Equipment Considerations for Telehealth while Travelling

Hi health professionals, how are you going?
Karen Finnin here. So I am coming to you today from Shanghai, China and I thought
it was a great opportunity to share with you some tips around equipment to take
and use when you take your telehealth consultations on the road. Now for most
of us the majority of time is spent say in a home office or in a clinic doing
these consultations where you have a lot of control over the environment and you
can have big equipment that takes a while to set up and get right. Now when
you’re on the road a) it needs to be portable but b) it still needs needs to
convey a really professional experience for both you and the patient. So let’s
get stuck right oin with my tips for taking your consultations on the road So number one tip is I prefer to use a
laptop when I’m doing my consultations but the built-in cameras of laptops is
generally a pretty low quality so I always now travel with my plug in
webcam. So this is the logitech 1080p. Not only does it allow me to have a better
quality by the resolution of image, but its ability to operate a really good
picture in low light conditions is really phenomenal, so that’s a really
really important thing when you don’t have a lot of control over the lighting
in the situations that you’re doing your calls in. Now number two as I said I like
to work from my laptop but just remember guys that laptops are low and it’s so
crucial for the experience for both of you that you’re at eye level with your
patient so you do need a raiser I recommend for your laptop. Now I know
what you’re thinking ‘Oh I’ll just find some boxes or whatever and build the
laptop up’. Can I tell you it’s harder than you think and in a hotel room you
often don’t have things or there might be one tissue box and it’s not enough I
travel with the Tiny Tower but any laptop raiser. Just make sure it has the ability to adjust the height, okay, so any
coffee table, table, bed that I’m set up on. This has come in so handy I actually
use it more for video calls on eye level than I am for my actual ergonomics and
typing at the moment. Now the next thing that I’ll recommend is a tripod, a mini
tripod, a mini bendy tripod, which I can’t show you because I’m using it to film
this video. Now as I said I do use my laptop but I always have a back-up plan.
So I always have my phone set up on a tripod with a local sim, that way if the
Wi-Fi that I’m connected to on my laptop fails for whatever reason I do
have that backup immediately ready to go and I literally used this the other day.
The laptop wouldn’t connect but the phone was up and running and because I
had it ready and set up on the laptop it was, on the tripod I should say, it was a
nice stable high level phone call. Now the final thing my best recommendation
for lighting is if you can to set up in front of a window that’s what I’ve done
with this video call today and you can see I’ve got good light coming on to my
face, however it’s not always that easy so sometimes some
portable lights are a good thing to do then you can just set up to give you a
little bit of extra lighting. They’re my red hot tips to get you traveling on the
road with your telehealth consultations Please always focus on making it a
really great quality experience for the patient and please enjoy your travel as
well. Thanks guys, I look forward to chatting to you next time. Bye

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