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Just like in previous years in 2018 I made a resolution which since 2016 is still the same, so that I can graduate from college in the coming year. I’ve made a lot of mistakes One of them is not graduate on time. I made a mistake once, but I’ve been stuck in it for years. What I will say next.. ..is a lie I lied to myself. “I will make videos……” I added a new resolution for 2019, that I would make a video, one every week. My thesis hasn’t finished yet, but I’ve added a new commitment. Yes, it’s because I actually procrastinate.. I ran away from my responsibility. I ran away because I was suffering from depression I am tired. Yes, I fell once in the water, because of my mistake.. But why does it feel like I keep sinking and can’t get back to the surface. The question “When will you graduate?” at that time there was only an additional stone, tied to my feet to keep me from sinking. I need support, I need help not lectured, I know I’m wrong, but I don’t need to be reminded of my mistakes! I remember at Christmas 2018 when I was in church, I prayed and cried bemoaning what I experienced. I remember with tears in my eyes I prayed, “God I can’t afford it anymore, ..I can’t swim to the surface with my ability, Lord, I beg for your help. Lift me up! ” I thought immediately my prayer would be answered, and God would immediately reveal Himself to me. No, no, no.. That’s not How He Works. Fast Forward to today, after graduating and having the opportunity to go to the eastern regions of Indonesia, I realized what I was experiencing formed my current self. Nothing was in vain, even the scars that I experienced were also my thanksgiving today. I made a wrong decision when choosing Electrical Engineering as my major. but the logic and way of thinking that I learned in college I can apply to this day. Now I find myself, photography and storytelling are my passion. For those who feel the same, don’t give up. You are right where God wants you to be. What for? I don’t know But one day you will look back to the present time, and you will finally understand. Don’t give up, pray that God will enable you to take one more step today. This channel will be a place for me to share my knowledge and experiences. Also, this channel will become one of the media for me to learn and grow with you guys. I want to thank you, people who support me when I fall, who look for me when I hide myself, you who pray for me when I’m desperate. I remember your names. I am also grateful for the first 100 people who subscribed to this channel. what you have done means a lot to me. Thank you for your support. I will continue to share something through this channel, hopefully you can learn something here. Let’s grow together, to be a better person than yesterday. God Loves You! Pass it On! Thanks to all my friends at the JOY Fellowship, who always supports Thanks to all of you who have subscribed to this channel

27 thoughts on “East Nusa Tenggara – A Journey Of Self-Discovery | Belajar Dari Kesalahanku

  1. I think this video should be watched by everyone in the world! You did great 'til this time and I'm so proud of u. Don't ever stop to spread the love and the good news! God loves you.

  2. Wi, beberapa menit awal video ini aku langsung mikirin "asem jahat banget dulu sempat nanya Awi soal kapan lulus" dan ternyata kamu mention soal itu di next few minutes, berasa jahat banget aku wi.. Maafkan kalimatku waktu itu, ga jadi good friend who support you. Videomu keren banget, apalagi ada view di Indonesia Timur, di Alor my mother land, thank you for that. Good luck for your plan, I will see you rock this platform.

  3. Nih video keren banget bang,mulai dari pengambilan gambar hingga editing nya,owh iy btw masih ingat gak bang aku temen dekat nya bang david waktu kecil dulu sering main sm abang :v

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