59 thoughts on “[FREE] Mac Miller x Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat | “Journeys End”

  1. HEY GUYS! If you wanna win a FREE PREMIUM LEASE then drop 4-8 bars in the comment section and at the end add your email or your Instagram 🙂 (I will announce and contact the winner) Best of luck, stay safe, and stay creative.

  2. She weigh the weed

    Looking at me she move with graceful speed

    With shaky knees, hair flowing ,with this dainty breeze

    Don’t gotta be divine to see, you’re an angel, and apart of me

    Beautiful do you model? For what agency

    Like latency I’m tryna connect ,give me the patience please

    Fall so I rake the leaves ,while the season passes , I just make believe….

    Email [email protected]

    @austinchaser for Instagram

    ❤️ drinking coffee smoking a little joint had to show some love ty bro

  3. I go off the shelf like Ravi
    I’m just rolling like a pollie
    As she stopped me with her smile
    If there wasn’t time
    Im starin for a while
    Caught my eye
    Like I’m lookin down the aisle
    flow together just like water in the Nile @brizandons ;on everything keep doing you!

  4. I will reject quick as mirrors reflect
    Any verse seeming even merely miskept
    Ain’t room for stray hairs when you’re around here
    These thoughts best kept when close to the chest

    My lines elevate like Glass shards penetrate
    rupturing minds as a God graced earthquake
    I won’t be be sidelined from backyards to pearly gates
    I’ll be the front runner, who makes use of the outbreak @nathan.hansford on Instagram

  5. My heart is colder then the air in december in winter
    Lash out before you blink im sorry thats part of my temper
    Watch the friends that you keep
    Theyll chop yo name up like a blender
    Choppas and Drago's foe the niggas who feel like avengers
    Ill leave em nameless on a shirt he stain
    I remember when times was painless
    But im older and problems is bigger
    I know this game of life is fun i cant take it heart
    But how the fuck my journey end before it even starts


    Nobody tells me when my journey end, when my journey
    Nobody gets to tell me when my journey ends
    Nobody tells me when my journey end, when my journey
    Nobody gets to tell me when my journey ends

  6. I haven't made it to the journey's end
    I'm still pretending to be better than I've ever been.
    But it's depending on if anything I've ever said
    Resonates or gets ingrained in anybody's fucking head.

    I think I'm headed down the right path,
    Left in the dust but adjust for my flight path.
    I'm like a phoenix but I jokingly just write trash
    Basked in the glory before me, and yet I might crash.

    IG: andrewcherry123

  7. hope u catch the flow:
    internet type beat producers making those fucking type beats
    everyday struggling through youtube searching someone who make heat
    if this type beat were chick
    damn that’s a fucking damn hit
    but rather make it as single
    bars are keep burning its lit!

  8. One by one I watch the faces change,
    Coming undone I saw my patience fade,
    Under the sun caught my traces stain
    The part of my mind that the devil preys
    The visions I've recollected, are cut in to segments, passive aggression, whenever your name is mentioned, I wish I knew how to end it, feeling misdirected, who was I to think I could change things from the way you left it

    [email protected]

    Love your beats man, never stop the grind<3

  9. Not all paths lead us the right way
    Not all the ways are right to behave
    Be brave and take what it leads
    Be the leader don’t hide
    Don’t fall behind
    You’ll be gone in a minute
    Gone in a second
    Gone if my fingers would slip it
    Its a skilled skillset
    A mind game
    Some mindset
    My mind won’t let me down
    My mind won’t let me behind
    Clues I should follow
    I’ll still be following rivers if they used to
    Take me home

  10. trying a contest just to help myself
    but all of this conflict
    that i create don’t settle well
    i’ve been dealing with these demons
    messing with my feelings
    start to feel like weeks
    while i’m healing okay,
    it ain’t about the big words but the motivation
    even if i lose all the time, I stick with concentration
    My soul feels dry, it’s evaporating
    so all this time, that i have been waiting
    i’ll just keep on writing, bout what i am thinking
    i’ll always defend
    my friends and my family
    and i tend
    to always laugh at the bad things
    but no matter how many regrets
    or how much stress
    that I have created
    i’ll always send
    another text message
    for you my closest friend
    until our journeys end

  11. I really don't like to put lyrics out like this cause I have the feeling there's some people who've gotten some ideas out of the comments section before but here it goes…

    I had the epiphany that I'd been the enemy to the galaxy's energy
    Its coursing through my veins but I've yet to find symmetry, limiting
    My prospects indefinitely, confidence lost to me, inhibiting my brain
    As I tell myself I can't do a thing, besides sit back and watch life slip away
    Whispering "maybe I shouldn't live this way"
    Looking in the mirror asking "who is he?"
    Dark streaks beneath my eyes permanently
    Liquidity and residuals my main thoughts
    When I'm not anxious over thots and weed
    I sow the seeds of my fallacy
    That's why I'm out of sync, I think
    Maybe, don't know, goddamn
    Doubting everything, no clarity
    I can't believe anything…

    Sorry its 16 bars but its the new shit I was writing and had to put it all together. Email at [email protected]

  12. She’s an artist like da Vinci
    A jack of all trades
    nothing that she can’t do
    not easily swayed
    Fights for her beliefs
    And she stands by her faith
    Stands and prays in her grey size 5s that are suede

    She tells me that she loves me to a certain extent
    I never really knew what it meant
    But now It all makes sense,
    no need to pretend
    The truth is that my love only sees me as a friend.

    Time to get off, Journeys ending here
    I’m at my station, the signs there loud and clear,
    The mesmoration, slowly dissapears
    And our relations, no longer exist

    Insta = itshamby1

  13. It’s raining out side got the converse on
    Don’t know where I been but I know where I’m goin
    Take a deep breath but It look like a yawn
    I been burnt out better ring the alarm

    No one told me what im supposed to do
    Souls worn thin like these old as shoes
    Been running for my life with the holster full
    Never living in the moment I’m just stopping through

    You Keep me fallin like a jack on the rocks
    Always losing value cause I’m out of the box
    Never taking action I just live in the thoughts
    I been worried bout the future but it’s already bought
    Life is changing cause you lied and we fought
    Say you wanna leave him but you’ll just get caught
    Never satisfied by the things that you sought
    Told you that I loved you but I guess you forgot

    I never call her I just call her crazy
    Thinkin bout the past when she called me baby
    Used to hear her voice now it’s gettin hazy
    But I still remember all the scars she gave me

    @fillanittho on insta

  14. As I enter the end
    Like the last page of the book
    I enter the dead 
    with the last thing that I took

    It was a holy bible
    Its cuz i'm in denial
    And now i seek survival
    cuz when my soul exited
    the demons seeped arrival

    Witness me performing
    In this deformed image
    As the ignored listen
    To the storm hissin

    When we face our devils
    We grow on all sorts of levels
    When we hide behind our saints
    We become who we aint

    And now I'm sadder then ever
    cuz the grass never gets 
    as green as I remember
    In a state of contemplation  
    from January to December

    Through the rain storm I feel the pain pour
    A new days born as I stay torn
    While the devil walks in plain form
    and my theories led to insane ward….

    [email protected]

  15. Keep myself trapped in a box,
    Got to the speech in my weed socks,
    Kicked me out an i got angry,
    Caused a ruckus throwin rocks,
    Elevated in my mind,
    My thoughts is hidden in the docs,
    Too dark to share wit you I'd taint you,
    So imma help myself and stop…

    Cuz it's maddening flow and the truth over cappin,
    I'm tryna just find my own way through,
    Death and disgrace from greats in my life that lost patience,
    I know that you're feelin it too,
    I talk my life it is no fakin that's why I'm amazing,
    I do what i do,
    Wanna be up with greatest and feel like i changed shit,
    Out the window I stare at the rain as it fall down to earth it's like me hearin truth,

  16. I sit up
    I scoot a little closer
    the time keep ticking
    im hung up like a poster
    I don't know what I told her
    probably cause im never sober
    im tryna make it right
    but she keep saying that its over
    im overwhelmed
    and im tryna make it through the night
    the dust start to settle
    but I still ain:t really feeling right…

    email – [email protected]

  17. Forced conversations like a sentencing
    Why You look so menacing?
    If anything
    You should thank me for the wedding ring you special thing,.
    I made you laugh like 2 year olds and tummy tickles
    We was closer than chucky finster n tommy pickles,
    I guess you rather try any relationship that's not ours
    So our time is up like reading from clock towers…


    Great beat brother, always a joy listening and writing to your creations

  18. Took some tabs
    On the weekend
    Didn't know what I was seeking
    My friend's were sure peaking
    Tried walking just laid there talking was sure exhausting
    then I see the picture
    just melt like frosting
    I walk over floating
    Words overcoating
    Do you Percolate what I reciprocate
    Diffuse you lose if you ain't making coffee i am gonna hit snooze
    Out for a smoke not a walk just a toke
    I float
    When's it's all over subway sounds sober

    [email protected]

  19. Hello, I'm the darkest ..
    Shatan, in the darkness..
    God, when they need help..
    Angel, for no reason,
    Cuz reasons not allowed to me..
    If I'm on something,
    please bro don't doubt on me..

    [email protected]

    Instagram: @darkest_vibe

  20. 0:47
    Ruined nations, at war with my conscience
    Been tryna prove my patience while im scorin my doctorates
    My thoughts i jot em down then pour em into the moshpit
    And watch em flop around like quarellin with the lochness
    It's terrifying when they turn to duplications
    It must be human nature to have every thought fragment into mathematical equations (yeah)
    Climbing ladders tryna find just who can save us

    "into mathematical equations (yeah)" matches up with the last staccato parts of the bassline if that helps u decipher the flow there a little better. it took me a MINUTE to get it right lol

    IG: adamsevener

  21. dully evening on campus, wondering where the lamp is
    the sunset cause i let it, another day how did i spend it 
    trying to be Zuckerberg or a rapper you've never heard
    cause the water under the golden gate is freezing cold 
    fate growing mould one day it decomposed 
    don't have plan you can't fail, needle in a hay bale
    apply the pressure before you go pale 
    like weighing a whale, it'll break your scale 

    ig: rileycameron_

  22. For 0:24–0:48
    When one life ends / another one begins
    Straighten up that bend / curve opposition
    Practice position / place practitioner into submission
    Never sub mission / for meaningless ambitions
    Find your gift / don't leave it wrapped
    Open up show talent / before line is flat
    Matter of fact
    Tongue will take shattered dreams
    Claim the shards as pristine
    Dispel fiends with mic flings
    IG: @cropsraps

  23. On the theme, quick one bout the situation in England insta: @sharpmusicuk
    The light shines in the distance
    were all confined by this sickness
    my mind is my witness
    witness business as usual
    stay inside the evidence is irrefutable
    we can now see this world is beautiful
    clearer than before
    the water in Venice is clearer than before
    stocks can't be replenished
    so don't attack your nearest store

  24. Writing out these bars could never do them justice:

    But here they are anyway (@45s):
    "who am I to judge

    the plan written for me in the stars
    who am I to question
    my fking place in this world
    This meaningless place

    Where everything‘s dark
    But somehow so beautiful
    This beautiful place
    Where everything’s dark
    And life flows to a fro"

    ~ [email protected]

  25. With no where to to go
    Stuck in the matrix imma stay in the flow
    But it’s moving too fast I guess I need to grow, ignorance is bliss when there’s a whole lot to know, thinking about this knowledge and it’s just a mirage, life is smoke and mirrors just one big facade, so when it’s my time just give me the nod. Ig:aarongjarrett

  26. When its written you can distance yourself

    But those statistics they were living as well

    Got me livid out here, thinking of our mental health

    The only thing that helps is taking pills off the shelf

    I know it's twisted, it's sickening, depressing as hell

    But I will not stop and chill, cuz this is really myself

    Like the rest of the digits cock a pistol with shells

    This my journeys end, I'm on my way back to hell

    Insta @logan.bruhhhhh

  27. Paint the sun onto your ceiling so it it always shines on you
    Coz girl you are the thing that always lightens up my mood.
    Condensation on your window but your always looking through.
    At night staring at the moon girl you haven’t got a clue

    Love the feeling that you emanate
    Master of the renagade
    Sweet like strawberry lemonade
    Vibrant like your yellow paint
    If you got a belly ache
    Wrap you up in cellaphane
    Together well self medicate
    I’ll never let you getaway

  28. here’s to old times here’s to hello and goodbyes
    here’s to dead faces new places all these new rides
    here’s to ex women here’s to the mission gettin mine,
    and it ain’t great sex if the head isn’t right
    if the bread isn’t there we dont step in the light
    take flight like the brothers i write (Wright) with no guide ,
    I fly through the perils of the guild don’t spill sprite
    Stare the devil in his eyes for the thrill of the fight …
    [email protected] SoundCloud.com/2fife3 IG @MessiahFife

  29. complexities, like multidimensional entities
    cause i'm talking with the authority
    of a 14 year old g
    who's taken psychedelics 2 times recently
    and will talk you what's right and wrong in the fabric of time easily
    but it's creasing to me
    cause you need to come back down to earth
    and share a slice of pizza with me
    and we'll talk about real things, real life, what it's worth
    i dont give a fuck if none of us are real,
    because we're all still living on this earth

  30. I like to say I'm on a mission,
    I'm crafting with the passion-
    I discovered as an infant.
    Pissed at every single time I've missed it.
    Now I'm focused on my vision,
    I understand I'm gifted,
    I just need tution.
    Fund me cause I'm hungry,
    If this the moment, I'm all in it.
    We the squad, the main division,
    Lost Tribe till I die,
    That's just the way I'm living.
    Never waste a single dime,
    Invested ambition,
    Now I'm in position.
    Sights aimed, cocked back,
    Verify the locked bag.
    Tell me where the cops at?
    Only gangs in the streets,
    Even ones who got a badge.
    I dont see no color,
    I can see we all a top threat.
    Pull me over, take a shot,
    Just know I'll never top that.

  31. Yeah, Premium lease
    tryna get it so I'm shooting my threes

    I'm poor so I need it for free
    I'd rather give that option to someone else
    cause it really don't mean

    I just got done told by a bitch
    I'm looking to be rich
    So eery skies what's the sitch
    I ain't got a big dick
    But call me Mitch
    (Mitch is a guy in my class who is known for his dick)

  32. Siendo sincERO el trayECTO me a dejado pensaMIENTOS
    solo espERO que este dialECTO nunca tenga trataMIENTOS
    no soy rapERO ni soy perfECTO solo tengo sentiMIENTOS
    no soy primERO mi intelECTO en grandes entrenaMIENTOS
    me desespERO caminar corrECTO a dejado desentonaMIENTOS.

  33. this world is sickening
    get rich or die trying, for publicly
    diamond chains stay glistening
    young and never listening
    dumb, and full of mystery
    take a seat while I tell you about my history
    I could write a book, and be like "LOOK AT ME"
    but that just aint my cup of tea, everyday I live in peace ✌

    [email protected]
    INSTA @dead_mp3

  34. โอ้เปรียบเธอเป็นดั่งพระจันทร์


  35. You been feeling lonely/
    And I been feeling low/
    We both been so alone see, and I just think it shows/
    On your face, that smile seemed out of place/
    Until we made a change, I mean those happy days/
    I guess you made me stay, with all that sadness ay/
    Your eyes just mirror mine, and my disguise is clear beside you/
    I can't hide this, unless I'm by your side who/
    Would ever choose to be alone/
    When they could have you/
    Shit if I could have you, with me/
    I know I'd be free/

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