Everything you need to know before travelling to Morocco | Travel VLOG Episode 35

Hello everybody, good morning good evening Whatever time you have Welcome to my next video. This is actually like a conclusion of my whole trip to Morocco and If you haven’t seen it, you can even check it in the link up there Anyway in this video, I will share with you some of my tips and tricks about traveling in Morocco some points that I had noticed when I was there and Basically anything that you may find handy When you when you go there so in today’s video I will talk about how to travel in Morocco, how to use their public transportation, what language you should learn, what you should expect at your arrival and Also what currencies there are used and how to get by in the in the usual day in Morocco. So Stay tuned. So first thing – arriving in Morocco, so when you come to Morocco you will be obliged to fill out this form It’s called form of enbarkment, I think ,which basically Requires you to fill out your personal data from for your passport, the passport number, Delivery date and then stuff like that, your name and Also, the reason for your stay in Morocco and Your address in Morocco. Anyway, nobody actually told me that I have to fill these forms out and it’s it’s very likely that you may find it out actually at the immigration and they will send you back and you will have to pick this up and fill it out and Stay in the queue again. So it’s it’s Good to know it prior and then you can avoid this now the currency the official currency of Morocco is the Moroccan dirham. there are banknotes in the denomination from 20 dirham to several hundred, I think that the highest Bank note I have seen was 200, but I believe there are larger anyway, when you are in the medina or somewhere in the in the center of any city paying with something larger than 100 is not very recommended first since your haggling and they will see that you have this 200 bill or even larger then they will probably try to rip you off and Even if they don’t they don’t usually have enough money to pay you back. So Yeah, keep your change and it can be sometimes quite difficult to get so if you are at the exchange office Just ask for for smaller banknotes anyway, you can also pay by Euro they accept it fairly everywhere at least in the touristy places, but They actually have in 2019, they have the exchange rate 1 Euro for 10 Dirham, which is quite bad. So try to avoid Paying by euro now travelling in Morocco really surprised me. I mean you have some Western like transportation options like train, especially when you go between the main towns and cities like Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat and Fez you can go by train and you can actually Buy the ticket online they even have an app it’s called ONCF and you can search the connection there and you can you can buy the ticket and then you can Either print it out or you can actually show it on your mobile phone so that’s kind of convenient and They actually say that It doesn’t matter where you buy buy it in advance online or whether you buy it on the spot but I tried both and like the train ticket from Marrakech to Casablanca that I bought online could be bought from 49 Dirham while when I was buying it half an hour prior to the departure at the ticket stand it was 150 or 146 so the difference in the price is quite big and I can only recommend to use the app or their webpage It can be really helpful Now travelling within the cities you have several options There is quite extensive bus network in the cities Anyway, if you’re in Marrakesh Traveling by bus is quite easy. You can find the timetables on the major on the major bus stops you just pay 4 dirham to the driver and he gives you the ticket then you can Go by bus in Casablanca, it’s five Dirham and the bus network is Much less developed actually, which kind of surprised me the buses there are horrible I had the feeling that we are like the only Western people in the bus in Marrakech and also in Casablanca, so maybe the tourists don’t use it which brings me to the second point and that’s taxi The taxi drivers will try to rip you off. I mean that’s a fact and it’s not only Morocco It’s like basically everywhere in the world. I mean I had the same problem in Prague and I had same problem in Amman in Bangkok like basically everywhere. The taxi drivers are well known for trying to rip you off. So be prepared for that Anyway, if you want to avoid haggling with a taxi driver There is an interesting app and there is like no Uber or Bolt, or whatever in Morocco, but there is this Specific application It’s called Careem it’s this app so it works basically like Uber You just choose your pickup location and your drop-off location it will tell you the price in advance it will call for the driver and you can go you have two options There is the option called Go and then Go taxi The Go option will call just a private car and the Go taxi will actually order Taxi for you now The thing about this is we tried the first time and we ordered just a normal car and it picked us up In front of the Hassan II mosque in Casablanca And we got attacked by three other taxi drivers and our driver got beaten up. I think or something. I’m not sure we ran away So if you if you pick up The private driver be sure to make it Further from the main landmarks because these places are usually crowded by taxi drivers and they hate people That are using this app. So you may end up in a problem like we did But anyway, if you want to avoid this you can you can order the taxi the prices for the private driver and the taxi driver are basically the same they vary in the in the amount of I don’t know, 10 dirham, which is like nothing Overall, I was really surprised. I was expecting that Morocco will be one of the least Let’s say tourist friendly countries I’ve ever (been to) actually as a tourist, I didn’t find myself Lost somewhere without any Idea what to do The tourist industry in the main towns like Marrakech, Rabat, Casablanca or Fez Well developed And if you want to visit Morocco Beyond these main sights. There is always the option to Buy some organized tour We had one two-day tour to the Sahara Desert. It was very fun. Very interesting and We got to places where it would be probably really hard to get to get by public transportation Anyway, I really hope that you enjoyed my videos from Morocco and I hope that you found this video helpful, and if you are Interested in anything more or if you have any more questions leave them in the comments below I will try to I will try to answer them as well as I can and in the meantime If you enjoy my content Please give me a subscribe or recommend me to others if you think that they might like it, too give a like to this video if you feel if you found it helpful, and if you liked it and Yes you the next time I’m really looking forward on my next trip

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  2. quite interesting points. Some of them I haven't actually seen anywhere else.
    How about the paying for train tickets? I heard somewhere that you need a moroccan credit card.

  3. Some good tips here Lex. Probably the same goes for bringing small notes when buying stuff in Egypt also, I`m going next week.

  4. These are awesome travel tips Lex! Thank you for creating and I’m excited to see where you end up next…New York City 💯👍🏾✈️

  5. You can use tramways in Casablanca which are much cleaner and safer, casablanca is the chicago of Morocco lol nevertheless, there will be new buses coming soon for the people of casa.. Awesome video! 💕🙏

  6. Morocco is one place I want to go because of their food. Have seen a lot of videos on Moroccan food and simply because of that I want to go..

  7. 2:00 those forms are no longer required as of 16 sept 2019. https://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2019/09/282642/travelers-morocco-exit-forms/

  8. nice vlog
    thanks. love from morocco

    Morocco is safe just make your bag-back on front of you (on youtr shest) in the crowded souks and crowded streets.

    More.. better it you let your passport in your hotel room becaus may be you can forgot your bag in the magical cloroful souks

    the same things in paris or other cities all aruoud the world becaus of the pickpocketers

  9. *some inforamtions about Morocco for you : yes

    -Morocco is the oldest monarch with japan
    in the world. the kingdom of England is the third

    -Morocco is the first country recognize usa

    -Moroccan food is the second best and richest kitchen (cuisine) in the world after France,China has the third place,italy 4

    -Morocco has the second clean city in the world (2016) Ifran city become after Sanghapour city. it still always in the top 6

    -Morocco has the most instagramable city in the world Chefchawen city called the blue perle

    -Moroccan people are not arab 100% lool 80% of the people are Berber Amazigh, the rest are arabe, andalous, moorish, jewish, chrestians, and african

    -Morocco is the most nearly country to europe and england as well 14 klm to spain and like 12 klm to british rock Jebral tar city

    -Morocco is the only country has a front sea face to face to Usa 3000 klm and the most nearly african country to usa

    -Moroccan people is the second most welcoming people in the world According to the international Organization

    for Tourism. About scams story and puchy sellers it's every where in the world like turky and other countries.

    -Moroccan people in one of the most tolerant civilisation and people in the world, jewish people live mix with from 70 centuries they were like 20% of the Moroccan people befor 1940. espeçialy in the Andalus (spain and portugal now) they was part of the empire of Morocco.

    – you can see spain from Morocco in the other side just with your eyes yes it's not a joke lol

    -Morocco has a snow cities too 🙂 like switzerland, Azrou city and Ifran city it's not a joke too 🙂 with ski station forest monkeys and goats tagines 🙂

    -Morocco has more than 300 shining days per year. good things for british expaths beacaus in uk it's raining all the day every where and every time lool 😉

    -Summer start april in Agadir city july of august in Barçelona or Ibiza 🙂 a huge différence and a real great gift

    the proof :


    -Moroccan people speak spanish in the north in the south too and speak french and some english in the middle of the country

    -Morocco is completly so far from the danger of the middle east and all that story there becaus he's in the extrem nord west of africa

    -Morocco has the most controlled border in the world and the longest controlled wall in the world 2400 klm, check post each klm just flys can be free 😉

    -Empire of morocco was the most peaceful and beautiful civilisation in the history to 1492. the Andalus civilisation and is still always tollerant

    -all that famous monuments and ruins in spain like Elhambra palace, mosque-cathedral la ghiralda or mosque-cathedral of Cordoba

    are built by moroccan emperor (Muslim khalifa). for expl only Elhambra palace bring 2 millions visitors per year,it takes 150 years to built

    So all that historical monuments and ruins especialy in south of spain who bring the half of thoses 60 million tourists per year are arabo-Moroccan 🙂

    -Morocco has one of the most richest and divercify culture in the world like three civilisation mixed in one 🙂 the same for the nature

    it's like four continants in one and you can see 4 seasons in 24h by your car tour. but the country is not yet economicly devlopped and rich like turky

    -the secret service of Morocco is the third best secret service in the world. they work with the same technique of CIA

    -food and taxi is very cheap in Morocco, for expl you take 3 hrs train for 13$ from casa to marrakech but in usa or canada

    you pay 130$ for the same distance, you can take a taxi for 2 dollars but in usa or canada 25$ and you can eat best food for 5$ but in usa or canada 50$

    -just 20% of artisanal products are buyung by toursit and 80% by the local people sadly thoses nice product needs some push unfortunaly this
    famous fake scam's story and clichy about Marrakech make life hard to artisanal product furtunaly we export some also

    -Spain and Portugal land was part of empire of Morocco for 500 years befor is finaly left in 1492. those 2 name of countries was not yet created after that date

    after that all that knowledge became european by translation and give the rise of europe especialy two new super power nation Spain and Portugal

    and normaly this knowledge jump the frontiers to france and england yeah the same story again. peace and love i love Spain and Portugal too 🙂

    -king of Morocco Moulay Ismaeil has the world Gueness record with 400 son and 400 daughter 🙂

    and he's demande to married the daughter of the king (le roi soleil) Louis 14 (the greatest king of the france history) at change if he want to give him help in war lool

    -Morocco has the longest mountain in norh Africa called Toubkal and the second in the continant

    -Morocco has the record of the older man in the history. he was discovered lately in a town in Morocco. not ethiopia any more

  10. Why didn't you go to the cities of Agadir, Tetouan, Ifrane, Tangier, Chefchaouen and Fez? There are so many things in Morocco that you haven't visited.

  11. you don't need to fill out the embarkation card any more as of October 2019 🙂 but really informative otherwise 🙂

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