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– It’s important for
all of us to know that at the end of the
day, if they were to choose to activate some of
their sleeper cells in places like Los Angeles,
because they are here, or in places like in
Michigan, et cetera, then it’s game over. They know that
the United States, either alone or with a
coalition, will go into Tehran. We’ll be there within
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joining me today is a former CIA Ops Officer,
a political analyst, and a national security
expert, Bryan Dean Wright. Welcome back to
The Rubin Report. – Pleasure, brother. I had you on here
about four years ago. It’s like 18 studios ago,
feels like 27 lives ago. – Yeah. – Here we are, we
gotta lot to do. – And you’ve become
an alt-right, gay Nazi, which congratulations. Very exciting.
– Thank you, please. My mother is so proud.
– No, I’m honored. I do wonder though,
at the Klan meetings, do you and your husband
wear like the rainbow hats, do the rainbow? – Well, they make you
wear the rainbow hat as a gay.
– Okay, okay. Well, incredible. (Dave laughing) Great, great development
for you and your family. – Little did you know four
years ago when we sat down that so much was gonna happen. – Yeah, here we are. – All right, I’m really
glad to have you here for many reasons. Before we get into Iran, before
we get into the deep state, before we get into the
split of the Democrats, the rise of the socialists,
and the whole thing, former CIA Ops. Just give me a little recap
of what got ya into it, what does that actually mean, and then we’ll take it
away on current events. – So, back in early
2000, just before 9/11, I was interested in
national security and the State Department
and CIA were both options. I decided that after
looking at each, the CIA made the
most sense for me. It was a little bit more cowboy, which coming from
a farm and a ranch in the western part of this
country, it fit me better. So I applied, moved forward
through the application process, took a couple years,
and ended up working up as a what they call
the Clandestine Service
Trainee Program, was there for a couple years, and then sent out
into the field. – So, what was it like being
in the field as a CIA guy? – You know, just after 9/11, it was an incredibly difficult
and challenging time. You know, we didn’t know
how many more threats were going to be actualized, you know, how many more people
were going to be killed. And so, it became
a very intense time to be in the
Intelligence Community but it was also thrilling. You know, at a very young
age, I was 24 or 25, and you’re out in the field,
doing incredible stuff, meeting with the bad guys
who are good for you, and it was an
incredible opportunity that what you were doing
every day helped ensure that people back
home didn’t die. – How do you figure out which
bad guys are good for you? (Bryan laughing)
(Dave laughing) – Oh dear, yeah. – Is that a question
you can answer? – Yeah. So, there’s a vetting
process, right? You first start with,
what do you need to know in a particular
part of the world on a particular issue, right? So, once you do that, you
go through a target analysis and you figure out who has the information in
that organization or that piece of
knowledge that you need and then you target
that individual and then you approach
them in some capacity and then you build
a relationship and
you not only ensure that they are who you
thought that they were to be, you then make sure
that they’re compatible in terms of living
a clandestine life with you as an
Intelligence Officer. So, that is a very long
process, or it can be, but in those early days,
we were recruiting people to be informants for us
with not a lot of scrutiny because we just had
so little information and the threat was so profound
and it was so immediate. – All right, so we could do
CIA 101 the whole time here and for people that
want that, we’ll link to our old interview
because I wanna catch up, because we hadn’t
had you on in awhile and when we booked
this, this was before this Iran World War
III thing happened. – Oh, it’s happening? World War 3, okay.
– Well, apparently if you listen to Rose
McGowan on Twitter, not only that but World
War Four has also begun. There’s a lotta wars coming – Oh my gosh. – Well, that’s exactly why
I wanted to start with this because it seems to me that
if you’re paying attention to social media, as it
does to most things, we’ve ramped everything up to crazy levels
beyond imagination. It is so hard to find
sort of clear, sane, non-extremist voices in
the midst of all this. I consider you one
of those people. So can you talk to me about
what’s going on with Iran and are we in World War III? Are we going down the path?
– We are not. – We’re not in World War III.
– No, whew! – All right, well
now we have the quote for this interview.
– Yes, all right. – Okay, good So, to understand
what’s happening, I think you have to step back
and ask yourself the question, you know, what does Iran
want ultimately, right? In general, what
this regime wants is both stability and survival,
more than anything else. So whatever it does in terms of international affairs,
domestic affairs, it’s all designed to make sure
that the regime continues. So, they have red lines. They have red lines internally, in terms of how far they
will let the populace go in terms of demanding
certain things, and then abroad, you know,
they’ll push as far as they can, knowing full well that the
United States and the West and Israel at some
point will say, that’s a bridge too far, and they will pound the
living hell out of Tehran. So, they’re always
poking the bear. They’re always
challenging that red line. So, it’s important
for all of us to know that at the end of
the day, you know, if they were to choose
to activate some of their sleeper cells in
places like Los Angeles, because they are here, or
in places like in Michigan, et cetera, then it’s game over. They know that the United
States, either alone or with a coalition,
will go into Tehran and we’ll be there within,
you know, 12 to 24 hours. – Okay, so let’s pause
there for a moment because that was a
bit of knowledge. So, Iran basically
has sleeper cells– – Sure. In Western cities, you
just said Los Angeles. – Correct.
– We’re in Los Angeles, Michigan, I’m sure
in European cities. So, if we know these things
exist, what are we doing to actually disrupt these cells? – So, both the FBI and
the CIA have long known that Hezbollah and Iran have
operated these sleeper cells and so they’ve kept a pretty
good pulse on these folks but the issue is, do you know
about all of them, right? Because you have to be
perfect 100% of the time and they only have to be perfect
or executable once, right to implement something
horrific in the U.S. homeland. So, we have a good pulse
of what they’re doing and where they
are, who they are, but do we know all of them? I can almost assure you
that the answer is no. – So, as they sort of push
what that red line is, we’ve had a policy of what,
maybe the last 10 or 15 years, at least the Obama policy, we kinda let them do what
they wanted to do, right? And so now Trump
has kind of flipped this thing on it’s head. so what do you make
about the strike and what is Trump doing here? – Yeah, so the Supreme Leader
never saw this attack coming. He had buffaloed, as I say, or my family says on a
ranch in Oregon, right? They buffaloed Bush and
Obama for many, many years that we had certain red lines, that we didn’t want to
start this World War III, so we allowed them,
that is the Iranians, to do all kinds of poor,
terrible, horrific activities throughout the Middle
East and indeed the world. We would give them
enough leash to attack us through this Soleimani
and the Quds force and Hezbollah and what not. – What were our red
lines, actually? Like, what would
have been the thing that would’ve changed
the equation on our side? – Well, that really
is the question. I don’t think any
of us really knew, certainly with inside the
Intelligence Community because we had the infamous
Obama red line in Syria that, of course, we
just erased that one and moved to
somewhere different. So I don’t think that
the Iranian leadership
ever quite knew where the United States
would, the switch would flip, other than an attack
in the homeland. Certainly they learned that
after the 9/11 attacks, when we immediately
went into Afghanistan. We started making
noise elsewhere. I think most of this
is public knowledge but the Iranian government
very quietly reached out and said, look, we will
stay on the good boy list, just don’t invade. So the upshot is that they know that we will hit a point
where we say, enough, and I don’t think that
they thought Soleimani would be the, in all
of his shenanigans, would be it but here we are. – Right, so what do you
make of what Trump did here? ‘Cause it’s like, if you
listen to the critics, it’s like, “Oh, Trump
doesn’t know what he’s doing. “There’s no plan for after,”
et cetera, et cetera. And I’m starting to think, if this guy doesn’t
know what he’s doing and he has no plans, what does
that say about the experts? – Right.
– ‘Cause he keeps one-upping the experts,
(Bryan laughing) so what’s going on here? – Yeah, so I think he did
the right thing, right? So, I have friends who work in
the Special Forces community and they were all universally
thrilled at what happened. Soleimani has so much
blood on his hands, has maimed and
killed more people, not just Americans
but Iraqis and others, so the man earned his death. The question is,
so what comes next? And I think people
could rightfully and should be asking
that question, right? And is this gonna
cause World War III? Some of that is hyperbole but some of it’s
appropriate to at least ask. So, the answer is
no, we’re not gonna be going into World War III. The only thing that would
change that calculus would be whether Moscow and Beijing
suddenly started moving troops into and, or backed Iran,
basically wanted to use them as some sort of
forcing function, this incident, to
create World War III. – Right.
– I don’t think– – You mean, they would move
their troops into Iran? – Precisely, I mean,
something grandiose like that. Now suddenly we’re looking
at a very different prospect of conflict on a global level if Russia and China
moved into Iran, right? – Right. – So, they have a
degree of relationship but I’m talking about
physical assets into Iran to make clear that
this is the equivalent of that World War
I assassination of the prince in
Sarajevo, right, that people keep talking about. – Just to be clear,
that’s a pretty far off, crazy thing, although–
– Correct. – If you’re just listening
to the pundits these days, it’s like anything’s
on the table, like, the Martians are
landing and you know– – In the Intelligence Community, we talk about low, medium,
and high degrees of confidence that something could
happen, all right? I think that most
of us would say that we have high degree
of confidence that it is extraordinarily unlikely that Russia and China
would ever get involved in this kind of conflict. One, because Russia’s
economy’s the size of Italy. I mean, they have a lot of
internal struggles themselves. And China, fundamentally
President Xi is concerned about making sure that his
stability of his country remains the most important priority and then they continue
to grow economically. Because of the number of
people in that country, they need to have
continued economic growth so that is their
focus and their goal, and that’s why they
want stability. So for them to step
into this conflict and create some sort
of horrific outcome like World War III is just extraordinarily
unlikely, right? In terms of degrees
of confidence, I would say we have
degree of confidence that’s not going to happen. So, the question is, what
will Iran do next, right? So you’re going to see, and
folks are talking about this, absolutely a degree of pushback, whether it’s from cyber
attacks, the usage of Hezbollah. They’re already talking about, that is, the Iranian
leadership talking about, targeting military
personnel in locations throughout the Middle
East in particular. We expect that, the administration expected
that, the Pentagon, when they authorized the
strike, expected that. That’s why you’re seeing
this flood of personnel, a lot of my friends, going
into the Middle East right now. And that is to make the price
of any kind of retribution or any kind of attack by Iran, the price will go
up dramatically. – How do we send that message beyond bombs and killing people? Like, do we actually
go on the ground and talk to contacts and say, “Guys, okay, you
saw what we did. “We know you’re planning “to do a couple things
here and there.” But do we really
give the hint like, well, I guess Trump sorta did
it with this tweet, right? His tweet about 52
sites that we’ve got. I mean, is that
really how it works? Like, we get down
there and talk to them about that sorta thing? – Well, I think that
the talking that was– – Like your house is
on a list, basically. – Right (laughing). Well, I think the
talking that was done was a missile going into
Soleimani’s head, right? And so I think that the
Trump administration very wisely has said, look,
we have tried diplomacy with these clowns and
they’ve continually lied to us about, say,
their nuclear program. If you recall, in
January of 2017, Israel did an
incredible operation where they went into
Tehran, they grabbed a bunch of nuclear material,
that is, I should say documentary-based material,
from this warehouse in Tehran, they took it back to Israel, that basically showed that
Iran was playing a game. They wanted to make
sure that they held on to their nuclear
program and the ability to move forward
very, very quickly. So there’s no ever
real intention by the regime to give up
that nuclear capability. – What do you make of sort of
the set of people that think that just ’cause you sign
something, it has meaning? So, like the Iran nuclear
deal, just any deal. The Climate Paris Accord or
the Paris Climate Accords, like we sign something
and that inherently means that it’s real but
that’s really not how the world works, is it? – If you have a
document, an agreement, a treaty that is signed,
it is only as effective as the parties engaged
or involved intend to carry it forward, right? Particularly with some
degree of some hammer if people fall short. I mean, this what we’ve
experienced with Russia with the START treaties,
et cetera, right? They were constantly cheating
because they believed that the United States
wouldn’t respond in any kind of intense
or retaliatory way, whether it be sanctions
beyond what we’ve already done to something more kinetic,
right, a military strike. So everybody who signs
any kind of document is always sitting back
and making the calculus or asking, can we
push this further? Can we do more? Can we sneak, right? North Korea with
this nuclear program is a great example
of doing exactly that and it’s gotten away
with lying to the world and continuing to march forward, irrespective of the silly
sanctions that we apply. – That’s what you were
talking about earlier about, you just keep
pushing the red line. – Correct.
– Because if you know the guy on the other side isn’t
gonna ever gonna push back, you can move that thing
pretty signficantly. – But I think it’s important and I think you and I have
spoken about it previously, we hear a lot right
now in the media. Folks are talking
about, you know, get us out of the Middle East. Get us out of Iran and Iraq and all these places,
we shouldn’t be there. And that’s true, we
shouldn’t be there. – Yeah.
– Why are we there, right? – You’re giving me a lot of my
good Libertarian side, right? – So, let’s have
that conversation. – Yeah.
– So, it’s good that we killed Soleimani,
that the government in Iran is bad, but why in
the hell are we there to begin with, right? We are there because
Iran and Iraq and the Middle East
have oil, right? All these countries have oil. The global economy
is built on oil so it’s great the United States has become a net
exporter of oil, super, but the rest of the world
continues to be net importers. So, as long as these folks,
whether it be Iran or Iraq, either control the oil or,
through the Strait of Hormuz, they control the ability of
that oil to get to market, we are stuck in
the sandbox, right? So, if we want to change
this conversation, if we want to basically
make the Middle East the equivalent of what, you
know, happened in the ’90s in Rwanda where the
Hutus and the Tutsis were killing each other, if we want to let the Sunnis
and Shias slaughter each other and really, the
world doesn’t care, then we have to remove
the impetus for us to be there in the first place. Why do we care? We have to change
our energy policy. So, if you’re angry
about the fact that we’re in the Middle East
and we have troops there, then you have to be onboard
with changing our energy policy. – So, what do you
make of the argument, so you can do it two ways. So, the Libertarian argument is just get the hell out of
there, these aren’t our wars, these are sectarian conflicts
that have existed forever, they’re gonna last longer
than we’re ever gonna exist. That’s one side of it. The other side is, well, you
broke it, you fix it, sort of. So, it’s like, Iraq, we actually were turning it
around, you know? Regardless of
whether you thought it was a good idea
to go in or not, weapons of mass
destruction, the rest of it, they were having free and
fair elections basically and then we just left. You know, we announced the date. Obama said we’re
getting out on this day. We left and then it fell apart. How do we negotiate that? – So, you have to sit
back and ask the question, from a foreign
policy perspective, why the hell are we
involved in the world? What is our ultimate goal? And most smart people will say that we want the world
to be more democratic, because the more
democratic the world is, the less likely that the
nations who are democracies will get involved in
conflict and war, right? So, this is sort of
foreign policy 101. So, the question is,
how do you move nations from being autocratic
or anything less than a full democracy
to some shade or variation of a
healthy democracy? You know, President Bush’s
idea, the neoconservative belief was we can do it via
the barrel of a gun. Well, oops. That didn’t work out right? Not only did they
view us ultimately as outsiders invading the nation but they weren’t really ready for a true commitment
to democracy, which requires a degree of
education of the people, right, to understand what
their obligations are, right? – But that’s what I’m saying. If we had stayed longer, and
I’m not saying we should have, but have we stayed longer,
once they had some elections, had we stayed longer to
build some institutions and that sort of thing, it’s
almost like it could’ve worked. There were signs that
it could’ve worked. – But what is the ultimate
benefit for the American people to go in and nation build in a place like Iraq
or any nation, right? So, we have to ask
ourselves the questions, as there are
hundreds and hundreds of nations around the world, many of which are
not democratic, why are we gonna get
involved in that one? And one of things
that I actually think that President Trump
does correctly, perhaps in his New
York braggadocious way, is he says, “Well, what
are they giving us?” Like, what do we
get in exchange? And that’s actually a good and important thing
to ask, right? Because we shouldn’t be
going into Zimbabwe, right, and trying to correct
all of the ills of Mugabe and all his
shenanigans, right? Because what are they giving us? Nothing. We would invest our
time and treasure into a place like Zimbabwe and we would be getting very
little to nothing in return, other than a commitment to
the world and to ourselves and the Zimbabwean people that we’re creating
a democracy there, and more democracy means
less global war, right? So, we have to rack and stack or prioritize where we’re
involved in the world. So, Iraq and Iran, the reason
that we want to be there, why we give two bits
about the place, is because of this commitment,
not only just to democracy but because they have
something we need, they have, and not just
we but the global economy. So, if you were to
withdraw, right, and just completely
let the place go and be as it is, you
better have a back up in terms of a
global energy policy that doesn’t require that stuff, because if that price
of oil quadruples or goes up by 10,
20%, or at times, whatever number it might be and you start having global
recessions and depressions, now we understand the cost
of our inaction, right? So, there is a cost to just
completely pulling out. – Are you kind of surprised that Trump seems to
understand all this? – No. – In a weird way. – No, I have had concerns
about his temperament. I have– – By the way, wait, we should
pause for a moment and say, you are a lifelong Democrat. – Yeah, here we are. – I know the feeling, my friend. (Men laughing) Here we are so.
– Although I don’t know what that means anymore.
– Yeah. – What does it even mean
to be a Democrat anymore? – We’ll get to that in a sec, ’cause you wrote a great–
– We’ll get there, yeah. It’s a disaster. – You wrote a great
piece on foxnews.com about the split of the Democrats and I’ve been screaming
about this for years. But why do you think
Trump gets this? Like, he’s not a politician,
he wasn’t a foreign policy guy. If you asked him five years ago to put his finger on a map, who knows what he
would have found? I mean, what is it about him
that you think understands this or is he listening
to better generals than the guys before
were listening to? Like, what’s going on here? – Well, a couple things. How do we diagnose why President
Trump is the way that he is and indeed that he’s effective. I think we could probably
(Dave laughing) have a three hour
program on that but the upshot is, I think the American
people recognize that something was
important in that man, that he could serve
an important role, and that is the fact
that he is basically a walking human
firecracker, right? And he went to Washington
to just blow stuff up because most of us were
sick and tired of the way that Washington was working. And we might talk about,
all right, can we have him a little bit more Presidential? Well, when you
elect a firecracker, you’re gonna get
what you get, right? So, what I think
that he is doing well is he’s asking really
important questions that Washington
has always assumed that we’ve asked and answered. Like, well, of course, we’re
gonna be absolutely committed to NATO at all times. Well, wait a minute. These a-holes aren’t
contributing, you
know, their dues. So what, are we gonna
continue to pay for it? Like, go F yourself. I mean, that’s basically
Trump’s attitude. And it’s like yeah, yeah, that’s exactly what should
be happening, right? There should be nothing
so sacred on the table that we can’t ask
a question as to, well, why are we
doing it that way? So, I think that
that is a good thing that the President is
bringing to the table and I think that he is bringing
that outsider’s perspective and asking really good
questions that might seem to be crazy to the New
York and Washington elite but I should think most
people in middle America are like, yeah,
we agree with you. That makes sense, right? – All right, so
with that in mind, so Trump comes in basically
as the firecracker to throw the chessboard
up, the whole thing. The administrative
state or the deep state or maybe you have a
different phrase for it. – [Bryan] Deep state works. – This idea of a constant
group of people that stay, no matter what administration
comes and goes. Can you just
explain a little bit about what that actually is? (Bryan inhaling) – Lord have mercy. All right. (Dave laughing) So, folks who get
their, those jobs, you are there for
20, 25, 30 years, and it’s true that you
outlast all administrations. – So, what are these jobs? Like, let’s really do like the most base level here.
– Yeah. ‘Cause this is the type of
thing, you hear deep state, and everyone online, you’re
either a conspiracy theorist or an Alex Jones guy or
give me something like, what are these people
actually doing? – All right, so, when you,
let’s just take the CIA, right? So, someone like me who went
in as an Operations Officer, so somebody who basically
goes out in the field and recruits spies and
steals secrets, right? You have a tremendous
amount of power, right? A tremendous number of tools
to read people’s emails, listen to people’s phone calls, I mean, you can call
up surveillance teams, you have a lot of power to
do or accomplish the mission and through that, some people
have this mistaken belief that they are now anointed
to make decisions writ large in terms of foreign policy. That is, they are the ones
that have the knowledge to decide what the nation
should or shouldn’t do on a particular issue,
instead of simply informing a policy maker, to say,
“Here’s what I know to be true. “Here’s what I
think we ought to do “but here are a slew
of different options “and you make the
choice or the call “because you are a
representative of the people “and I am simply a tool.” – So basically, they
sort of have access to all of this information
and then after years of it, you start thinking
you’re bigger– – [Bryan] That’s right. – Than the people that
are coming and going. – So, one of the most
infamous spies, Aldrich Ames, worked for the CIA
but indeed worked for the Russians secretly,
was eventually found out. It led to over 100 individuals,
assets, being killed. When he was asked why he did it, he said, “I know what’s best
for the nation’s foreign policy “and I’m gonna act on that.” So, that degree of hubris… Right, you go in loving your
country, embracing the flag, you’re there at the CIA
for the right reasons but now suddenly, you’ve
come to this belief that you are anointed,
that you are somehow the guardian of the republic, beyond the defensive
nature that the people, your government
has anointed on you to actually do good things,
to support the constitution, and support policymakers. Now you think that
you’re actually a king or a queen
behind the scenes and you will move
the levers of power and you will decide
who gets briefed on what pieces of information or you don’t brief certain
pieces of information. Let me give you an example So, I worked an issue that
I can’t talk a ton about but an Asia-related concern, and what we were
briefing the White House was that what we as
the CIA were doing, in terms of covert
action operations, were incredibly successful. But I actually knewthat
that wasn’t true, so I sat down with the analysts and I said, “Help
me understand why “you all make this judgment.” They’re like, “We don’t
make that judgment. “We don’t believe that’s true.” So, I collated all
this information, I
presented it to our, what we call the 7th floor, and I said, “Sirs,
what we are presenting “to the White House
as effective isn’t,” and they said, “Well, you
know,” this song and dance, and then they said, “Look, why don’t you brief
that downtown,” right? Knowing that I had absolutely
no ability to do that, right? So, they just sort of, it
took an issue that they knew would be problematic for
the agency, for themselves, they lied about it to the
NSC and to the White House, and they decided what was best
for America’s foreign policy as it relates to that
particular country and that particular issue around weapons of
mass destruction. So, it’s a tiny little
example of how the deep state can decide what a nation
should or shouldn’t do. The rubric that I
think has been crossed, that kind of stuff is
more typical Washington. What hasn’t happened,
certainly in my lifetime or my recollection, is a
guy like Brennan and Clapper deciding that a politician
or someone running as one, President Trump in this case,
candidate Trump in this case, was not good enough to
assume the presidency. So, they were doing things
to kneecap his administration before, I should
say, his election, his ability to become
an elected official. – Yeah, can you
explain a little bit about what these
guys were doing? – So, let’s just start
with the dossier. – Yeah.
– All right because to me– – You’ve had tweets
deleted over this. – Yeah.
– I mean, Twitter tried to boot you and ban you–
– Twice. Because you started,
as a former CIA guy, you started talking about
what Brennan was up to, what these guys were doing, and they were gonna
boot you off Twitter and then eventually there
was enough of a outcry. I tried to help as
much as I could– – And you did, thank you.
– to get you back on there. – Yeah.
– Yeah. So, all right, if we
just look at the dossier we knew for a considerable
amount of time that this information was
unvetted and uncorroborated. It was internet rumor, I think, is what was in the
IG report, right? So, it was well known
that this was garbage but yet, it was utilized by the
FBI to continue surveillance of a Trump campaign official. – So this is before the
election, this dossier, which is basically
an internet rumor, is now used so the CIA
can use spying techniques. – Let me just tell you how absolutely crazy this was.
– I’m just trying to dumb it down, yeah. – We had a foreign
spy that was hired by a domestic political opponent inject this garbage
into the system, which if you work in
intelligence field, you know that any
Russian sources are oftentimes controlled by
Vladimir Putin, the SVR, right? So, unless you really
vet the information– – They’re smart enough
to have double agents? – Oh, amazing, isn’t it?
– Jesus, these Russians. – So, we’re pumping
this fake garbage that we haven’t vetted
into the political system, we’re using it for
surveillance purposes, and now, and here’s the kicker,
in early January of 2017, they, Clapper and
Comey and Brennan, leaked this dossier
to the press, which it had already been
circulating out there but giving it their stamp
of, we know it exists and we’re gonna
brief this, right? So, they briefed it to
President-elect Trump and the very act of doing that and saying, “Hey, you should
be aware that this exists,” suddenly gave the hook for the
press to run with this story that we have a Russian agent
sitting in the White House. The FBI and the CIA, you
know, they believed enough in this document to brief
it, and then of course, the fire was set, right? The brush fire took off.
– Yeah. – The hysteria was launched. But what’s amazing is
the next number of days and the next couple of weeks,
every one of those bastards, Comey and Clapper,
Brennan, all of them said, “Oh, but you know, the
dossier, we don’t believe it. “It’s just rumors.” Well, then why’d you brief it? Why did you spread
it around Washington? Because you knew that it
would cause a brush fire. You knew it would set
this nation on fire and you knew that
the Trump presidency would likely never
recover from it. And in fact, John Brennan told
a crowd here in Los Angeles that President Trump would
no longer be in office, an interview he gave,
by the end of 2018. He told a bunch of
these Hollywood elites, “Don’t worry about it, “Trump’s gonna be gone
by the end of 2018.” Thank God John Brennan was gone and now he’s under criminal
investigation by AG Barr. – So, that was my next question. – Chef’s kiss. – How (laughing)
nervous should Clapper and Brennan and Comey be? I mean, Clapper is the
guy who lied under oath when they asked him
about, are we, you know, doing mass surveillance on
people, on our own citizens? And what was it, “Not
wittingly,” that he said as he was scratching
the top of his head, which you ever see that
episode of Seinfeld? You know, when you’re lying, the higher up on your
face that you scratch tells you if it’s
a big lie or not? I mean, he’s literally
going, “Not wittingly.” – Right, right, yeah, and oddly enough his
nose starts growing. – Yeah but then becomes
like a CNN analyst on this and suffers no ramifications
for lying under oath. How much trouble do you think
these guys really are in? – I think they’re in a lot
and I think that they know it. And I am, as an American,
forget my party affiliation, forget me having
worked in the CIA, although that’s a
part of my anger because I know what they’ve done to the Intelligence Community. They have now made the American
people reasonably concerned about the degree
of politicization that they weren’t aware of or
that they thought would be, might be impossible. So, they have really sullied
not only the reputation but the ability of the
FBI and the CIA to go out and do the good work
that they need to do. We do, in fact, need
an FBI and a CIA to do the good
work that they do. But it’s reasonable for an
American to sit back and say, maybe we shouldn’t
have these guys ’cause they’re so
highly politicized. So, I think that Brennan
and Comey and Clapper and that whole cabal
that was involved in these shenanigans in
2016 should be very worried. John Durham, a very,
very smart man, and I think AG Barr is playing
the long game on this one. I think he’s letting Comey go
on some of the smaller stuff. I mean, he’s hitting
him hard in some areas and the IG has called him,
you know, a dangerous man, a man who set a
dangerous precedent for the 30 plus thousand former
and current FBI employees and I think you’re gonna
find the same thing with Clapper and Brennan
when this is all over. – So, if these guys
did so much bad stuff, what do you make of the fact
that they don’t shut up? Like, what do you
make of the fact that Comey wrote the book, which nobody bought the book–
– He teaches ethics! – But they push it out.
– Comey teaches ethics, what is happening in this world? – Or look at Brennan’s
Twitter feed? It’s just like, wait a minute? You were the head of the CIA, I don’t think you should be, like you’re basically attacking
one of the institutions, the Office of the Presidency. Now I get it, Trump
attacks everybody too so there’s nobody that’s
totally clean here. But you look at
Brennan’s Twitter feed and it’s like,
what are you doing? But I guess they feel that
they’ll never be caught. – Well, here’s I think
what’s happening. You have Comey and
Clapper and Brennan, that they’re all contributors, they go to these fancy
functions, here in Los Angeles, they belong to these
institutes, they go on Twitter, and they’re all echoing
the same talking points, which is, basically,
Trump is a Russian traitor or he’s all but and we
have to get this guy out of the Office of the Presidency, and we, as former
CIA, FBI, ODNI, whatever three or four letter
agency they were a part of, we are the defenders
of the country, we are the defenders
of the nation. And so–
– That’s literally what you were saying about the
deep state before. – Right, right. So, they are spinning this
over and over and over again to continue this high
boil of hysteria, so that people believe that
the Brennans and the Comeys and the Clappers are
actually good guys, right? They’re creating
their hysterical base so that when AG Barr and Durham
come out with this report, mark my words, you will have
the MSNBCs and Rachel Maddows from the top of
the roof screaming, “Well, but it’s partisan
and it’s not true “and this is just, this is
a witch hunt against them,” and they will deny facts. So, it’s coming, so
they are preparing the battlefield very wisely,
although horrifically, they’re trying to
save their own skin and so they’re prepping
the battlefield with all of these
hysterical tweets so that they can find a way,
at least in the public sphere, to push back to save their skin. – All right, so I want to get
to the media portion of that because you’ve talked a lot
about how they leak things to the media and the rest of
that, but before we do that, how pissed are these guys
at Mueller for the report? I mean, they
obviously didn’t think this was gonna be the outcome and it was all gonna
just be nonsense and make Rachel Maddow look
like a complete, raving lunatic. – Right, so no collusion. That was a surprise for
the Democratic Party, wasn’t it, for the left? That was a slam dunk, right? That was supposed to
be a very clear case of a president being a
Russian agent and he wasn’t. Look, it was appropriate– – Did it all seem like nonsense? Like, what I kept saying
from the beginning was if this is all true,
wouldn’t every Democrat be saying, “We’re in
World War III now?” – [Bryan] Yeah. – Like, let’s really take this
thing to it’s end collusion. If it’s really true
that, in effect, Russia basically installed the President of the
United States, I mean, that’s as big a crime as
you could possibly get so congratulations,
we’re in World War III. They’re worried about
the new World War III but we’re in it already. – So, I think that many
of us, to include myself, at the very beginning were
concerned about connections, not just the dossier-related
garbage ’cause that was silly, but some of the rest of it,
and it was like, my position, I think a lot of us at
the very beginning said, “Look, let Bob
Mueller do a fair job “within a short period of
time to address this issue.” Because what I knew, working
in the Intelligence Community, is that if we had any
information, any intelligence, SIGINT or HUMINT, in other
words, phone calls, emails, if we had any kind of
sources from human beings, multiple individuals
throughout the world and in Moscow, et cetera,
who could all corroborate the same thing, then
we need to know that and let’s put that forward. But very quickly,
that information should be brought to the table and we would be ejecting
the man from the White House within the first few
months of his presidency. And when that didn’t happen,
it became very clear to me, and I think most reasonable
intelligence officials or former officials, that
there was nothing there, that this was now getting
into a political exercise. And I think that the
report showed that, that there certainly
was no collusion. Now, the issue of, did
he try to obstruct? Well, boy, I think you
can take a step back and say, look, if I were
a newly elected president and I knew that I
was being smeared by a bunch of former FBI
and CIA people in the media, saying I was a Russian agent,
I know that’s not true, damn right I’m gonna
try to shut down that investigation because
I know it’s garbage. Most reasonable people
would wanna say, “Forget it, that’s
garbage, and I know “what you’re trying to do. “you’re trying to politicize
my ability to do this work “as President of
the United States. “You were trying to make sure “that I can’t do what
the American people
elected me to do.” – Especially, literally
you were elected on draining the swamp.
– Correct. – So, that’s sort of
the core thing here. – So, the obstruction piece
I think is a political loser. I also think that the essence
of the argument’s garbage as well but the Democratic
Party has clung to that and now that they see that
that wasn’t working out and Bob Mueller,
bless his heart, if you recall when
he testified– – Poor guy. – Yeah, made me feel sad. – I actually felt bad for him, like he was just
way over his head– – He was. – Or he has a little bit
of the Biden, sort of like, are you even all
there kinda thing. – I mean, a good man. I think he worked
hard for his country but he was way over his skis, doing something
he shouldn’t have. He should’ve stayed in
retirement land, so. – So, the other piece of this, which you’ve sort of
been hitting on here, is the media portion and
how all of these leaks, every day you open
up The New York Times or CNN or MSNBC and
they’re reporting on stuff that’s supposed to be
behind closed doors, there are secret congressional
meetings about things, but somehow MSNBC and
The New York Times has all of Schiff’s talking
points and the rest of it, how does this game
actually get played? Like, is it as
obviously ridiculous and just so blatant as it seems? Could it be that blatant? – Yeah, it is. Look, most of the leaking, so,
when you work in Washington, you find out very quickly that
most of the leaking occurs either by the White House,
interestingly enough, or by the senior levels of the various
departments and agencies. It’s rarely that lower or
working level individual, right? It’s the people who,
again, like Aldrich Ames, have decided that they know
what’s best for the country so they’re gonna act on it
and they’re gonna leak things to try to push the media
narrative in that one direction or another, based on
whatever they want, right? Whatever their goals are,
you know, personal goals. We saw that with Comey. I mean, we know he leaked
to The New York Times via a cutout to try to push
for an independent counsel, and he got it. So it’s not as though the tactic
doesn’t work, it does work. So, that’s frightening. That should frighten all of us. – [Dave] Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah. – So, both sides do it
but what we have seen over the past three years
is a group of individuals from the FBI, from the
CIA, who are leaking pieces of information to kneecap
a duly elected president so that they can put the people
in power that they choose, irrespective of party,
whether it’s a Never Trumper or whether it’s one
of these, you know, more traditional
moderate Democrat what the hell that
means these days. – Well, it’s not really
irrespective of party, right? ‘Cause you mean a Never
Trumper or some other Democrat. – Sure, but I mean
historically the leaks have come from both sides
of the aisle to the media because of their own personal
desire to shape policy, right? We’re just seeing
it on steroids now. – [Dave] Yeah. – The amount of leaking,
the ferociousness of the impact of
those leaks, right? It’s not just, we like
this or we don’t like this. It’s, you know,
Trump is a traitor or he’s gonna launch
us into World War III or it’s that absurdity,
it’s that hysteria that was kicked off in
2016 and hasn’t stopped. – Do you think that’s
partly just because we’re just watching institutions
crumble across the board and so they’re all sort
of in their death throes, so you just throw
out everything? You know what I mean? Like, we’re watching our
media institutions crumble, our political institutions
are crumbling, we’re exposing information,
conversations like this weren’t really being
had five years ago. So as it all becomes
more obvious, the ways it can lash out
become crazier, sort of. – As the curtain is pulled
back on the Wizard of Oz, does he not get a
little bit more panicked about people understanding that he’s like four foot two
and you know, 250 pounds? – Yeah. – I think that that
could explain a lot because again, at some level,
when you start looking at, for instance, let’s just
take the media, right? So, it’s long been known
that the media focuses on one particular party
and benefiting them and it’s the Democratic Party. Which, by the way,
when you get like 95% of political funds or that
is, the media supports you from their political
donations, it’s incredible that the Republican
Party even exists, right? When you have that degree
of an avalanche of support in your nation’s media, the
fact that another party exists is really incredible or it means the Democrats
might be stupid. – Reminder, I’m looking
at a lifelong Democrat. I just wanna say that again.
– Right, right. So, look, the last 10 to 15
years, forget that, five years, – Yeah, we’ll get to that then. – has changed so much,
– We’re gonna get there, we’re gonna get there.
– it’s incredible. But yeah, no, I think
you’re right to say that the media’s recognizing that we’re all pulling off the
mask and seeing who they are and that is horrifying to them because the moment that we start
questioning their authority to tell us what’s
right and wrong and we start to say,
“You know what, actually, “you’ve given to the
other political party. “You used to work for
that other, you know, “organization or entity
that is now against Trump,” or like, we now know
that you are biased and that’s fine, right? You and I both have an opinion, – [Dave] Sure. – We both go on TV and talk
about things and our opinions, that’s fine, but let’s be
candid about who we are and what we believe in and
let’s not pass it as news because it’s not news, it’s
just an opinion, right? It’s interesting. The former editor of
The New York Times gave this fantastic interview where she talked
about her students. You know, she left
The New York Times now I believe is at Yale or
one of these fancy Ivies, and she works with students
who wanna become journalists. And she said one
of the frustrations that she has is that
all want to report on their own opinions of what’s happening in the
world, right, and not the news. And it’s like, well, amen,
we have been down this road for 15 plus years
where everybody in the role of journalism
– Right, why not admit it? – Yeah, so let’s have
an honest conversation that the Walter
Cronkites are gone. – Yeah. – And it’s now,
you know, a circus and everybody’s got
a different performer that they prefer, and that’s bad and we should acknowledge
that that’s bad and we should, I think, as
a country and at some point, when does journalism
ring it’s own bell and say, “We’ve gone too far, “let’s see if we can do
something different.” – So, when you read the paper that was formerly
The New York Times, are there phrases that you
can see are obvious tells when it’s complete nonsense,
beyond just unnamed source or source on Capital Hill?
– You mean, other than just picking it up and
saying New York Times and putting it back down? – Yeah, yeah. And by the way, as I always say every time I knock
The New York Times, I would prefer this
not be the case. – Amen.
– Everyone knows it. The people that I find that
are railing against it the most are the people that don’t
want this to be the most, you know what I mean? Just don’t be totally horrible. – I come from the middle of
nowhere in Eastern rural Oregon. The way that I was able
to get into the CIA was that I went to
The Washington Post and New York Times and I
read it every single day, back in the late
’90s and early 2000s. I took notes on each story, I built my knowledge
and understanding of the world based
on their reporting. So there was a time
when I was a big fan and I appreciated what
they were doing for me, for the world, for the country, spreading what was
actually happening, and we’ve lost that
at the Gray Lady. And The Washington Post has gone even more bananas and bonkers and it’s horrible
for the republic because democracies
need that voice to challenge people in power. – So do you think we’re
more than anything else, I mean putting all the
political stuff aside, putting deep state aside,
putting the parties aside that we’re really more
in an information war at this point than
anything else? It’s not even information. It’s really the delivery
system of the information more than anything else.
– Sure. I mean you’re talking to a
guy who put out two tweets, expressed a simple
political opinion, no inflammatory language.
– Can you just remind me what the tweets were exactly?
– Yeah. – Because you’re a
former CIA Ops guys. I think you’ve proven
here in this half hour, whatever it is, that you know
what you’re talking about. And here are the two
tweets that you put out. – So both of them basically
had to do with President Trump or Democrats being crazy. And one was taking a headline
from The Washington Post, which was silly
Parson Flimflammed. I don’t even remember what
the hell the headline was. I was just commenting on
the fact that it was silly. And that was enough
to get me banned for whatever number of days. And the other one was
a thread talking about the president and this
whole impeachment silliness and how absurd it is. I think it was a relatively
short thread and I was banned. Again, simply taking a
snippet form the IG report and commenting on that section
of report, that was enough. So that to me, and I
know that you have been banging this drum
for a long time, is incredibly frightening
that we now have a handful of entities
from Silicon Valley that are really
publishers deciding who gets to say whatever
they want them to say and if it goes too far,
either a corporate policy or as a one off, whatever
number of decide that’s bad, there gonna throw a little
sand in the gears, right? They may not ban you
completely, they may. But they may just throw
some sand in the gear and have you blocked for
a week or two or whatever when you want to share something at a very important time
in the nation’s politics, right during this Iran issue. So we’re gonna throw
some sand in your gears. We’re gonna stop
you from tweeting, or stop you from sharing
something on Facebook. That’s what they’re doing now. That’s what they’ve done to me. – Does it feel
like the whole game is designed to just make
us crazier, right now? Like every time you read–
– Well that’s result. – Like once you start
seeing this stuff, right, you have your little
red pill moment, you start seeing this stuff. You don’t wanna see it, right? You wanna put the
ocean back in the cup. – Right. – And it just doesn’t fit. – Well I think that this
has been a long time coming. So what’s interesting is, MIT did this brilliant study in the late ’90s
when some of our economic trade
policies were changing, China went to the WTO. We had Mexico and
Canada and NAFTA and a lotta the communities
were impacted negatively by these economic changes. We’re starting to elect
people to Congress and Senate who were
increasingly more inflammatory, increasing further on the
left and further on the right. And what now you see that
that created the marketplace for people in media
to be even more loud and bombastic and crazy,
because people were angry and so they were able to
tap into that marketplace. So it think that the things that you’re seeing in
America’s media right now are really reflective of a
country that’s deeply unsettled. It doesn’t mean that we
don’t celebrate the progress here in this country, because economically, I think
you could make an argument, and you’ve had people
on this program that have made it very clear that we are
benefiting profoundly from our wonderful economic
system, imperfect as it is, our wonderful republic,
imperfect as it is. But there’s clearly a sickness that is being
reflected in our media that is really, at
the end of the day, it reflects our own
brokenness, our own anger, because we’re responding
in such a visceral way we’re giving those
people ratings. – Okay, so let’s
go to our woe is me beat up lefty guys
here for a second. Because as you’re saying that I’m reminded of
when I used to be on the Young Turks and
I was a big lefty, that I’d be on
air with the hosts and they’d be screaming like
crazy people about something. There’s no video of
me ever screaming about anything like this, but they’d be
screaming this thing and then we’d cut to break, and then they’d be
completely fine again, like completely fine. Then we’d come back and
people were screaming or crying or yelling or
pounding their fists. And I remember thinking
is just all theater. This is not theater to me. We’re having the same exact
conversation right now that we were having
before the cameras started and everything else.
– Correct. – But we’ve been sort of
primed that everything is sorta theater right now. But it doesn’t seem like
can get any of this back. Is that now where we’re at? That we won’t come back. So what I’m talking about
with the cup and the ocean it’s like we now need
different institutions. I think there’s a
lotta people trying to hang on to the old institutions. I see this with a lotta my last remaining
sane lefty friends. The New York Times
will come back. The Democratic
party’ll coem back. But the ain’t comin’ back guys. – If there’s any hope, it’s
President Trump wins in 2020 and the Democratic party–
– And the death blow is so cataclysmic.
– It would have to be an overwhelming loss, both
the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. We would be talking about like
1984 election with Mondale and ’88 election with Dukakis. But let’s not forget that stupid
tends to be very resilient. And so you’re seeing a lot
of that coming out of places like New York with
Ocasio-Cortez. We’re getting a lot of
very crazy individuals who are very now powerful
with in the Democratic party. We’re absolutely reshaping it. You would need to have
a progressive nominated for the 2020 election lose
against President Trump. – So they have to have
the Corbin basically. – Yeah, yeah. – Yeah I mean I see that. I mean how crazy
though for two guys that are basically
lifelong Democrats. And I can’t call myself
part of the left anymore. – I’m hanging on
by my fingernails. – Yeah I know, but
a lotta my good last liberal friends are trying. Like I get it. And it just like, for me the
ship has sailed, it’s fine. But you wrote a piece in Fox News.
– How about a life raft for those us who are
paddling behind behind you? – I’m gonna keep a life raft
out there, but not much longer, you know what I mean.
(Bryan laughs) – I gotta go now.
– I’ve been saving– – Make the jump.
– Yeah, yeah. Well I feel like
I’ve been screaming about this for so long
that now it’s weird. Because you know how your
frustrations change over time. And it’s like I used to be
really frustrated with the right and then for these couple years I’ve been frustrated
with the left. Now I’m like really
frustrated at my last remaining lefty friends, that just refuse to see reality. ‘Cause it’s like come on guys, like how much more destruction do you want these people to sow? How much further down the
socialist path do you wanna go? But you wrote a piece
about this in Fox News. I mean do you think
there’s any chance? Like who are the
remaining Democrats that would make someone like
you say you’re a Democrat? Or forget the people, although you’re welcome
to tell me some, what are the Democratic policies that actually make
any sense anymore? – So if you look at, if
you believe Gallup polling, so about 15% of Democrats
are conservative Democrats, are identified as
conservative Democrats. 35 say they’re moderate, 50%
say liberal, progressive. So there is clearly a
split within the party. I think what you’re seeing now in place like Iowa
and New Hampshire and South Carolina and Nevada
and some of that polling, Biden’s still got
the pole position. But clearly if you
look at Bernie Sanders and to somewhat of a lesser
extent Elizabeth Warren, that wing of the party’s strong. And so what happens
in this primary season I think will set the temperature in the direction for the party for many, many years to come. And that’s why you’re seeing
people like Ocasio-Cortez just yesterday saying
in an interview that she can’t believe that she and Biden are both
part of the same party. – [Dave] ‘Cause that
was the plan all along. – She’s not a Democrat. Bernie Sanders isn’t a Democrat. They’re Democratic
Socialists which of course, as you have, they’re gonna
drop the democratic part at some point.
– Yeah, the D word’s goin’ down.
– Although North Korea’s calls themselves the Democratic
People’s Republic of Korea. So there is a branding
exercise there, right? – It’s just pure branding, okay. – It’s really, there’s some
chutzpah happening right now within the socialist
wing of the party, basically saying that
they are the party. So that’s fight’s
gonna continue 2020. Let’s see what happens. My personal hope and
I hate to say this, but my person hope is that we
elect some crazy progressive, elect Bernie Sanders right, then the American people
have a very clear distinction for whom they should choose. What should the future
of the country look like? Is it the Bernie Sanders
and the Green New Deals and the free everything that
nobody can pay for, right, and that’s absurd? – Plus all the racism. (both men talking
at the same time) – So is that who
we wanna become? And if it’s not, then you
have to look to the other guy, ’cause you only
have two choices. – But do you think
there’s any mechanism and this is the thought that
I’ve really been stuck on for the last couple months, like is there mechanism
that liberals have, I mean good liberals, so like
an old school Democrat has, to fight off the bad thing? Because we’re just watching all of them be
pinned one at a time. You know what I mean? Like Biden was brought in
to be the straight shooter and the decent guy and
the old school Democrat. Now he’s telling you you
can pick which prison you wanna go to
depending on what gender you identify with.
– And learn how to code coal miners.
– He literally, I mean– – Yeah.
– Learn how to code coal miners and
then his other thing the other day about–
– So much for Western PA Joe. Yeah. – But, but, oh I thought
you were gonna say, ’cause he had this other
thing the other day about… Basically he said we’re
a European culture, not some culture that’s
imported from Africa. And it’s like, um, I
thought that’s what… Isn’t that what… But he was brought in to be the, and that’s what I’m saying,
like there’s no mechanism for a decent Democrat anymore. There’s no vehicle
for it anymore. – No there’s not right? Because at some level you
would hope that the media or people within
The Washington Post, the New York Times,
the CNNs and the MSNBCs that they would have some of
their more sensible voices and calling out the
people like Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders saying,
they’re not real Democrats. Let’s talk about they
strategy document from 2012 that talks about Marx and Lenin and taking over the economy. Like let’s talk
about who they are versus the Joy Behars
of The View of like she’s super awesome, you know and Rachel
Maddow of like boy she’s an impressive gal. Like what is happening? Like I don’t care that
she can dance really fun on roof in Boston, like
that’s stupid viral video. Like, that’s not important. The fact that she
wants to encourage the United States government to take over the means of
production in this country, via socialism.
– Problematic would you say? – Yeah, right? Let’s up end it and let’s
pass the New Green Deal, which we could never afford and oh by the way isn’t
actually going to be effective. So let’s slaughter all the
cows because of the cow farts. Okay, super. You are aware that
China and India their combined CO2
and methane emissions, would far and do far
eclipse everything the United States and
European union could ever do in terms of their
horrific pollution. So you can kill all
the cows you want, but until you address the
India and China problem, this is silly, this is
a silly conversation. And the only reasonable people in this conversation right now, shockingly enough,
are Republicans. It’s the Dan Crenshaws
who are like, yeah look CO2 and methane,
it’s real, like it’s happening and we need to focus on
R and D related issues that scrub the stuff
out of the environment and that’s what we
need to be doing, versus knocking down every
house and rebuilding it, killing all the farting cows. If you’re gonna kill farty
people, what about Swalwell? I mean he goes on TV and farts,
like what about that guy? You know.
– Yeah that was the biggest fart of 2019.
– That was an amazing series of flatulence. (both men talking
at the same time) – Right he actually, no, no, no, they said it was cup–
– Right, right. – Move his cup on the table.
– Sure, sure. I use that excuse too.
– Yeah, yeah. So all right, if they
go down that road and then okay now Bernie, let’s just say it’s Bernie ’cause that’s the
easier answer here. Bernie ends up gettin’ crushed and then we have
round two of Trump. Do you think there’s a chance
they actually recalibrate and look in the
mirror and do it? I mean Trump’s president now.
– Right. – At every moment, and this
is where my frustration lies, where there’ve
been every moment, when those road blocks have come of like guys let’s
take the look, they always just
plow right through and I sense that’s exactly
what they’re gonna do. I sense that’s what they’re
gonna do in the UK now. Like it just, it doesn’t stop. It doesn’t stop. – The question is,
are we at the point where leftism is so broken
that we double down, so we have our Mondale moment and we’re just gonna
go with Dukakis? Or are we at the Bill
Clinton ’92 moment where the powers that be in
the Democratic party say, okay, we dipped our toes
in the crazy waters, let’s do something
different now? And I think that we are
more at our ’84 moment and I think that we are
gonna double down on stupid because I think that
the fever is too strong. Look Tom Perez at DNC
said that Ocasio-Cortez is the future of the party. Barack Obama endorsed
her during her election. He’s now endorsed
Medicare for All. I mean this is man who at the
same time also talks about we need to not go
too far to the left. Well then why the holy hell
are you endorsing socialists? – He plays it both sides. Every other week he comes out
with something that sounds you know oh we
shouldn’t judge people by the color of their
skin, and then (laughs) Britain should rule the world. And it’s like come
on man, pick a side. – So we are in the
middle of silly season and it’s not just… Why is this important? Right so this conversation
about where is the left today, why should we really care? The people who
are watching this, who are Republicans
or Libertarians, and they’re like yeah,
screw you asshole. – Well they keep beating on me. They keep saying Dave stop
givin’ them the hints. – Right, right. But here’s what I
would say to them and this is what I
would say to any of us who are tired of the
left’s silliness, but well we’ll just
all vote for Trump. We are not China with one party. We are not North Korea
with one dear leader. A republic, a true democracy
requires vibrant parties to combat each other, to fight
with each other rhetorically to provide different
solutions to problems. So you need a vibrant
political class to have these conversations. Because at the end of the day, this is so important ’cause
who else is going to lead humanity for the
next number of years, for the next century. It’s not going to be China. And it’s not gonna be Russia and God forbid if either
of those two nations are leading humanity. – And so is that the irony here that when people want us
to pull out of everything and I get that my Libertarian
side really feels that, and why are we giving
all these countries money and if you told me right now we were gonna cut foreign
aid 25% across the board, I’d probably be for it. I don’t know all of
the ramifications of all of those things, and I’m sure that–
– We could talk about foreign aid too.
– Yeah, yeah. All right, so let’s
talk about it then, but like, so like that
part of me really exists. But then it’s like, it’s
not just that we pull back and then things would
just keep operating. It’s like well
somebody’s gonna step in. – Correct. – And who do we wanna step in? So as imperfect as we are, I
kind would rather it be us. It’s just our sort
Faustian bargain with the universe or something. – Well so, look from a
foreign policy perspective, you know people talk
about what’s our strategy, what’s our strategy? Well we wanna create
more democracies and then we want to try
to stop or slow down or bog down the parties who
would stop us, humanity, from reaching that point
of greater liberty. Right, because that is
ultimately the goal. And we are the torchbearers
of that legacy. It is our responsibility.
– When you say that, you hit on this earlier,
but when you say that, the idea that we’re
giving them more liberty and we want more democracy, ’cause democracies
don’t get into wars with each other.
– Right. – It’s not purely, like
when people say that, you wanna spread democracy, there’s somehow it
means this sort of financial thing or
capitalist thing, but it actually is, I mean I don’t know if you
read “Virtue in Nationalism” by Yoram Hazony, it’s like,
strong nations actually, strong democratic nations, that’s what actually
brings peace. – Correct, absolutely. And this has been, again,
foreign policy 101. This has been a
profound goal of most United States Presidents
and their administrations. So yes we have to be involved and engaged in different
parts of the world where it suits our interests, particularly whether it
be economic and so forth. And again this is the Trump’s
like what are we gettin’? Give us your oil stuff, right? He’s using crass language
but the request is fair. But in places where
China or Russia that don’t represent the
future of humanity in the way that I think you and I
would want all of us to be, like they’re underwriting
corrupt regimes all over the world. Certainly China, definitely
in places like Africa. What can we do to slow down
their reach and their power, because that is important, without committing a
ton of our resources, our people, and our
treasure to that, right? And then it becomes sort
of a strategic engagement or withdrawal from different
parts of the world, because often times is aid
really the end of the day, we’re paying people off
to keep the Russians out, the Chinese out, to try
to keep it a low boil, but not encouraging corruption. So that can be a very
difficult thing to balance. But I will tell you–
– Right you’re probably gonna get a lotta corruption just as a result of it.
– You’re going to get… Correct, so you have to
constantly keep a pulse on that. So it’s not easy to do this. But I will tell you, I’ve
seen these aid projects in places like say in Zambia, where we’re giving
them all this money. For instance for
some of the tribes we’re giving them lots of
money to build fish ponds and yet you’ve got the world, these other NGOs coming
in and delivering food and so all the fish die
and the ponds go dry. But it’s like well of course, because you’re just
giving people food. They’re not gonna schlep
out in this terrible heat and like work, of
course they’re not. So sometimes we do things
that are silly with our aid. But the broader point,
the most important thing that we have to remember from
a foreign policy perspective is we’re trying to
create more democracies. That’s gonna be a
long loop process. It is not gonna happen
by the barrel of a gun and it’s not gonna
happen tomorrow. So let’s have some patience. And then where we are
engaged in the world, especially when it
comes to our military, damn right there
better be something that the American people
are getting in return, because it can’t be
this constant outlay. And that’s what I
think you’re seeing, guys like Tucker
Carlson and others be very reluctant about
continued engagement in the Middle East. So change your energy
policy, make them irrelevant and now you can march forward. – You know it’s interesting
that you bring up Tucker there because I see this
sort of split now where Trump did
the strike in Iran and now suddenly Tucker
said well this is gonna lead us to World War III. Trump’s kinda just
like everybody else. – Yeah. – And I like Tucker
very much, obviously. But I thought well everyone’s
sorta jumpin’ all over that, ah see this horrible
split that’s occurred, and oh my God.
– Right. – To me it’s like this is great. – Right. – What a great debate
is happening on the
right, right now. – Right. – You know can you do a strike? Does that lead to World War III? Like what a beautiful thing. It’s like where would that
happen on the left these days without someone being just
completely slaughtered in the crossfire. – Well let’s talk about what
the Democratic party has done the last three to six
months about these, so in terms of
foreign engagement. So Trump wants to
withdraw Syria, and you know he’s
an idiot, right? – Remember that conversation.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – And now he’s sending
people into Iraq and well now he’s an idiot. Well what is it? What do you guys want? What is your
strategy on the left? I mean I would
love to hear that. I mean we know what
Joe Biden likes to do in terms of some of his
foreign policy stuff. He’s been wrong more
times than he’s been right and sends his kid and
blesses his engagement with the corrupt Ukraine
oligarch and take a truckload of money.
– Oh let’s, let’s… Can we just finish
with that actually? That’s the right way to finish. I meant to get to it before
when we did the Russia stuff. So the Ukraine stuff and
impeachment and everything else. Is the basic takeaway here, beyond the obvious
stuff that everyone sees on the headlines,
like how insane it was that Hunter Biden’s getting, what was it 50 grand a month? 60, 80 grand a month?
– Sure whatever the amount is it’s absurd and unacceptable.
– Something insane to work for an energy company
he had no expertise in, blah, blah, blah. His dad happened to be
vice-president, okay. That what it seems
that this all hinges on the idea that if
Trump felt legitimately that there was corruption,
which there clearly was. Like nobody’s really
debating whether something seriously
corrupt was going on. – Jake Tapper’s admitted
this on his program. Love it. – Jake is like 50, 50. It’s like one day I’m like
Jake you get it, the next day he just doesn’t get it.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s crazy.
– It’s CNN. – Bless his heart.
– It’s a mind virus. But it seems that it all hinges on the idea that if
Trump genuinely believed that there was corruption, and I think every
sane person believes that there was corruption–
– Correct. – Then he had the, is authorization the right–
– The obligation. – Or the obligation–
– Absolutely. – To actually do
something about it. Is that, is that, did I
get this thing kinda right? – Yes, right, and if
you look at polling, even I think it’s some 40
odd percent of Democrats actually think that what
the Bidens did was wrong and deserves a
degree of scrutiny. So you’ve got a good
chunk of the party, darn near half that think that and of course independents
and Republicans are fully on board with that. So that’s the
fundamental problem with this impeachment push. If there was nothing there, if the Bidens did
absolutely nothing wrong, then of course Trump
would have been absolutely, horrifically wrong to ask them to get
involved in our politics, or try to knee cap Biden
or any other person. But that’s not the case. We know unquestionably,
just based on what we know from press reports and from, we now have testimony by
Obama administration diplomat that as early as 2015, they
were raising the flag in Kiev, saying hey look what
the Biden kid’s doin’ is undercutting our ability
to fight corruption in Ukraine and they were told to
basically shut the hell up. – Well what about
that incredible video of Biden just admitting
the whole thing. – Well… (exhales loudly) – Why doesn’t that–
– It’s all a scam. It’s all a joke, it’s all a scam and this is when I wanna like, I wanna channel–
– They’re like it’s so ridiculous, let’s
just put it out there. – Yeah, this is when like I
wanna channel my inner Trump. And then be like it’s a
witch hunt, it’s all a scam. You know, because
it is, it’s silly. The Bidens did things that
were inappropriate and wrong. And they should have
been investigated whether it be by the Ukrainians, whether it be by our
Department of Justice, or both, it’s absolutely, enough
is there for us to say that was wrong and it
should be investigated. And the fact that the
president’s being called on the carpet for this and
impeached over his demand to look into it,
I think is absurd. Put in committee, investigate
at the end of the day, but to actually
launch an impeachment and put this country through
something that is just silly, it’s absolutely
horrifically wrong of the Democratic party and
shame on Pelosi and Schumer and the legacy of the
past five, 10 years for what has happened under
the progressive leadership. I think you are going
to look back and say, what a sorrowful time
for this country. – Well congratulations,
’cause as a Democrat that thinks Trump
has to be re-elected to get this thing to reset, I’m pretty sure if you
ever wanted to fire up the Trump base you just did it
with a partisan impeachment. But what do you make
of now the fact that they’re not even sending
this to the Senate? So they do a completely
partisan impeachment, right, completely partisan.
– Trump, Trump is a Nazi guy, right, I mean he’s Hitler.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – So we were all living in–
– Well we better hold on this. – No right but–
– Let’s hold on the paperwork. – We are living in Nazi Germany, the equivalent of
modern day, right? We’re putting kids in cages
and Trump is Hitler, right? But you know what, let’s
sit back for a while. Let’s sit back on
this impeachment stuff for just a little bit. Let’s think about this for, like go to hell,
that’s just absurd. And it defies logic,
it defies reason. If you’re gonna move forward,
you better have the facts, and then let the American
people make the call. – Have you heard
the crazy theory that she’s gonna sit
on it long enough, that Pelosi will sit
on it long enough so that, assuming
Trump gets reelected, but maybe something
happens in the Senate, more favorably to the Democrats
then you move on it then. I mean truly insanity.
– Well if that’s the strategy–
– And it’s like, maybe. – I mean if that’s
Pelosi’s long game, I’ll tell you what, I
think she’s gonna be disappointed come next November. Because in doing that,
she’d look flippin’ absurd that most reasonable voters say, these folks aren’t serious. They’re not being
adults right now. You can have differences
with the administration, with Trump in terms
of his temperament, in terms of some of his
policies, that’s fine, make the case, but
this kind of stuff, either if may, shit or
get off the pot, right? Move the impeachment forward
and move him out of office, let the Senate judge, and if they don’t, tough. You’ve done your House, move on. Now make the case to
the American people. – I think you’ve proven
why I consider you one of the few sane
people on Twitter here. So I’m gonna tell the good
people to follow you on Twitter. It’s Bryan B-R-Y-A-N
Dean D-E-A-N W-R-I-G-H-T. Thanks for coming in. We’re gonna have
to do this again. – [Bryan] Can’t wait. – Once you move, once
you officially are like, left done, Democrat (mumbles). – Hangin’ by some nails brother. – @bryandeanwright on Twitter. If you’re lookin’
for more honest and thoughtful
conversations about politics instead of non-stop yelling,
check our politics playlist. And if you wanna
watch full interviews on a variety of topics watch
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