Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m going to be showing you
how I entertain the boys on a long haul flight. Today, we’re going to be traveling the furthest
we’ve ever traveled with them. We’re traveling for about 15 hours in total
from London to Turks and Caicos, so we fly to Antigua, refuel, but stay on the same plane,
and then carry on to Turks and Caicos. So when we travel, we always get to the airport
a full three hours before we’re going. We love the airport, we love the whole experience,
and with young kids, it’s just good to get through security and get organized before
your flight. So we always tend to get there, have breakfast,
have a coffee, and then find a soft play in the airport. Both London Heathrow and London Gatwick have
these little soft play areas, and it’s really nice to give the boys a run around before
they’re confined to an airplane seat. Also, one of us can look after them, and then
if there’s any bits we need to get from the shops, the other one can go and get those,
or if anyone wants to get perfume. Matt was very excited about this trip, as
you can see. Now, we’re making our way to the gate to board
our plane. The boys were using their travel scooter cases
again. They’re called Zinc Flyte cases. They’re a bit more pricey, but we have so
got our use out of them and they can also use them when they arrive at the resort. But now on the plane, I started out next to
Jackson and Fraser, and I’m just going to talk about what works to entertain them on
the plane. So I ended up bringing a Ziploc baggie full
of Lego because Jackson really enjoys playing with his Lego table at home, so I thought
that would be a good one. He also watched a little bit of Tangled on
the inflight entertainment, and before we left, I got some brand new pens from Smiggle. I think they were two for five pounds, and
I also got some brand new coloring books just to make it that bit more exciting for them. He also loves playing with stickers on the
flight. Jackson is nearly three years old, and when
we play with the stickers, I use my little hack of taking off all the sticky bits around
the stickers to make it easier for his little hands to play with. Caleb was really chill on the flight. You can see he’s watching a film there, and
British Airways did give them kids meals. But to be honest, take lots of food and snacks
with you because our boys only really ate the raisins and the Babybel out of their meal,
and they much preferred having the homemade sandwiches that I brought for the flight. Just make sure you bring loads of food. Jackson also spent some time looking out the
window and also being entertained by his brothers. Here, he was sat with Fraser, just messing
around with him, and he also ended up playing a few games on the inflight entertainment,
which I really wasn’t expecting. He could even do Bejeweled, and he also played
an animal game where you form an animal. Before we left, I downloaded loads of games
onto our iPads and iPhones as well so that he could play with that, but he did actually
quite enjoy the ones that were on the plane. He also watched a few shows. Make sure you bring headphones because planes
are so noisy, and especially the inflight entertainment, you can’t watch it without
headphones. So he watched a little bit of Bing and he
also watched Peppa Pig, which is his favorite. But again, before we go, I normally download
shows onto our iPads and iPhones so that they can watch them if they want to. Caleb spent a lot of time at coloring. He really enjoys coloring, and again, I bought
him a brand new coloring book and pens as well. So he spent a lot of time doing that, and
we also like to play a game, the three marker challenge, so he did that as well. He also watched the Revolting Rhymes TV shows,
which he loved. About halfway through the flight, Jackson
was very tired. I’ve talked about this before on my channel,
but we bring this little travel bed for toddlers. It’s just an inflatable foot rest that you
put at the end of their chair. It works best on a window seat, and then it
makes a little bed for your child, and for two to three year olds, it is brilliant. Fraser was so good on the flight, but he’s
eight years old and he is quite happy to play on his iPod, watch shows. As you can see, we’ve had a little bit of
musical chairs here. Jackson is awake and now Caleb is also next
to me, and Fraser is with Matt. So we tend to move around quite a lot on the
flight. Jackson really did enjoy playing with the
Lego. He kept rebuilding it, or breaking it and
then rebuilding it. By I guess whatever your child is into, try
and bring some form of it for a flight if it’s possible because this definitely kept
him occupied for a long time. The big boys also love playing Uno and Dobble
as well. I think I’ve mentioned them in carry on videos
before. Caleb did some more drawing, and Fraser loved
playing this football game on his iPod. [inaudible 00:04:56]. Where are we going? We’re going holiday. Yeah, we’re going on holiday to see Elmo,
and Cookie Monster and Big Bird. So we’re finished the first leg of our trip,
aren’t we? We stopped in Antigua to refuel for about
an hour, but at least we didn’t have to change planes. We just stayed on the same plane, and I was
worried how the boys would take it that we weren’t getting off, but they were actually
so good. And because people did get off at Antigua,
we had a bit more space, and Caleb was able to stretch out and have a nap for that last
little bit of the flight, which was an hour and a half to Turks and Caicos. During that flight as well, Jackson and Fraser
invented this little fishing game. They were pretending to fish with their shoes,
so it was really, really cute, and I was glad that Fraser was helping me entertain little
Jackson. He also played a few games that I downloaded
on the iPhone. He likes Zoo Train, he likes the Intellecto
app, he likes Hopster. All of these apps I have actually paid for,
but I don’t mind doing that because then, you don’t get all of the ads while he’s playing
it. But then we arrived in Turks and Caicos and
I just had to film this. How amazingly beautiful is the sea? I’ve never seen anything like it. It was like bright turquoise, you could see
coral, you could see the white sands and I was just so pleased because it was all worth
it. And we made it. Somehow, Fraser is still awake. Right, so we’ve just arrive and come to our
room. This is the boys’ triple bunk. One, two, three and we’ve also ordered a crib
just in case Jackson doesn’t sleep well on that. And they’ve got their own little space, TV,
closet and all of that. Here’s Jackson. They’re full of beans. They did so well on the plane. This is our bathroom. Elmo. We’re going to see Elmo. We’re going to see Elmo, aren’t we? And then this is our bed. Here’s the boys. Hi. And then this is the view of the pool. We’re staying in the Italian village at Beaches. Yeah, it looks amazing. First impressions are very good. Hi guys, it’s the next day now. It’s about 5:00 AM on our first day. Last night, we got in, quickly changed, went
to an Italian buffet and then just crashed because the kids were so tired. But they did so very well on the flight. Hopefully, you saw that. But yeah, I was really nervous about how I
was going to explain to them that we were going to have to land, and then wait, and
then get off on the next stop. But to be honest, I didn’t have to worry. They were totally fine. They were really, really good. I think we traveled for, like, 15 hours in
total and they did so very well, so I super proud of them. I know I always say this, like when I take
them traveling, I’m always, like, the thought is definitely worse than actually doing it. But I’m always nervous to say that because
I don’t want to jinx how good they are at it, and I don’t want any of you guys to go
on a long trip and then be like, “You said it would be fine and it wasn’t fine.” Because there was this one woman on our flight
last night, she had four kids and two of them were really young. As we got off the plane, she was like, “I
think I’m just going to have to stay here because I can’t do that again, like the flight.” But yeah, we’re here. It looks stunning what we’ve seen so far. So yes, we’re off to explore the resort, but
I think the first breakfast buffet opens at 6:30, so we will be there. Might catch the sunrise on the way. But anyway, thank you so much for watching
this vlog. I really hope you enjoyed it, and I will definitely
have more vlogs of our stay here in Turks and Caicos, so subscribe if you’re not already. But thanks a lot. Bye.


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