Debt Ceiling Charade a Move to the Right

PAUL JAY: Welcome to The Real News Network.
I’m Paul Jay in Washington. And in Washington the drama over whether the United States Congress
will raise the debt ceiling or not continues. The Republicans defend the need to cut spending
and get government under control and the Democrats standing, defending the people’s social programs–at
least that’s the theater that’s being played out. What is the reality? Well, for his take
on all this, we’re now joined by Michael Hudson. Michael is a distinguished professor at the–distinguished
research professor, I should say, at the University of Kansas City. He’s the author of Super Imperialism:
The Economic Strategy of American Empire. And he joins us again from New York City.
Thanks for joining us, Michael. MICHAEL HUDSON: Thank you, Paul. JAY: So, what do you think? Good versus evil.
We’re playing out the debt struggle and the debt ceiling issue. And if we don’t raise
the debt ceiling, we’ll be in the apocalypse. What do you make of it all? HUDSON: I think it’s evil working with evil.
I think the whole argument in Congress is a charade that was pretty much set up two
years ago, when the Obama administration first took office and Mr. Obama appointed the reduction
commission of Republican Senator Simpson and Clinton manager Bowles. When Mr. Obama went
on television two days ago, he said he’s hoping to reach a compromise, which is pretty much
what this commission said. And the people he appointed to the commission to head it
were the people who said, number one, cut back Social Security. If you have to choose
between paying Social Security and Wall Street, pay our clients, Wall Street. And secondly,
cut back Medicare. But most especially, cut back Medicaid to the poor. You have to give
money to the job creators, mainly the financial managers who are closing down firms, downsizing,
and outsizing–outsourcing on labor. They’re called job creators instead of–to the people
who actually get work and spend money on goods and services, which is what’s keeping the
market going in business. JAY: Now, somebody who defends the Obama administration
would probably say, number one, Obama was dealing with the political reality in America
that public opinion and the press and the media were heavily on the side that government
needs to be cut. And they would also probably make the argument that there are inefficiencies
that could be cut. I mean, Obama did at least early on in his administration say–talk about
the need for stimulus. So that certainly his waned. Do you think there’s any merit to some
of that defense? HUDSON: I think that words–Mr. Obama’s great
with words. He says one thing, and he does the opposite. Here’s basically the charade
that’s happening when he’s trying to be reasonable. In order for him to move way to the right
and to continue the Bush administration policies, he needs the Republicans to move even further
to the right. They have to be so extreme that they’re perceived as the crazies. And then
Mr. Obama can say, look, they will give Mr. Obama room to move way to the right, because
he’ll say, I’m not as crazy as Michelle Bachman. I’m not as crazy as Boehner. I’m not as crazy
as the Republican leaders. But they were going to close down the government, and that would
have really hurt us. And we have to–we do have to cut what’s inefficient. What’s inefficient?
Paying for people on Medicaid. Got to cut it. What’s inefficient? Medicare. Got to cut
it. What’s inefficient? Paying Social Security. What is efficient? Giving $13 trillion to
Wall Street for a bailout. Now, how on earth can the administration say, in the last three
years we have given $13 trillion to Wall Street, but then, in between 2040 and 2075, we may
lose $1 trillion, no money for the people? That is absolutely crazy. So when we talk
about public opinion, we’re talking not about public opinion that watches your Real News
Network; we’re talking about the public opinion of Fox TV and sort of the echo chamber that
says–that presents the financial sector as job creators rather than job destroyers. JAY: Well, what would you think are the real
repercussions if, let’s say, they don’t raise the debt ceiling now in August? Let’s say
Obama calls the Republicans’ bluff. It seems to me it is quite a bit of a bluff, seeing
as the US Chamber of Commerce has told the Republicans they have to vote in favor of
raising the debt ceiling. It’s kind of hard to believe that in the long run the Republicans
are going to defy the business and banking community. But let’s say they play this out
and Obama says, okay, we’re not going to savage government spending the way you want us to,
and if you want to not–if you want to force us into this quote-unquote “abyss”, we’ll
go there because it’s on you. So what is the abyss? I mean, is this really such a serious
issue? HUDSON: It’s not about the abyss at all. It’s
not about the debt ceiling. It’s about making an agreement now under an emergency conditions.
You remember what Obama’s staff aide Rahm Emanuel said. He said a crisis is too important
to waste. They’re using this crisis as a chance to ram through a financial policy, an anti-Medicare,
anti-Medicaid, anti—selling out Social Security that they could never do under the normal
course of things. They’re using this to stampede the Democrats. JAY: Yeah, I understand the point. What I’m
saying is is, you know, whether Obama would want an alternative policy or not. What if
he says to Republicans, okay, do your worst, we’re not going to go down this road? What
would be the repercussions of him saying–. I mean, I think the Republicans, personally,
would more or less cave in, because they’re not going to defy the whole business community.
But let’s say–. So, what happens? So they don’t raise the debt ceiling. So, what happens
next? HUDSON: Then, obviously, they have to cut
back some kind of government spending. What are they going to cut back? They’re not going
to cut back the war in Libya. They’re not, because that’s–. JAY: They have to cut back because they can’t
borrow more. That’s the point you’re making. HUDSON: Right. They’re going to have to decide
what to cut back. So they’re going to cut back the bone and they’re going to keep the
fat, basically. They’re going to say–they’re going to try to panic the population into
acquiescing in a Democratic Party sellout by cutting back payments to the people–Social
Security, Medicare–while making sure that they pay the Pentagon, they pay the foreign
aid, they pay Wall Street. JAY: Yeah. But what–I hear you. But what
I’m–I’m saying, what could be an alternative policy? For example, don’t raise the debt
ceiling. Number two, raise taxes on the wealthy. Number three, cut back military spending.
I mean, there are ways to do this without having to borrow more money, aren’t there? HUDSON: Of course. There’s no need at all.
Of course they’d–. First of all, the Federal Reserve can basically print money. And whether
they count this as the debt or not, they can say this is off-balance-sheet activity. They
can technically sell Treasury bonds to themselves and say this is–. They can do Enron-type
accounting if they wanted to. JAY: [crosstalk] probably is some of that
going on anyway. But go on. HUDSON: Of course they could cut back the
fat. Of course what they should do is change the tax system. Of course they should get
rid of the Bush tax cuts. And the one good thing in President Obama’s speech two days
ago was he used the term spending on tax cuts. So that’s not the same thing as raising taxes.
He said just cut spending by cutting spending on tax cuts for the financial sector, for
the speculators who count all of their income that they get, billions of income, as capital
gains, taxed at 15 percent instead of normal income at 35 percent. Let’s get rid of the
tax loopholes that favor Wall Street. JAY: I mean, this is, I guess, the point you
were making at the beginning of this segment. Obama has bought into the only solution is
some form of cutting. The alternative strategy’s not even being talked about. So of course
he loses the battle of public opinion, because he’s not fighting it. HUDSON: That’s correct. And that shows where
his actual beliefs are. Lawyers very rarely understand economics anyway. But Mr. Obama
has always known who has been contributing primarily to his political campaigns. We know
where his loyalties lie now. And, basically, he promised change because that’s what people
would vote for, and he delivered the change constituency to the campaign contributors. JAY: Thanks for joining us, Michael. HUDSON: Thanks a lot, Paul. JAY: Thank you for joining us on The Real
News Network.

100 thoughts on “Debt Ceiling Charade a Move to the Right

  1. @Uhmu45 How come no one wants the 47% of people who pay no income tax at all to start paying "their fair share"? Dems are always talking about how people "need to pay their fair share," yet 47% of the country not only doesn't pay income taxes but half of them even get paid extra.

    If everyone paid even 1% income tax, I think people would suddenly become a lot more interested in how much money government wastes on stupid crap.

  2. @WesSeid well there was 2 right? one during bush last term that the GOP voted for, and the other during obama;s term. it doesnt matter "who fought back harder" or whatever. thats all bullshit. pelosi and boehner get the votes first then let ppl who are in tough elections or swing states or countys, etc.. back out and vote no as long as they ahve what they need 2 pass it

  3. @megarational Everyone knows 47% of people don't pay any income tax. It's not "a talking point." Everyone should have some skin in the game, no matter how minor. Government would be held to a higher standard if this was done.

    I don't care if Republicans don't want to raise taxes on anybody or not. Everyone should be paying at least a little in income taxes.

  4. @megarational "All taxpayers, regardless of political affiliation, want gov't "accountable"."

    lol, no they don't.

  5. I heartily welcome both of our crappy parties to screw this whole thing up! I hope in a few weeks we quit paying our seniors & soldiers.That will give these people a chance to see how much our govt truly sucks.A-Hole GOP starting war in Iraq & Obama bombing Libya.Meet the new bush, same as the old bush.Not sure of the signed military contract but can you walk off your job if they don't pay you? I hope our soldiers don't get paid, stand up, tell their commanding officer to shove it, & go home..

  6. @dharmaatdawn So a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for "powerful interests" but a vote for Democrats isn't? What? Ron Paul, or someone like him, such as Gary Johnson, is the best chance the U.S. has of, well, continuing to exist. Even people who disagree with Ron Paul have to admit he isn't owned by "powerful interests" and is honest. Imagine, an honest President. Dare to dream.

  7. @megarational You call it "a talking point" when I say they should pay 1% income tax? Come on. I'm not trying to balance a budget with them. The point is people who get things for free don't appreciate or abuse those things compared to if they pay even a very small amount for them. Everyone should pay some kind of income tax so everyone knows taxes suck and government shouldn't waste their money. But, hey, let's just keep spending trillions on stupid crap since 47% aren't paying for it.

  8. @megarational Everyone should have some skin in the game so they know how much the game sucks. Even if it's only 1%.

    What do I care if the GOP is totally against raising taxes or not? Am I running on the GOP ticket or something? That must be one of your "talking points" you keep talking about.

  9. @dharmaatdawn The poor get a crap-ton of stuff free in the U.S. Hell, even illegal aliens get free stuff. I know people on SSI and similar who get free money every month, then they qualify for reduced phone bills, charities fix their roof for free and give them free refrigerators… add to that food stamps and whatever else… and how much did they pay for any of it? ZERO. Paid for by evil rich people who pay most of the taxes. So I'd say the poor have at least some things in their favor.

  10. @megarational That doesn't make it a talking point. I'm starting to think you don't een know what a talking point is.

  11. @megarational Because the 53% of people who do pay income taxes don't struggle to pay for those things? You could argue "the rich" don't struggle, but the rest of that % does.

    If everyone paid 1% income tax, they'd have more desire to keep government in check and not waste their money as much as it does now.

    You're big on talking about "talking points." What happened to the liberal "everyone should pay their fair share"? 1% income tax isn't fair? Yah, right. You're a clown.

  12. Obama is a republican puppet he was mentored by the ultimate republican puppet joe lieberman, Obama needs to be primaried

  13. Obama is a conservative through and through. He's always willing to take heat from his liberal base. Obama does what he does best making republican ideas his own. He's bush 2.0.

  14. @megarational That must be why the "evil Bush tax cuts" cut EVERYONE'S income taxes who pays income taxes, AND it created an entirely new lower bracket. Democrats kept wanting to remove all the evil Bush tax cuts and go back to Clinton rates. If that happened, all those poor people you claim to be so worried about would have their income taxes go up 50%. 50%! But you don't really care about taxpayers (even poor ones), or about facts, do you.

  15. @megarational So why should they be exempt from federal income taxes? Shouldn't they "pay their fair share" like the liberal talking point always says? Oops, I forgot, liberals are the biggest hypocrites on the planet, so that answer would be no.

  16. @megarational Of Course lower income brackets will receive a smaller share of tax cuts when everyone gets tax cuts. Why? Because the evil rich pay most of the income taxes! lol. …class warfare much?

    The poor, (the ones who actually pay any income tax, anyway), got a cut of 50%. 50%! The left says let's go back to the Clinton tax rates. That would raise those people's taxes by 50% again. That's a lot. But it's obvious the left doesn't actually care about those people.

  17. @megarational Look how Gore said he wishes he could tax the gas engine into oblivion. And how Obama and his energy czar want "european gas price levels." They WANT $5+ gas. Is that supposed to help poor people? Nope. It just helps their agenda. Oh, and Clinton lowered "the rich tax" (capital gains) bigtime. …why does the left hate poor people so much?

  18. @megarational btw, here's what Obama's energy guy said about the light bulb ban: "We are taking away a choice that continues to let people waste their own money." Everyone hear that? The left comes clean on wanting to control your life. How come the left is all for freedom of choice when it comes to abortion but not for light bulbs?

  19. @megarational lol. You rant and raved over and over about "talking points," and here you are talking about Fox News like a good talking-point parrot. You're hilarious. I hardly ever watch Fox News, dummy!

  20. I know one thing – we're at $14 trillion dollars and cannot continue to put ourselves deeper in debt.

    I strongly suggest you believe NOTHING coming out of Washington DC – be it from Democrats or Republicans. Those in government are simply concerned with:

    1) getting re-elected
    2) increasing their power
    3) becoming wealthy at any cost

    Translating the above, our Government at all levels has become totally corrupt.

    Find an objective 3rd party source for the truth and the facts.

  21. It would be political suicide for Obama to fail to mail out SS checks because everyone knows that it not necessary. What is necessary is for Obama to start firing federal employees. Every federal employee hired in the last six years needs to get a pink slip today. That would prove to Republicans Obama is serious about cutting spending.

  22. @megarational
    "The rich" tax cuts are only worth 80 billion a year. Oh wait, you're probably using the lib talking point that "rich" is anyone who makes over 60k or whatever.

    The oil "subsidies" are the same ones every company gets. Stopping them would be singling out oil businesses. Having said that, if you think no business should get such things, that's cool with me.

    Clinton slashed the capital gains tax. The rich thank you, Bill!
    It was mostly Dems who voted to bail out big banks.

  23. @megarational And class warfare isn't letting 47% of people not pay ANY income taxes? That's "paying their fair share?" Yah, right. I ask for everyone to pay at least 1% income tax, and you go ranting and raving about it.

    Have you ever bothered to look up how much of the income taxes the evil rich pay? Hint: most of it. Who do you think pays for all those food stamps and everything else the government promises everyone for free? You must think the magic welfare fairy pays for them.

  24. @megarational And the Obama administration are corporate whores for wealthy Google and GE and Goldman Sachs. There's bs on both sides of the aisle. Too bad that will never change because some people think 47% of people paying Zero income taxes is considered "paying their fair share."

  25. @megarational Everyone complains about how jobs are being sent to China. The Dems had a chance to stop some of that by repealing the light bulb ban the other day. The vote was along party lines, with nearly all Dems voting against the repeal. So Dems want all those jobs to go to China, and want everyone to use bulbs that are considered hazardous material, and want people to not have free choice.

  26. I need help on this.I've been researching military enlistment contracts & can't find out their recourse if they're not paid.I'm sure there's something in there that forces them not to go AWOL but I'd encourage all of them to 'walk' if they don't get paid.It's ironic that our assholes in Congress are the ones that send our soldiers into harms way but are perfectly fine with not paying them? I think theres a law drafted which exempts Congress' children from serving should the draft be reinstated.

  27. @WesSeid Actually they all suck & I don't see any true conservatives out there.You had Bush invading countries-nation building.Now we have Barry bombing Libya.Nobody will seal our borders.Rep-Dems s*uck big time.We have Tea Party that tries to get close but nope, they're all fanatic Christians wanting big govt. out of our lives.Therefore they run on a platform against g*ay marriage/abortion? We are truly lost in 2012. I called Chris Christie fat the other day & someone called me a Lib LOL

  28. @WesSeid In the pre-Reagan era, 1950-1980, middle class income rose, adjusted for inflation, by 75%. In the Reagan era 1981-2008, it rose by 1%. The reason so many people no longer earn enough to be taxed is that globalization and Reaganonics are wage control. If the rich are sensitive about the percentage of income tax they pay, the answer is not to lower taxes on the rich, but to pay America's working families a living wage.

  29. @rleary1 Pretty much. Although while the Tea Party has been somewhat corrupted, I'd say it's still somewhere around a 50/50 split on the gay marriage/abortion stuff. …which is probably about what the split is throughout the country. If the Tea Party stuck to taxes and similar, they'd get a lot more done. But, the Tea Party doesn't have a leader, and isn't a real political party, so people can twist parts of it to fit their agenda.

  30. @BuckyFuller44 One thing about that early period is after WW2 the U.S. was the main country that wasn't in shambles, so it had a big leg up for a while. The U.S. doesn't have that kind of advantage anymore in a global market. Obviously all of this is a big discussion that's hard to fit in these little boxes.

    About "a living wage," though… how to go about that? Force employers to pay more? Raise the minimum wage to $20? How would that be accomplished?

  31. @WesSeid Thanks for responding. It's good to toss ideas around. The country wasn't in shambles until the very end of 1981-2008. One way is for corporations to let employees work 40 hour weeks. Another way is for corporations to stop attacking unions. Unions are an essential element of the middle class. Stop encouraging corporations to out-source off-shore. Corporate labor savings go to shareholders and shrink wages, which is why the US economy is so top heavy now. We're soon a nation of serfs.

  32. @WesSeid I hear Ya.I'm a guitarist in TX & played a Tea Party Gig altho' warned from my friends.I played it because it paid well.I kind of felt sorry for the 88 people that attended (there were over 1000 last yr)They waved flags & had Socialism signs but I wondered where they were during the 'Cheney' years? Nice people but they kept giving speeches about not being able to afford for their children at SAMS or WALMART.Isn't that CHINA? Our city has closed down so many mom/pop businesses it's sick.

  33. @WesSeid Another way is to encourage employee-owned businesses through low-interest loans and government contracts. There are a few of them where I live and they seem to be doing well. Profits go to owner-employees instead of to shareholders. Education is important of course. That's why the GOP is attacking education in general and Pell Grants in particular. They know that those with a high school education or less are easy pickings to be a low-wage slave for life.

  34. It's President Obama. Stop saying "Fox News". Say "foreign-owned Fox News" instead. A good enough case can be made under the Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution that it is unconstitutional to not pay the bills. Make the case and pay the bills by Executive Order if necessary. Republicans know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

  35. The Congress shall have power … To borrow money on the credit of the United States.’ Article I, Section 8

    But read on to the 14th Amendment and you find this:

    ‘The validity of the public debt of the United States … shall not be questioned.’ 14th Amendment, Section 4

    The President simply needs to sign an executive order invoking the 14th Amendment and keep borrowing money to pay our obligations, despite what Congress does.

  36. They shouldn't have given money to anyone. They just took money from the lower and middle class and gave it to the failures.

    You wouldn't need these social programs if they would stop taking their money in the first place.

  37. Mr. Obama needs to tell the truth and stop the fear mongering.

    The Bipartisan Policy Center reported:
    The BPC study projects there will be $172 billion in federal revenues in August and $307 billion in authorized expenditures. That means there's enough money to pay for, say, interest on the debt ($29 billion), Social Security ($49.2 billion), Medicare and Medicaid ($50 billion), active duty troop pay ($2.9 billion), veterans affairs programs ($2.9 billion), with about $39 billion left.

  38. One word for Obama's lying when he said there is "no guarantee" that social security checks will go out on August 2nd: pathetic. "Social Security has a trust fund," Forbes magazine points out, "and that trust fund is supposed to have $2.6 trillion in it, according to the… trustees." (A fact verified by President Obama's own budget director). "If there are real assets in the trust fund, then Social Security can mail the checks, regardless of what Congress does about the debt limit."

  39. I had an SS-age friend ask me, all worried, about the President saying SS checks might not go out. If it is indeed just a scare tactic, then Obama is a jackass.

  40. @BuckyFuller44 I don't know about that GOP attacking education part. The GOP attacks education spending because over the past decades education spending has increased dramatically with no results to show for it. All that money that's been spent, all the public unions that say "it's for the children," and look at the pitiful results. Heck, look at the huge cheating scandal in Atlanta. If someone can think of convincing arguments why California needs 600-million-dollar high schools, etc….

  41. @BuckyFuller44 Pell Grants arguably increase the overall cost of tuition for everyone. Why do some colleges charge as much as they do? Because they get away with it and get the government to help subsidize it. There is an education/tuition bubble in the U.S. Also, it was only a few months ago that Obama said he wants to cut 100 billion from Pell Grants, so his hands aren't clean either on attacking Pell Grants.

  42. @WesSeid When you ignore the results from traditionally conservative states, mostly southern, who have underfunded education for decades the results are pretty good. When Rick Perry wanted to cut $10 billion more from education in Texas, it was too much for even Barbara Bush, who wrote a scathing op-ed piece in the Houston Chronicle. Clearly education vouchers are a means to funnel public money to Bible schools and for-profit campaign contributors. Research the DeVos family.

  43. @WesSeid The total of the Defense Budget, the cost of war that’s distributed across other departments of government, the portion of interest paid that’s due to prior unfunded military spending and extra-budgetary spending for Iraq and Afghanistan accounts for 54% of our spending. The safety net accounts for 30%. It's not the safety net and education we should be cutting. (figures from “Analytical Perspectives” from the 2009 Budget of the United States.)

  44. @BuckyFuller44 Education vouchers provide choice.And with that choice would come accountability — of which there is none now. It costs more to fire a bad teacher than it does to hire them. It's ridiculous. All the increased education spending over the years, and the results are dismal. Add in some "grade inflation," and the results are probably even worse.

    That aside, yep, the defense spending, and defense waste, is out of control.

    Lots of "necessary" government programs, aren't.

  45. @WesSeid I have no confidence that there would be any accountability at all. InterAmerican Christian Academy in Florida offers a valid Florida high school diploma if you've got $399 and 8 days to spend in class. The Florida Department of Education has said they know about it, but under Rick's Scott's voucher system, they are powerless to do anything about it. Vouchers are a transparent scam.

  46. real news? pfft. of course the first thing they do is ask for your money,,,,

    this video is garbage and the professor is wrong. balance the budget with what they have,

    why does a man who just blew a trillion bucks down the craphole need a pass to spend more money? to fix the problems, 'of the last decade,' he had to spend 3 times the money? where did it go? what did it do? why are they constantly adjusting these numbers. think….


  47. This video is pretty good. I have been saying what this guy is saying for a while….Obama is in on this scheme to cut social programs…. Let get out of these wars. 700 billion a year for war? Really? Cut the wars and then the debt drops automatically every year.

  48. I suggest we hold Mr. Obama to a promise he broke (one of many) when he was running for President – have this debate broadcast on C-SPAN, so that the American people can see what is involved and can see what facts/truth are being presented and where those facts/truth are coming from.

    Let's stop with the easy verbal attacks being made by our all-knowing representatives in Washington, DC – claims that they don't have to back up.

    Everyone: Don't LISTEN to what politicians say !!!

  49. @TheTruthNow000 – Your comment about "right wing assholes, looney toons" is pathetic. Stop demonizing people who don't agree with you and prove your intelligence by engaging in an intellectually honest discussion straight up. Leave the name calling to grade school children. You are avoiding the fact that he broke a promise that "counts", which he made to the public regarding health care. If you like I can document that promise. Let's get the debate out into the open and put up or shut up.

  50. @TheTruthNow000 – let me know when you are ready to use your brain and have an adult conversation on the topic at hand. All talk and no evidence with a source to back that evidence. Nothing but mindless diatribe. You are one pathetic excuse for a human being. PLEASE – Don't waste my time.

  51. Thanks to Paul Ryan's plan to end Medicare as we know it while lowering taxes on the elites [ older voters routinely vote Republican] , the GOP is facing deep trouble in the coming election. But more troublesome is their roster of extremely week or extremist presidential candidates. The ris eof the corporate funded Tea Party [ previous Bush supporters] in 2010 will spell their doom in 2012.

  52. A very good take on the DEBT CEILING CHARADE!!! CHARADE IS THE BEST WORD TOO!!! YOU CAN BET YOUR SWEET ASS that there will be no cut backs on the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!!!!!

  53. Do NOT hate each other people. That's what the two parties want.

    They know they're FUCKED if we unite against both parties…..FUCKED!

    Revolution NOW!

  54. cont He told of some lady complaining all he talked about waaz moneyu saying she only made 60 k and he told her that was not enough. He bragged about himself reading letters of praise about himself. Needless to say I won't go back there. Then I saw an articl his daughter wrote on vacations talking of going to 4/5 of all the national parks, Italy, France, alaska and a host of other places. He eluded wealth missing entirely an opportunity to talk of the mainly old and poor and their plight.

  55. cont which makes him appear the bad guy just cause he is struggling in this economy. This will hurt everyone and still the haters do not bend an inch refusing all compromise and using this to get points with their base while causing the least of these fear and terror to do it, May their hatred and karma boomerang back to them. They truly are false Christians. I recently went to church and all the pastor (I am sure a conservative) talked about was money and giving

  56. cont difficulty. within a month of not getting my check I will be homeless. I am considering at times committing suicide while they do all this to gain some political leverage caring more about getting their way for their inhumane ideas than the 70 million and their families,. My son had to tell me he cannot help me much more than a month losing his savings and he is mad about this and what might happen to me which makes him appear the bad guy just cause he is struggling in this economy.

  57. cont true expense corporate welfare that they love and aid freely no matter how rich these companies are. better to hate and go after the needy family without enough to eat living in squalid areas. Now they have no problem stopping the checks to the oldest and sickest among us and throwing some 85 year old women out of a nursing home to the street and the blind guy trying to fend for himself homeless and unable to fend easily. I am very ill and cannot walk more than about 20 years with

  58. cont feeling superior, their real hate for the poor who Jesus loved and even said one would be condemned for not feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, caring for the sick and old etc saying when you do it to them you do it to him. us spoke on the poor more than any topic but salvation. Rather than go after men who cheat on their wives, leave them for another and never pay a bit of child support plunging the family into instant poverty but blame "welfare queens" saying nothing about the

  59. cont about how poor he is when he takes several vacations, has a nice house and 3 or 4 cars. They even badmouth my schizophrenic brother for not working and trying to survive on about $600. Another rep brother teaches his kids that my brother is useless when he has a heart of gold (this brother was in prison for terrible things my sick brother helps people and cares). How dare they judge him and others. Like my brother would chose to be sick and poor. I am completely amazed by their pride,

  60. the poor especially and any one not working for whatever reason.saying they are all lazy bums including those on disability which is the worst of the ill as only 10% of applicants are approved with extensive documentation of their disability. Of these brothers-in-laws, One is a gold digger who took cover my sister's business and money and the other complains

  61. @TheTruthNow000
    completely agree with you. And it isn't just the leaders but down to the tea party type masses.My brother in laws complete Rush Limbaugh lovers claim & profess their Christianity often while hating gays,

  62. error below(4 down) I posted I am very ill and cannot walk more than about 20 years without difficulty

    That should read I am very ill and cannot walk more than about 20 yards without difficulty (yards not years) sorry

  63. @TheTruthNow000,

    Listen very, very carefully sweet pea. Conservatives could care less about you're childish rantings.
    We don't hate you. We pitty you. Go back to your daytime tv shit for brains.

    Big Kiss

  64. @TheTruthNow000,

    You may want to ahead and recycle that rubber hanging out of your ass.

    You and Al can save the planet!

  65. In 2012 the Tea Party will disappear save the history books. They have no idea what it takes to govern. Now that Boehner has been humiliatingly neutered by the Tea Party with the poison pill laden bill the House passed today, the Senate will have no choice but to defeat it. Now the Senate will come up with a bill that will pass the Senate and a combination of reasonable House Republicans and Democrats will pass it in the House totally ignoring the Tea Party. The Tea Party is history.

  66. @A1B1C198 We don't need any revolution.Just don't elect the Republicans and Democrats in power anymore.
    That's all.Very simple.

  67. @TheTruthNow000,

    What kind of mental defective would continue to advocate failure as runs his country into bankruptcy?
    Answer : Have a look in the mirror shit for brains.

  68. obama was the next domimo after bush in the fall of the middle class and the wall street corporate elite running everything. these people don't care about us. these guys that fought in the war are pawns too and they will not get their ssdi…. look at what ron paul has to say….. this guy has done his homework. obama is a puppet and he knew he would be one when he got elected – he has manipulated the public just like he planed. fuck u obama!! he is no better then bush! it will get worse

  69. So, what the Tea Party and Republicans in general tried to push was this: Instead of simply raising taxes, even just on the rich, they tried to kill programs that save people´s lives, namely poor people that could´t afford their chemotherapy treatment for their leukemia otherwise. I know the healthcare system isn´t perfect, but it´s ridiculous to try and get rid of it so suddenly, and just say `Sorry, looks like you´re gonna either die or spend the rest of your life paying your bills off!´.

  70. @Exemplariful I guess the option you pay for yourself and your family, and I pay for mine is off the table for you? If you dont pay for yourself and family, and that seems fair to you, why should I pay for you? Because that makes you happy?

  71. @luvcheney1 That died out of society out of necessity. Besides, only a very small portion of your taxes goes to medicare and other programs like that. My point was not that somebody is not willing to provide for himself or his family, rather he is not ABLE. I find it disgusting that people can sit back and collect benefits, but what if, like I said, you were a cancer patient, lost your job, and had no way of supporting your family? Is it really such a big deal to pay such a small fraction?

  72. @Exemplariful Personal responsibility died out? Damn right! You, and those you support, are nothing more than a bunch of disgusting, irresponsible fucking leeches. Health Care is NOT "such a small fraction". It is a very large cost. If it were so small, nobody would give a shit. Moron.

  73. @luvcheney1 Personal responsibility did not die out. Selfishness and not giving a shit if people around you live or die did. Now, tell me, do you know what percentage of your paycheck is taxed? Can you tell me exactly what portion of that tax is used towards medicare?
    I do not leech unemployment or government benefits, I just believe that people who can´t afford commercial health care or have no job should be able to care for themselves and their family.

  74. @Exemplariful Do you? Do you file Quarterly 941 forms? Medicare tax is 1.45%. Employer matches that, making it 2.9%. When you go to McDonalds, your Happy Meal includes the employer taxes, "paid on behalf" of the worker, YOU PAY EMPLOYERS PART. That is for MediCare, which currently has an "unfunded liability" of $38.3 Trillion, according to the Trustees Report. ( National debt ONLY $14.5 Trill!) IF there were $38.3 Trill, in the bank, at interest, it would be solvent. It is NOT.

  75. @luvcheney1 I agree with you completely on the medicare´s unfunded liability, but believe that it´s not a sufficient reason to gut the program completely. It IS saving lives, and not all recipients of it are lazy assholes who don´t want to work.
    Since it´s obvious we are polar opposites as far as politics are concerned, we may as well state our arguments clearly, then go on our way. I think that if people are not ABLE (not won´t) to care for their family, they should get health care (cont)…..

  76. @luvcheney1 (cont) And do you have a problem with paying less than 3% to help people that make minimum wage? If you make $120,000 a year, that´s only about $4,000. Is that really that much?
    Also, funny fact: Red states are the biggest recipients of benefits like health care and unemployment, but Blue states pay the most back.
    If you ever lose your job and one of your kids get cancer, I hope you realize how much the party you support doesn´t give a shit.

  77. @Exemplariful 15.3% is total payroll tax, including SS, in normal yr. If you assume a poor, $30K annual income, with that rate invested in his behalf, over normal 40 yr working lifetime, at a 6% rate of return ( less than return over decades of S&P500 index), the amount in bank would be about $700,000. If it was a poor, working couple at $30K each, it is about $1.4 million. That is what is taken, in return for a $1600 mo check, for a few years, and insurance that more and more doctors refuse.

  78. @luvcheney1 Medicare is a failing program that does need to be fixed. Fixing it does not mean gutting it and denying service to anyone under 55, like Ron Paul wants. The idea is sound, the program needs fixing. Because if you're poor, there really IS no other option.

  79. @Exemplariful The "Affordable Health care act" ( OBAMACARE), cut $500 Billion out of MediCare. How? It isnt specified, but THAT is major funding for Obamacare. BTW, its Paul Ryan, not Ron Paul spearheading this, stupid. The promises can NEVER be kept. Europe as well is collapsing, the promises of the welfare states not being kept ANYWHERE. Arithmetic is catching up with the lunatics.

  80. Yeah your future relies on going after small and helpless countries with Africa being your first destination victim for relief…..



  83. CHECKOUT the 1min28 version of "George Carlin on Our Similarities," – the 4min15 "A Simple Solution to the Debt Crisis," by Positive Money and the 4min11 "RISE UP [Official Video]."

  84. This guy is spot on.  The only thing I would add, is all we need to do to address the debt is cut the Defense budget.  By about 30% to 40%.  And we would still be completely safe.

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