Gateway of India | Fashion Street Ride | Cycling in Mumbai

Where will this road take us to? Hey guys – we have finally reached Gateway of India! It was a 40 kilometer ride on cycle! It’s not easy to ride so far on a cycle! The roads in this area are really very smooth! If you are into cycling, do visit this area We started riding in the morning at 6:30am We got a little bit late But we managed to cover 40 kilometers one way We are planning to go back on cycles So, when was the last time you came here? This is the first time This is my first trip to Gateway of India I have been to this area a lot of times earlier But I never got a change to visit this monument Dad never stopped the car while passing by So this is my first trip to Gateway of india Even though I have stayed in Mumbai since 20 years So as you can see, you can rent speed boats here You can take them to Elephanta Cave Islands or Alibaug This will take less time, but it’s a bit costlier You can otherwise take the low cost, but slower ferry ride as well Even these ferries can take you to Elephanta Caves or Alibaug But this will take more time Around 60 minutes to Elephanta Caves if you opt for ferry But it is very cheap and you can even carry your cycles on it We are not gonna take the ferry today maybe some other day! The market that you see here is a very well known market in Mumbai It is known as the Fashion Street You can purchase all types of garments here and If you are aware what a first copy in clothing brands is the one which is very close to the original but it is not actually the real brand! You must be very good at bargaining if you want the best outcome of your shopping here the more you can bargain the better price you will get for obviously, good material! The quality of clothes here is really good Now we are returning from Gateway of India and this market lies on the way We came here via a different route but now we will go via Marine Lines and there is a famous Irani cafe on the way which Zovi knows about so we will also visit that cafe! We had our breakfast near Gateway of India so we are having just Irani tea here, quite famous and with it, having cake this is what wehave ordered, and the ambience here is kind of old and rustic, but it feels really good people here share tables, as this remains crowded say hi! do you like the frooty? all of you? so we will head back home now and the distance is about 36 kilometers we’ll connect back on reaching there So we have reached Haji Ali which you can see right in front we are not going there there is a dedicated way from the main road which you can see in the distance so today we have shown you too many places but this video would have been incomplete without this place this is the iconic Siddhivinayaka Temple of Mumbai It is a very well known and huge Lord Ganesha temple So that was it, our ride to Gateway of India going and coming via cycle It was our LONGEST cycle ride at a stretch about 82 kilometers (yayyy!) we avoided the Western Express highway while going due to the heavy traffic but we took it while coming back as it was the shortest route and also we were in no condition to ride any longer It was a great experience we took a couple of breaks on the way We also ate samosas near Gateway of India which is essentially a junk food item, but since we were very hungry we roamed around and had a fake burger too oh yes, there was a little shop selling mini veg burgers which he calls fake, it was nice (NO – it was horrible!) we also went to Kyani Cafe it is an old bakery it is actually an old and famous Irani cafe we also met a budding 12 year old youtubing kid over there while coming back we also covered Siddhivinayaka Temple, from the outside and Haji Ali, and what else? we did not have much time left and also had to come back home so we covered from outside whatever we could cover, we did those places and also Fashion Street, which many of the city people would know it’s a famous market with open stalls there is a huge variety of cloths even for men because at many places, men don’t have much variety yes, that is all! If you liked our video Please SUBSCRIBE and like do comment as well and inform your cyclist friends share it with your friends, and if there is anything you want to let us know, please drop your reviews in comments below Take care!

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