokens, tokens, tokens, it looks like we can bet on it. They seem to be going up.
This used to be known as “Token Hoarding”. And the method is quite the same
Go to the cash in the TTC station, buy as many tokens as you can.
Then, go to the vending machine and buy more tokens. Repeat.
Buy as many tokens as you can, or until you’re barred. And now, you wait.
Once they announces a price hike, BOOM. that’s anywhere between 6 to 8.5% return. Sweet.
Simple There’s no better “route” to invest
your money, long or short term. TTCTTCTT Offers a number of Lines, including
“the U”,”The Green” and for the risky investor, “the LRT”!
Get on our track! The money will wheel in. I couldn’t think of a better route to invest.
Financial gains are not guaranteed So come on, Toronto. Hop on board and Ride
the Market! TTCTTCTT Let your money do the TOKEN. Branada

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