Duluth: The Journey

We waved at vehicles to where these people
did not know whether or not to respond, and we are proceeding back in the blistering cold of
the Duluth winter to Grandmammy’s house! In a recent survey of hundreds of Duluth residents,
4 out of 3 of them found we where nuts! (Horn Blares) Hi! There are 4 suspects right now! Quickly! We must proceed, we must proceed! This is incredible! (Background: Dear God, Watson) Watson’s not
here! Let’s stop here. Now watch. The herd has come to a rest. They’re looking for food, water, and shelter. No one knows how long it has been since the
Alpha Male was seen. Probably weeks. The herd remains lost, confused, and stranded
in the middle of nowhere in the blistering cold, huddling for warmth. View now. (Background: Bob, Bob, Bob.) They’re about of organized as a bunch of four-year-olds
fighting over a crayon. Now… Oh, Look at this, their mating call has started. (Unrecognizable, inhuman sound is audible.) We are going to cross the bridge to Narnia! Narnia is over there… (Intense music) Hello! It says school. Yes, that is ours. My hat broke! I’m back. The herd has located the Alpha Male. They all proceed towards it at a disappointingly
slow pace. You would think they would be a little bit more excited. They’re going to proceed to feed from the
Alpha Male, as he has collected enough fuel for them. He shall guide them back to the Sanctuary,
where they shall rest. Uncomfortably on the floor. Thanks for joining me! The Alpha Male is dead! Alright, I’m sad. (Sad music) Due to a very long series of events, we don’t
have a bus driver! So, we are currently in the parking lot of
the Comfort Suites and trying to figure out what happened to our bus driver. “How do you
lose a fully functioning adult?” You just do, OK! We did keep all the half-functioning teenagers. I think!? Is anyone missing? I have discovered something fabulous! In a recent survey of hundreds Duluth… Of Duluth relatives… Can I start over? Hats off to you guys. Oh! Isaac is recording! That’s funny.

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