Day trip to HASTINAPUR (हस्तिनापुर) | Hastinapur Vlog | PANDESHWAR & Jain Temples | Nimisha Raizada

Hiii! I am Nimisha Raizada, a Travel Vlogger and today I am taking you to Hastinapur! As many of you guys might know, Hastinapur has existed since the time of Mahabharat It used to be the capital of Kauravas and the Pandavas also stayed there This place is also very significant for Jain people. Three of the Jain Tirthankars are believed to have been born there. I am in Meerut right now and Hastinapur is abut 35 kilometres away from here So we are going by road and I will show you everything as soon as I reach there! So we have reached our first destination. We put “Wildlife sanctuary” in Google Maps but we could not find it. We came along a mud path and we could not find the way but on the same route, we found this temple It is a temple of one of the Jain Teerthankars So we are here now. So we are near the temple now There is absolutely no one around except us It is very quiet and peaceful there is a nice breeze and the weather is beautiful even though the sun is out, but it’s very nice. Now, we are gonna go into the temple If you want a little peace and quiet in your life Then you should definitely come here because it is a very calm atmosphere here I feel really nice here, there is no one around It’s just our family. I am currently at the Bada Jain Dighambar Temple You can see how huge and beautiful it is But it is 12:30 right now and it is very sunny and you have to remove your footwear if you want to go inside the feet are absolutely burning So please come at a time (Morning/evening) when the ground is not that hot. We don’t know much about Hastinapur so we asked the locals and we have now come to a place called Jambudweep There are Temples here, there are a lot of things to see here, they have parks they also have fun rides for kids So we are currently in the Sumeru Parvat Area You can even do boating here Everything here is 20 rupees per person. Boating, rides, elephant ride: all 20 rupeer per person We can even go up there It’s become pretty sunny now and the wind has stopped blowing I can’t show you these temples from the inside because videography and is not allowed but as beautiful as they are on the outside, they even more beautiful on the inside There are paintings and it’s really beautiful So, if you come here, do visit! So, Ari, what are we gonna do now? We’re gonna go on the elephant ride! Are you excited? Yes! It’s gonna be fun. We’re doing the Airaavat Haathi ride It’s a bit cramped here Mami, are you enjoying this? Haan very much so Ari, you’re finally riding an Elephant Yes Arjun, What do you wanna say? It’s good! Rohan?
It’s fun! and it’s nice cuz it’s windy. The tractor is shaking quite a bit The footage might be pretty shaky Forgive me and it’s not commercialized no one’s selling this, selling that Just simple, families out for fun Come with your family members, have fun It’s really nice I thought this is a fountain that does not work but it is something way cooler. Watch I press this with my foot and water comes out of this You can drink it or wash hands, whatever. [Asking for directions] So, we are completely lost Google Maps is not showing us the correct way We are asking a lot of people where the Pandeshwar Temple is The temple of Pandavas Let’s see if we will be able to find it or not! After asking and wandering around a lot, we have finally reached the Pandeshwar Temple It is behind us So we are Pandeshwar Temple It is said that this temple has existed since the time of Pandavas This is the temple where Pandavas used to pray The Shivalinga inside has existed since then Here are 5 idols of the Pandavas this is where they used to pray This is the Shivalinga. Water is dripping on it. It was pretty hot so we freshened up with cold water from this handpump So, this is it for this video, guys! I hope you liked the Hastinapur video. I have tried to show many things here And if you like it, do share this video Subscribe to my Channel and Press the Bell Icon so that you get notified every time I post a video Baaaaaaaaai!

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  1. Been a long time 🙂 and we crossed 5k Subscribers!

    If you are wondering about the 2nd Part of the Manipal University video, that has been postponed to January. Sorry and thank you for your patience! ❤

  2. for a minute i thought the Kailash Parvat Rachna was a film shooting location set XD!!! By the way the vlog is very informative!!!
    Going to Delhi next month if possible will definitely go to Meerut!!!
    Thank you for doing benevolent vlogs!!!

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