Welcome everyone there is more people than expected comfortable everybody here awesome so welcome. This speech is going to be about business automation for startups or serial entrepreneurs that travel a lot because that’s what I am but and I said a lot of startups are interested in this kind of content venture cafe innovates with startup so I wanted to bring this is going to be actually pretty easy on my side because it’s going to be straight-up Q&A for an hour my background is f2 companies at the moment I have one that it’s active now half years we working with multinationals things are video marketing with the study see all 9 youtube instagram here and there we have also commercial that we do and the second company is a training program is a blog online horse sits it actually helps because it’s a video marketing application that we’re doing right not an application but how to apply what we do with the multinational spare as well most of what i do it helped with the big companies is pretty much they’re super traditional they do everything very inefficient they haven’t caught up with our generation to put it lightly and I pretty much implement all these simple applications that you have to automated fast it’s not perfect but we are doing something good we work with the multinational play coca-cola Council of Europe many we just partnered up with Ted and structure down we’re going to do there for branding so if you have any questions i’m here on behalf of my second company why not three it’s a work-life balance training program for entrepreneurs where I focus on automation principal specifically today you can pretty much travel anywhere application and in business and that it’s pretty much basic you read for our working anybody know the 4-hour workweek bears so it’s a book that’s from to designates most principles he talks about there is very outdated so I’m pretty much giving a longer touch that that being said short introduction about me my name is local finally what do you guys want to talk about it because I don’t know what you anybody suggestions what are you struggling with moments ok give an example of the things you implement so for instance one of the biggest struggles that I had as an entrepreneur starting out is that I was doing a lot i’m working very late so how do I hire people but also through hiring how do I automate that process so fast that before it would take me five hours and now he takes me like five minutes to hire to choose out of 40 people how do i set up a YouTube strategy for companies where we process in just 50 pages per month while I’m off snowboarding so that kinda stuff i don’t know where you are in your company and that’s why I’m asking what are you struggling with that you feel you’re so obsessed with and you can put yourself out which is charged sorry how would you do that youtube strategy so you want to know pretty much what we do for your friends and everybody will know about you two ok lets you youtube strategies something else instagram what else like how you face the belt what do you mean example would be the calculator overexpression when I want to start something i doing all by myself any cycles you know you fail ok so you you want to outsource as fast as possible out to outsource outsource just so how to how to start scaling pretty much everything so let’s say outsourcing scale what you talking about ok we’ll be we’ll be covering a different component may I have quiet questions i also want to travel like your life here’s how hiding and how can you encourage you to make the Baker something so how to manage virtual team also how to make sure the team members are right so how to implement vision them so having let’s run the person was like say we can have my quality people having picked the right person ok that’s good one here and then how you can manage the key so how do you want to help motivate them because you have virtually don’t see the patient face that happy to make sure the game yeah let’s say one more thing they’ll be enough for now maybe how to ultimate stuff where creativity’s something that start with like what they do with digits how to automate yarra anything creative these takes time so if you want to automate it out okay and what content design or yea were design or just any problem solving stuff in my case project-based what projects so for instance we do i project with Greenpeace and implement technology in their their their campaigns and we see that we are all tied me to wait to talk to them before we you know find some solution it will actually eventually pay for and that it takes a lot of time and a lot of context moments sure it’s something that we want to ultimate but i would you send please join somewhere there so see ok so when I was just saying is that we’re going to cover all the steps was just kind of jump in right away youtube strategies you ask that ok so basically what we do is this is what most of the people don’t seem to understand YouTube is the second largest search engine how would you do google strategy just by using a lot of blogs that are focused on keywords right so YouTube is exactly the same on top of that Google works together with YouTube so in the sense that everything you put on youtube if it’s good is SEO is good it will jump onto google as well so one of the things we always advises go video first and then you can hire a copywriter it can put out all the blogs and you have google you two one go so what do we do specifically as a YouTube strategy is so princes for one of our clients so this is one implies that we got from 18,000 news when we started with them and now i just checked there i think almost 800,000 days we filled up an entire conference tournament answer today wanted specifically in the Netherlands to attract women so they were competing with cosmopolitan and and all these women magazines so we look at the keywords that they wanted and the keywords i’m going to go to be consistent keywords and you can go to be pretty much we look at the keywords let’s say let’s take why not three weeks Michael it’s all about work-life balance so I was competing with Forbes and those kind of magazines so how did I catch the work-life balance keyword which is so high in demand you have to do google ads but then you gain a lot of money or you take 10 to 20 videos 10 to 15 15 minutes which is a bit longer but then people actually watched good content and Google and YouTube collected and put it up from to take 10-15 videos and then just pretty much go three tips about work-life balance 23 work-life balance apps and you pretty much use YouTube videos just like a blog and then in the descriptions and annotations and everything you do repeated at you do if you don’t know how to use SEO not going to explain this one hour so going she looked into pretty much you cannot do SEO you do exactly the same descriptions in YouTube and Google picking up within three months but the quantities played the game there so you really need to push as much videos as possible that have to be super good because people actually need to watch it once you do that you can use the same video so facebook Instagram pics will not one then you can cut it down and then you write a blog posts about it that’s 2,000 plus works based on the Patels research that is no patel is spread number 14 in the world right now so actually met him less famous so 2000 + block words interval in your blog two dozen plus words and then you put your video there and put it on Facebook and all these backlinks from the high traffic websites google loves that stuff because first of all their high traffic websites coming to the same place your website or blog is agitated and mobile parts and everything ESU is pushing everything to the same website google picks it up and get our number-one least some page number one but you have to be consistent so for instance we actually out competed for we got work-life balance on page number one no it’s three and a half months today and then a month later we’re going to just have to keep pushing the reason we were gone is because I’ve made company and my passion company which is why not three so I wasn’t putting out a lot of content for my clients we put up two videos a day so the last year produced 500-plus videos for no more around five and that’s in a nutshell kind of what I do for them I’ve implemented automation principles like that i implemented the right people that love what they do they can push out videos really fast really high quality because you have training principles set into place during the recruitment to get trained the right way and then we push out right now our capacities around hundred fifty pages per month but pretty sure no more needed that answer your question travels yeah in a nutshell that’s what i would do just the biggest mindset shift is use videos as blogs it’s the new kind of blog once you make that click it’s actually pretty simple and you know what to do if you don’t know what to do google and type in how to get number one on google and then they’ll give you all the descriptions on how to use block-post to get number one Google take all of that put that in the YouTube video and you’re ready to go budget you recommend that say what you’ll be a budget for those videos it’s quite expensive to do those companies well I depend so normally if you would if you would pay what we do you’re easily like 1000 1000 50 video butt because I restructure the company in such a way we can actually push the price down and inspect multinationals love that part because for them is actually pretty cheap super high quality and for us we’re selling matches of videos which means we’re actually having big sales in one go which means we can actually provide super high quality and put the right people in place because we have full-time people and that’s very kind of outcompete the others because we speak that we pushed and quality so budget-wise depending are you start up or yes and we are starting also let me also really want to go mr. agility and we also think about our future videos we’re thinking I punched by skype are getting no superstar so they recommend when I’m here is just get them most basic camera that’s 1080p full HD two by learning any County 7x probably you know it it’s 400 euros you put it on a tripod or something that just 20 years and then put it on the table worst case and then you go on Amazon you buy some whites which cost you fifty bucks and then you have full HD the lighting visit trick which makes it look professional and now you have a good setup that is controlled invest in audio the biggest killer on youtube comments sometimes very very easy is actually the headphones in your half your iphone so you put them like this next you don’t move them with the iphone report investment two-dollar app that actually reports it put your headphones like this and then stand somewhere here have the lighting the cameras and now you’re professionals good audio and now the only thing you have to worry about is all the rest they just covered make sure your content is amazing so how much will your best and eat 400 bucks the reason why companies princes go to my company is because after a while you should be focusing on video editing which takes up for five hours time should be focusing on producing content and strategizing but in the beginning that’s what I’m always surprised just set up the most basic stuff the lights and the audio has been saved all the quality folks on keywords and then last out as many witnesses as we can and then you’ll see a pic subtraction if you’re picking up traction like the first three months can see the first three months it took us to get 250,000 into this like three or four months the moment hit 200,000 just start skyrocketing and then in the last six months we’ve got to 800,000 just have to push out as much as possible to get all the noise and the answer your question yeah thanks for nothing is going tough for the first time yeah but in the beginning which has my princess I’m doing a 30-day work-life balance challenge and fishing out everyday video but i’ll go deeper into that further but that would be friends my sales funnel i do that once hopefully in a lifetime maybe I’ll do later as well and then I just pretty much run the right sales funnels through it and that’s it it’s done 30 day challenge as for just youtube videos that are focused on keywords i go to rinse clients right we go to exotic locations we shoot it there for 23 weeks we get get about 230 240 video shot in two weeks and that’s about an average of ten to fifteen videos for for my company why not three if I go like on a retreat or something like that I take a week and shoot about 20 to 25 videos and that’s just me going super fast and and I’m doing it into like so and then what happens is your hundred fifty videos that carries you for three months to invest two minutes of your time so you can go really fast forward the editing is this anything else about YouTube stratus covers pretty much if your startup that will cover you pretty much for the next 45 I’m Instagram so it depends on what profile you’re targeting because for some of our clients videos were amazing and for me it just doesn’t work so I’m doing a lot of pictures and this is the one thing that will automate everything have this app called wrong so from is a scheduled appt and i was looking everywhere for this thing so in facebook you can schedule your posts so every month like me or someone in my team pretty much scheduled suppose the month then YouTube has that as well once you monetize your channel if you don’t monetize your channel you can schedule you to be very careful with that monetize it just for the fact that you can schedule them and they can schedule for the next month but Instagram doesn’t have that so there’s this app called from and that pretty much schedule now until March of next year and then this is what you need to realize there are some parts that you can automate and there are some parts that you can I didn’t automate responding to comments and in automates going to make pretty much doing the regeneration or something like that like some parts need to be human and needs to be you because those people that comment if they keep commenting will end up on your email list and you will know who they are and they will feel even more special because of that here or people so Instagram the scrimmage how i do its advantages I have this grand thing which helps me a lot then I make sure to have a consistent design you are struggling and beginning a lot with but now i have so you have to analyze everything those analytic tools there is a website called iconic square and another one that I use social insights and they pretty much analyze everything for you or you go to the Instagram you go to your settings and you change your account into a business account now I discovered this a week ago and you have all your analytics as well and then you go and you see your top performing posts and i noticed in the beginning of the year that my top performing posts were quotes no matter what I put out it was always close so what I did is a strategy where it was all quotes and all one design and some people would go back security that’s so some people would go to my account so at one point we had like 300 for many lights on one picture but I wasn’t converting as many people as I wanted so what did i do I started posting like eight or nine times which meant that my 400 likes went down to like 50 or 60 lights and I was lucky but my email and started shooting up and you could see my analytics at the website clicks were shooting way up and had more engaging people in my comments and so on and that is what is important for me as a metric is in the end of business we’re here to convert clients we’re not here to from popular and Instagram even though that could be a side effect so know what your metrics are before you start automating but that’s how i do Instagram it’s fairly much in a nutshell fast us that question is it like yeah is it clear or was ok so the from you have iconic square social outside i would you start off your in sonoma college so I started obvious pretty much i started off in his post whatever like going going to picture their life to picture it most and then we’ll go I like this quote never put this quote and then eventually after 2-3 months I was like in the quotes are forming lot better so now let’s get a style of Instagram it was going to be closed on the sequence performed the best and then just execute as much as possible and the one thing is just always comment back no no matter like if it’s bots are not always common back these people will realize that you actually do take the time to answer you never know if it’s a modern you’d be surprised thanks question for example efficient how about snatching chat free shipping closer with companies yeah actually get you inside I’m not I’m not extending beer as the experts not that I’m already putting this out i focus with the multinationals mostly on the YouTube need to snapchat start popping up especially because characters like guarantee with your legs and chest snapchat so i use snapchat for my communities are my results and that’s what I’m share so snapped it doesn’t work for my company because I’m getting like kids getting kids that are 15 16 year olds and I’m focusing entrepreneurs that are 35 40 so I’ve been doing snapchat and then it’s been going up and up and up and then they get like a couple of hundred but they are all not relevant while I would instagram stories the moment mr. of sorts popped up I kind of stopped doing snapchat and i’m waiting at the moment if they’re going to invade into something else I think they’re going to go into or something and maybe introduce something else I don’t know but Instagram stories all the people that were watching were all irrelevant and i would get comments from people and they would actually get on my email list snapchat is very hard because you have to use other social media 20 on snapchat so if you go on any of my youtube figures you’ll see that i have snapchat go to my snapchat and then the account i do that but it pretty much stopped using it may be here in there i’ll pop by just because Instagram story excuse me with a better metric and i only have so much time to allocate to each social media so that’s my tape on it but if you’re targeting more depends on what you’re doing yeah if you’re targeting people like under 20 under 25 even you can do that or if you know that people are so we’re still in the startup stage why not that’s why I’m doing this right so they’re there isn’t much purpose for me to go on snapchat because i can use Instagram stories for some people that follow me but the moment we hit a really big for instance and start automating those parts it can be very possible that some of the people are super interested in what what i’m doing i used you to protect this all this cameras but such it could be a way there to also but then some of my friends are only on snapchat stories you have to know my mentor away said no you’re 12 that you’re one that is the one person you’re working your whole marketing she based on this one person and then go grab a coffee with this one person asking on what social media are you I know my wonky fat is a guy that’s 33 another name is name but for it up travels a lot I haven’t every week on a call and ask him so what do you do and I know perfected as you step to use Facebook sometimes use Instagram a lot of what’s up just say things that have to innovate on how to contact new clients how did this what channel are used to like our mind of stuff because I would for a while I would use stuff today using my main company in that new company reminding these executives he do you remember our thing this week or something like that now go on facebook and nobody would respond and there we go through what’s up and it was all right away so no you’re one lucky fan and market there and then start it s ok so Instagram answer door this is very efficient just quick question because the Impressionist you too separuh social media generations how are you directly respond because I how we also do you mean what you mean 30 responses like you’re right i don’t really i also have cable so you do not even scare me to grab the flights that are actually pushing for a possible Instagram course but then I be honest I don’t seem a lot of our instagram for me start picking up after six months so like you want 0 ry social media right away takes about the starting line facebook app and I can sail single right way yeah facebook ads does that so always see at the same time you’re doing cold-calling like all these stuff email and cold emailing we do that all the time we even do Instagram p.m. as lead generation as well facebook that’s because dr stuff right away but in the meantime we’re also building brands so the two hours after eight o’clock when everything is done in your company you can also take to pretty much post more pictures or make sure to schedule like the months more pictures of doesn’t take that long so it has to collaborate and there are people that do even more than me i’m going to sharing what I’m doing with my client so far so like i said if you go to a website you can see the case things even more clients it picks up playing extraction after a while and only consistently drop the ball after all differences we start the first three months or releasing a video here and there most certainly seeing every day I get started picking up way more so you have to do it every day for like least six to nine months and you have to make sure that everything is killer good quality and then if it doesn’t work you should have some kind of comments on your videos why it doesn’t work as a haters comprate away so instead of covers this thanks I’m only sharing what i do with clients certainly if if I’m going wrong somewhere you have something to share from your couples to attend for sure so outsourcing skin West that develop right so okay so one of the first things that I do this is a very rudimentary sketch of it rides so this is my whole company it’s pretty simple right but how many of you actually have this it’s the whole company what are you doing accounting productions in charge of marketing and so on step by step everything object sorry education yeah everything from step to step to the to the point of what emails you said and what’s in the emails i actually tried but as I later i have to change yeah you always updates but do you have something like that that I had how many of you have this and that’s the problem so most startups and I know and it will be the first question that i asked first question that starts is are you funded because you’re not fun than nothing’s gonna happen or or if you have clients the second thing is fucking your fund it now like what’s the next steps work who’s responsible for this isn’t this where they would be asking a question I’m struggling with marketing and then I would be asking which part of marketing wouldn’t know and that’s the problem this is a very rudimentary sketch on my computer it’s like the whole thing right why is it on my computer walking because then I just go into one of the mind maps and then just copy Prince’s recruitment I don’t write the emails anymore just copy paste what i have is it works is it got really good people from that stuff so the first thing that you need to do and what I actually also do sometimes with some multinationals but most of them have it covered but Francis social media would not be covered for them and that’s where I come in and implement those systems are down so start writing down everything that you send an email to hire someone copy paste that into your recruitment fun and updated as it goes and then when you’re struggling you’re going to find a person like me or thousand investors that are out there and first thing out of your mouth is going to be 0 struggling with recruiting people i’m getting them in from these channels but once they’re in there we were on skype call they seem to be loyal but then two or three months in they seem to cut off is your tracking everything you know they all cut out could offer to three months so you go back to your system you see this is perfect this is perfect but here it goes wrong and this person this investor tells you he’s like he’s being there so he just tells you do this in this and see what the results are that’s how you fix a business but then if you go to an investor and you say how-do-you-do marketing just going to be like yourself the same thing how do you become social it’s not a question that you asked if you really want to fix something track everything everything is mapped out and then you see where the problem lies and you go to a person that is a bit further ahead and you ask how did you solve this problem that’s not the big guys to it they call it the guy that’s bigger than dead they’re like okay you a thousand bucks five thousand votes no measure that being 20,000 books just to sit down with someone and be like okay this is my problem how did you fix this and estimates so that’s yeah outsourcing and scaling so when you’re starting out you’re doing everything but your job is to get yourself out of it as fast as possible so princess you’re developing an app if you’re going to be doing an app business selling apps the first app you’ll develop yourself maybe I don’t know what happens your partner but as you develop it you map out everything you write down the steps just as if someone Mikey would be able to look at that and do it himself so everything step-by-step sell myself and the second appt you try if you have enough money try to hire someone for the moment you have enough money we tried to hire someone and you give them the step-by-step and then you see where he messes up it’s not his or her fall it’s usually your fault it’s not detailed and they start making more detailed and then after a year or two super detail and it’s always a hundred percent correct you had a video today that’s what companies do training videos everyone knows this too that’s what they do and then pretty much definitely get out of your company you hire someone you give them the system’s the read-through for half an hour two hours to days whatever and that’s it you have to do anything or they just pretty much to look at the quality see that it’s good enough and if it’s that it’s amazing not good enough once it’s good send it to the company and then that part the Quality Manager that’s also something you can automate some very built assistance as well and then you hire a virtual assistant or normal assistant defending our country and now she’s the quality manager or he’s a quality manager whatever so in the long run that’s how you automate it isn’t doesn’t sound sexy or anything but that’s how a company at least from my perspective what ever seen is run the important job of the CEOs to maintain that vision that you created in the beginning make sure that every carbon system works and just optimize every part and then sell the business in the beginning you’re doing a lot of the answer questions yet you also mentioned a moment like this wishing us started on infant yeah what about you have fun i’ll be replacing if you don’t have funding your clients ya been doing this for like so long like I know eight or ten years that I’ve been just I didn’t understand that funding was a thing until i started watching guaranteeing checking everything like i did like when I started I 200 years in my bank account and i wanted to graduate and law because that’s what I always dreamed about and I was just like oh how do I graduate and have money to eat so it’s just like working a lot and studying a lot and it was doing all of that all together to get money and then I start getting bigger and bigger appliance I never thought of giving up my company I don’t I would never feel comfortable giving up my company just even to some more experience with rather give them a discount and work with them as the mentor us then give up a part of my company the whole funding games use unless unless I have a person i met patrick kid in ladies as well so he has a company that’s not value 250 million dollars and I talked to him so he came he has a barbershop their runs and generates a couple million dollars revenue every year that’s fine and then he has a hair product for men and they are giving up a part of this of this company’s super strategic just because when you started wasn’t valued anything is just started and now its value 250 million so when you exits no matter what is getting a couple million so from that perspective yes most of the startups I mean is especially in this region of super yourself but you’re going to get max milien soon you’re just going to have a part of that company never going to get the $MONEY billion so sometimes it’s better to give it $PERCENT discount work for cheaper rates to get mentored and start giving up parts of it just to me seems different i’m moving up the perfect person to talk about so how do you fix that giving clients and then get a bigger clients and bigger and bigger and bigger it just like you start with the recruitment finals very small start-up I wouldn’t start very small so my mother always said get me to someone else fails get those testimonials on so i would recommend video you see on written i would get video and then once you have your three testimonial sales which will cost price just go for the big guys that’s how i did it i went from three to signal sales of people that were there was organization first was some smaller organizations and this law schools and stuff like that I got them I got them on video everyone’s super happy this are targeting the highest biggest universities and Michael true i’m from belgium so starting biggest they’re covered all of them after year all the universities were color and then I was like okay might as well go away for the council of europe got them and then it was like okay let’s go coca-cola we we knew we knew someone and they called us up and then we’re like okay we can go bigger than that so how about we just start focusing on the money instead of from the social proof we get clients funding unless you do the guidance like i’ll give you like 30 million dollars for ten percent do that just connection button yes I use my notes my notes mind mapping tool but i also use actually my biggest measures that are generating 23 million here they have no but another one uses my note that’s why I’m using it is super easy with you can literally copy paste the emails and you’re sending in there and it’s in your mind map and so every time I go to my mind map of school business and then go to recruitment I’m like oh that’s email i sent in the first funnel to coffee sit in there and see any adjustments for this specific model and nothing else questions1 shape right Alec structured step-by-step yeah sl7 procedures I’m curious because yeah I do looks like we have step-by-step what class things change so probably just have to be changed so for example i have here but of course the next part is not the same as a good then you’re not as detailed as for sure because if it’s super details everybody should be able to produce the results that mean that that my second chances updated yeah if if the it they’re not monkeys but if the people don’t the people don’t perform at the same place then your briefing your training whatever it’s not as still as it should be i think it is saying is you want to change your changing the same you shut up authorizing it we should be changing and at one point there is no optimization anymore it’s just set princess side I this video’s right so I higher editors no wonder just gonna get a voice like that it’s not going to get better than this so I give them that and they the only thing that I need from the speed and quality so i get normal editors it 3-4 hours and get them to edit 27 minutes i can get that done and not sacrifice quality i don’t have the skill to do it even better than that do you know what i mean so maybe if they invent a new macbook or something like that then I’ll have to like change my procedures but until then i’m pretty happy spring optimized and if there’s like a new macbook then I’m doubly change the entire thing just like a small optimization in the briefing that i have already but if you’re changing all the time then you haven’t really laid out the steps that should be laid out generous yeah yeah yeah take all necessary just I mean there are some points that you can’t so there you have to look for quality because if you don’t have quality people then you can ask that yeah but that depends on which job being outsourced yeah so covered with outsourcing skill these are the fruit that what I just shared with you is not how you scale 200 or something that can scale to that point but this is the first steps to scaling this is how you start school is now you actually have the entire thing knocked out and go to the next level so us that us thank you very much yeah I know people also part of product yeah that’s what I’m an outfit so why can’t you pair up with someone with a developer like split 50-50 that’s your business whatever he does get you like steve jobs and Wozniak that you have something and then Steve Jobs and wasn’t thinking investor first they went this soul that’s people like that they pay for now they got an investor you do have to test it you have there is so much shit on the market that’s being so that should be sold the iphone 1i think I won’t put effort into isn’t newspapers because it gave you brain tumor simply put yourself and it’s like yeah going to try and sell it and super works is the morning on that first bite you’re an actual business till then you don’t have any in strategies to sell you think you have them but then you go and actually selling start realizing that this entire strategy then you set up is completely like abundant or not necessary to go and sell it first battle of the idea then you can go to your investor and say hey unless you’re like face with you have a hundred million people on your platform and then and then investors will see the potential but your summer i’m from go and sell it first unless you know an investor that by using that applications going to make a lot more money in your primer some to the investor but then you could sell that after the investor so that’s something we’ll be making your money but the whole point is not to get investment the whole mindset is how do I sell this and then you can sell to an investor or you can sell it to that’s pretty much what i’m doing i can sell movies to let some school where I can sell them to cool it like two months it’s the same thing but the way you approach it is different if you start selling to investors are going to see the potential and you’re gonna freeze it in a way that it’s going to make that money here going to start looking for investments you’re not gonna actually have optimized steps on how you’re gonna sell you so give me an example I’ll good when I go to a big company i look at their video marketing strategy like okay so what are your steps for market but what you do usually answer is marketing team think of ideas that’s it and then I just started laying out this is step one step two step three step four in step 1 and then they’re like oh if we implement this system into our company we’re going to generate this much money or if you know their finances you can actually already calculated port and selling from that perspective i think is way more efficient to investors then like if I was going to invest in an application i need to know that is going to make money or I need to know that in some way if you have a lot of users those users are my my 12 fat and you have a good conversion rate that go to my blog that would generate clients if you’re there and having have and it’s like this really cool investing that it’s my money on work for it you know what I mean is anything like unclear my saying stuff that you don’t resonate ok let’s go into hiring who asked that ok so i’ll give you my steps for hiring i need editors video editors that edit fast and no make like passionate and everything I need creativity but I don’t filmmakers I mean people that love to video edits and not the makers so what I do is I go to the platforms where I know I find them in the Netherlands you have specifically touch editor so i always go to the platforms where I know they’re at and you have to answer platforms and know what I do is I have a specific message that I send them hey like we have this application for we really like you to apply la actually look at them and see if they fit the company and do this 40 50 times where i teach someone in my team to do it to recognize which . we’re looking for is you like a video editor that has experience and speaks Dutch it’s pretty simple so and then they just copy paste that message 4055 out of just 40 50 * conversion respect for my rents a iron and sales is like 1230 people would actually apply no sorry tire around 15 to 20 actually apply and out of dogs who would replied back okay you look like we also want a sweet video and motivational the normals right so now out of those people 11 or 12 respond with everything and now you can spot if they’re Dutch is good if they are motivated they’re in for selfish reasons to go a bit deeper and later emulate know their picture vision of your company but you start looking for those points so you already started like cutting down some people for and respondent you always have to respond and out of respect they apply you didn’t fit because blah blah and phrases that you don’t outsource right it’s a personal thing so at least in my vision that’s my core value so I have the automated parts and anything between it’s like we didn’t accept you because bombom anyway so out of those people we get usually three or four five people that are super goods and then it becomes hard and start doing the skype calls and everything to make sure they really fit into it and that process takes us now 23 days and he used to take like two three weeks because now we know what questions were asking what we’re screening for this along so that’s why do I rate and how many times like three or four times to hire someone to understand what I needed what I needed to map out every step and optimize every step and know what questions I sure needed to ask and even there sometimes you might like I’m thinking to put a personality test two but I have an implement that yet so I’m optimizing the system pretty much it’s covered now we’re getting really good quality editors that kind of answer pirate yeah this about finance yeah so so instead of hiring them straight away from fremont like the first thing that we do go apply and then in the application form there would be something like right there this is from Hunter write the word purple if you read the entire brief and it would be somewhere nowhere and the people that direct purple didn’t come out right away details and they will screw up later on yeah yeah yeah that’s how you weed out the bad people so it’s like little things like that and that’s why I 48 people like so little i left the needs a little bit every day and then you have a hiring final works and then it doesn’t matter where you are in the world to hire people right away you just start the final which is three minutes if you have a virtual system that she emails 44 people with the right criteria everything starts and then if you choose to I 271 know who I work with then you’re going to skype with but the first pretty much three four sales funnel sigo do anything to get good quality people because i used to suffer a lot of people don’t squeeze out of nowhere three lenses yeah that’s her pirate yeah this is like the basically I go way deeper into you if I had more time with like if you covered the basics of 3-4 months you were ready like whale so managed virtual team is very hard for me so I was just started managing physical physical people so i implement that two months with something new based on what my girlfriend recommended which is I do skype calls with my entire team basically once now I doing with the attack team and that seemed to really do swear out so the entire team just make sure that the internet is good video is really necessary the good internet i always prefer over video so something to cut the video down it really gives a boost of like a word we’re in this together and then the second part comes in which is the one thing that I teach in and why not three to align yourself to choose the right industries as an entrepreneur and so on and also know why you’re discussing it lexical it’s based on simon Sinek stock the why notes it started why ok so simon Sinek talk about the Golden Circle you have to start with why do what you know how and what so whenever that top it was very abstract for me how can i as a person go with my why is so I developed this strategy to work pretty much a map out your entire life and start connecting the dogs when you start connecting the dots seen one commonality usually it’s not that says it it’s the client that freezes it as catch on it and connected with the ballots and got sentence is your why it’s the compass that guides you throughout life usually after 15 17 years old it says that’s the single guide you whether you’re 40 or 50 i did it with people are 60 plus it’s still there and guide to and this is so crazy how do i get that client for florida right he was speaking on stage and that person after speaking and he spoke about how he was in a company and how he kind of had a falling out with his co-founders and this is a company that Alec very couple million revenue and he falls out with his co-founders and you can’t handle it anymore and just walks away and had the exact same thing in my organization a couple years prior to that so I approaching gonna tell look I can see you 10 years of your life not sure if i can actually see in 10 years but you get . so do that session with him and he pretty much gives him an answer why it happens and now in the recruitment tunnels what he does is it aligns everything the questions that asks the tasks that gives he lies to that why so in my company the why is I want to inspire them another so that they can follow their passions and become the best it can be every part has had some suffering that’s why it’s in it that’s my entire body so when i do recruitment one of the main things become the best you can be right details if they screw up in the details they’re not the best it can be or they’re not striving to be the best be unless they screw up and they start sending I can you know I really apologize blog they strive to become the best it can be you see that one sentence is aligned to my wife and so now i can see I know what I’m looking for I know which people will be loyal to my wife my vision and implement that my recruitment finals so one of the things that I do my recruitment finals is a class project and in the test project we put them on a very tight deadlines and see how did for the people that are complaining they all they’ll want to be the best it can be and the people are super positive yeah we had a right away so by implementing that why into your business in the recruitment funnels you now can predict whether these people will be lasting after six months after one year after two years and we were struggling in the beginning / company a lot of people after three months just sleeping and then went to implement that why we still have people like six months in eight months in there with us super happy super loyal there are growing as part of the company so if you have the people that are aligned to your Y will be very easy to motivate the only thing that you want to do is be congruent which are walking so i can tell you what your is the same with my work right so if my wife’s inspired freedom so that they can follow the person the best be i need to during the team calls give them something that will help them grow but also have more freedom so every time I ask them poles are you pressure to help your blog so what are you doing your passion are you feeling stuck in the company so it goes both ways is a moment parent feels stuff the company’s not going to be congruent to their why anymore they’re not going to be wanting to be a part of you get that yeah right i like making also so basically why instead you will have people resonate Christmas basically the home when you calling basically common people quite a scene that’s what the company is that’s why some companies feels Shady to us and other companies field or the best example the Simonson it gives in this book is when Apple comes out within wait up with an ipod like it thing to an mp3 player that’s plays in three salts we don’t look up at that it’s pretty normal right but when Del which is a computer company just like Apple comes out with an mp3 player we’re like wise computer company making an mp3 later it doesn’t resonate with what see in that company and apple there why is to permit revolutionize they want to revolutionize the industry’s that’s when they come up with an mp3 or an apple TV or stuff like that we don’t look up we’re like wow that’s so cool because the people that are revolutionary where they’re going to be looking at it wow you know what i mean so what I’m trying to save as an entrepreneur part of it is being what most people say self-aware how do you become self-aware but knowing your why but and actually be congruent which is why i have resettled away and then I do little things like something that invented was called the silent day every Sunday to make sure that I’m alive ruin with my why every time I catch myself that day if I was not and called the people that day or the next day to still be congruent to know what I mean it’s only a problem if over a long span we’re not ruined so if we were all about making money than the people would go away after 2-3 months but if we’re allowed to ry then and we’re constantly congruent in every saturday we check up on it then they’re not going to be motivated by money they’re going to be motivated by what we stand for yeah yeah yeah I’m working for comfort a little bit louder serve as wanting for a couple of companies manage virtual teams of the video conference is mandatory and what I did with the wine twice to brainstorm y and then I combine it with my can get better just to check that everyone is someone has you and I wanted for further education control yourself enjoying yourself while we are serious oh whatever someone say right align I don’t loose they sold all but the thing is the why doesn’t change like I said core values change over time you might find curiosity to be in the beginning of your stages of life you want to explore but then as you settle down stability will become more value or values change but the company can adapt to that the Y never changed so when you recruit in the beginning and you see they have a similar life it’s never going to change not even in the traumatic bend the why are things that drive you don’t matter what so no matter what happens I will always want to have freedom I will always want to pursue my passion and the moment tax cut off for me i’m going to feel stuck whether have a traumatic accident or not and I’ll always want to become the best that can be because since I was a kid I was always doing that and so have other people different ways the wise never changed for values do change and you can adapt to that as a company and those brainstorming sessions are perfect for that but the Y always comes from CEO from the executive visionary he always constantly move it reminds people why they’re there have you ever heard that the co-captain room and inspires everyone and remind them why they’re there that’s what they usually say they remind themselves why there it never changes it just gets reminded so the goal the goal yo the executive board is to remind people why they’re from the first place if that kind of becomes stale people forget and then excuse to start popping up like family I want to be back at five o’clock that can be there but there are plenty of stories where people sacrifice their vacation for a team member because there’s such a family in the company so defender semi mean it’s like all over the place but the white ever changes core values do change and core values you can always got you can make sure that everybody feels comfortable everybody’s adapted but the mission statements the code everything you stand for those kind of things it’s hard for people there are 20 30 years and still clicks that kind of shows that the wives always there and that’s for instance best example was apple i always use that because again it’s from simon Sinek that I got all of this that’s him but when Steve Jobs left the wide left with him and companies jobs came back and the White team that was a good executor was you with people matter is from my perspective I don’t care about back . is from the why he was the only person that precarious and somebody even argued that now that Steve Jobs god they’ve lost that sense of revolutions getting an iphone 7 out three years in a row with the same design that’s not innovation anymore to waste jobs meant just to show that the wine ever changes core values doing always got your values never never give up your water because then you’re not going to the company so if a person doesn’t resonate with your Y that means you did something wrong in the recruitment and then they’re never going to fit which are companies then you’re going to have something what usually happens with those people because we had that as well as you’re going to have a lot of discussions with like not a lot of discussions where you’re going to be working and there’s always going to be some kind of friendship you’re never going to understand why noun 1 . persistence a really feel comfortable way I never felt uncomfortable it’s usually the explosion never felt comfortable here and like doing for money then you’re just like standing there is the executive like the money you serious but yeah i know that once one installment one person was and we had a discussion that’s so I didn’t difference for complex why without flies with me and then some that’s really changed yeah because John’s funny work because it’s quite so universal in addition to so you have to have people willing to do because of wine in addition you have kind of an overview this actually very interesting because angular part of read the book start with y % in it and then you can always I mean you out of everybody she didn’t receive any mail for me where to sign up and everything so just send me an email if you’re struggling with it very much boggles down to know who you are and what you stand for as long as you complete with that people are going to love and then you can do stuff like video conferencing catching up you’re gonna notice if they like what they don’t like always serve the people so you know the leaders servant model to sell that here to see oh they’re the people it’s more like there are two people your CEO you serve that is you’re always asking questions like eight you work out your that people will be happy to do that because if there is pressure making like really good they know they can ask questions there’s also another good book by donovan Campbell very underrated book leaders code one of the best books about the military means and it pretty much explains everything about the servant model is mentor Special Forces taught me most of those principles and that book pretty much transcribe everything anything tho those are the principal my guide my commute with many other better so I as long as you’re always serve and always make sure that were congruent with my wife and as long as that happens usually lost but i’m pretty sure there’s more to talk together so the sex manage virtual needs for everyone to have to get more practice ok same goes with how to motivate your not going to need motivation if you’re going to serve them you’re going to grow and mature y know what you’re wise and you’ll know how to motivate because the way I motivate people is completely different to how my friends motivate people and like for instance I but super logical and super analytical he’s not going to speak and everything just all about numbers and then human babies people are completely differently differences go play mario so biking d purchase necessary automate let’s go first on labor ready so that was the biggest trouble for me because I video company took me like three or five months just to figure out how I can automate some of it and then take me another four or five months just to automate the creativity part of it and the thing that actually automated it is literally mapping out everything and making videos about it so i would make videos and there’s this program called screen and a record myself making videos and then what happens is you know you’re making the steps by step by steps once you’re actually editing the video once you’re actually doing the creative part you’re going to be like i also do this on also do this and that’s that’s where creativity comes in and then the only thing you have to make sure is that in the video you actually named every little step is that editors and I really don’t understand like the little parts so i just say every little step that you sew my mouth goes to a certain place i’m like it goes here because the ball and then I map out that on the video i create the step by steps that go with it now i give that to the person and now they start making it and then usually takes two to three times together and then they pretty much had my style that was the hardest part from my style dependent transferred to them and still here i have an automated the part of music selection so i got it to the point where i showed him what music I liked I tell them give me the top three and then after three four projects that usually give three good songs and then just choose one of the songs because those songs eventually the song that I pic to the to the image that fits like eventually it’ll fit the phrases for the high quantity projects usually have like four or five tracks and they all go like all over the place so in the high-quality I automated in some way before to really creative part of the commercials and everything I asked to get three songs and I choose one of the songs to the images and that that part of an automated because music is a big part of my life so it’s kind of hard to get that feeling out but to take two minutes to the song and usually they get it right after like four projects so that’s about creativity everything that just said step-by-step writing down and then just doing it with them to three times if it takes more than three times you have an automated first parts really well so the video and so that is pretty much it have I missed something and more questions didn’t thank you very much for joining me and you want to know more about something about courses and act like i said there’s a 30-day free work-life balance challenge that you can follow approach with more and take so much for being here filling the space i hope you get successful and let me know where you are three months i’m happy to me

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