Early College High School Seniors: Their Academic Journey

(pleasant music) – I wanted to come to
Early College High School because it seems like a good experience. It’s a challenge. I’m really proud of
myself, like I’ve come off. Okay. (laughs) I’ve come a long way
as a person and as a student. The school was such a
challenge, like, it’s been hard. But it’s gonna be all worthwhile. The classes haven’t been easy at all, but I know that I’m gonna be proud of ’em, walking down that stage. And like, not just for me,
for the teachers as well, my parents, my family. It’s all gonna be so meaningful and it’s all gonna be worth it. (sniffs) – I wanted to come to
Early College High School because of the associate’s degree. I think I was really shy
and really closed in, but once I came to this
school, I feel like I really grew comfortable with
the people that were here, and I really came to believe
that we were a family. I feel if I hadn’t gone to
Early College High School, if I’d gone to just my home campus, I wouldn’t have been as
driven to pursue an education, especially in medicine, which
is really a lot of work, and really difficult to do. – I wanted to come to Early
College High School due to the fact that, it just
seemed like a fun atmosphere. It was a new school, and I didn’t want to
get lost in the crowd. I remember that exact day,
it was actually right there. We were having our club. It’s crazy to think that I’m gonna be graduating in a couple months. Outta high school, on to the big world. A little nervous about what to expect once I’m outta high school and how I’m used to this homey atmosphere here. So I don’t know what to
expect, I’m kinda scared, but I think high school and ECC has prepared me very
well for what to expect. – Come join us at RRISD, Early College– I feel like I made a good
decision coming here, because of course I left
my friends, but I made a tons more friends
that actually know what they wanna do and who they
wanna be and they have the same ambition as I do. I want to start a legacy in my family, because I’ll be the first one to not only graduate high school, but also get a college degree. And so I want the future
generations of my family to look at me and see
they actually can do it and can have the same drive as I do. (pleasant music)

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