Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 125 – Full Episode – 6th January, 2020

This 500 metres stretch was like a nightmare for my daughter. Leave me! I thought of buying
a cycle for her. So that she can cross
this stretch in no time. But what shall I do?
I don’t have money. Now, she will use
this road every day and go through the same ordeal. No.. Leave me. ‘Terror.’ Greetings. I, Anup Soni, welcome you
to today’s episode of ‘Crime Patrol, Dastak’,
black headlines series. Today, we are going
to show you that case which is still fresh
in your memory for sure. Now, a mass protest is going on
all over the country against violence on women. People are demanding
to hang culprits. People are also demanding police encounter
for perpetrators. But women don’t feel
safe despite everything. That 500 metres stretch
was like a nightmare. Every day, something wrong
used to happen to a girl in that 500 metres stretch. Today, we are going to tell you
the story of this girl. What happened to her? And why people used
to feel terrified in that 500 metres stretch. Look, take her photo properly. The poster should be bigger
than Ms. Rukmani’s height. No one can be bigger than me,
not even my poster, That’s true, ma’am. How is the photo?
– It’s awesome! The election will start
after 2 months. Don’t get into fights now. I don’t want any problem. Consider every woman
your mother or sister. Don’t get into fights
or any other trouble. Got it? Ma’am, don’t worry.
We won’t get into fights. If you create problems for me I will thrash everyone
black and blue. Hey.. Hey, listen.
I really love you. Shall I write a letter
in blood now? What’s the problem?
Who is asking you to marry me? Why are you showing
so much attitude? Become my girlfriend
for one day. Yes.
– Shall we go to farm now? Let’s go..
– Let me go. I won’t spare her. Scoundrel! Listen.
Don’t inform dad about this. Otherwise, he won’t let
me go to college. Come. Here you go. Hey, say something. Why have you come here?
– Actually, Dad.. Why have you come here? Our exam is around the corner.
So we need money to buy practical books. You don’t need to come here
for this. You could have asked
your mom for money. You know how this place is. Mr. Raghu, what are you saying? No one has the courage
to tease Naina and Versha. Versha is your granddaughter and Naina is Mr. Pradeep’s
daughter. If someone teases them,
I will kill him. We will kill him.. Take money.
Don’t come here again. Go. Go.. Grandpa, here is the
rest of the money. Keep it. Look, don’t come
to my shop again. Okay, Grandpa.
– Why do you run a liquor shop? Her dad died drinking liquor. But you haven’t understood yet. What shall I do?
Should I close down the shop and beg on roads?
How will we get money? We don’t need such money.
This village is cursed. Everyone is a habitual drinker and lying here and there
after getting drunk. No one is interested
in doing work. They keep fighting
around the clock. I have been telling you
for a long time that we should get her married
and send her out of the village. Mom, I told you that I won’t
get married so soon. Once I become a collector I will teach everyone
a lesson, okay? Okay, become a collector. Teach him a lesson first. Mom.. – Now, you have got
time to return home. – Yes. What have you
prepared in lunch? He won’t even pay attention. I have prepared egg curry.
– Egg curry! Mom, pack for me.
I will give Naina. She is very fond of egg curry. I know..
I have prepared for her too. I am getting right away. You will accompany me
to Naina’s place, right? Yes, Sister. Egg curry!
Your mom is the best. I have gone crazy
due to excessive studying. Let’s play for some time. Shall we play ‘Ludo’? No, my dear! Today, no games. Varsha, soon it will be dark. You should go home now. Tomorrow, after the exam you can play
as much as you want. I will also play with you. Okay, sir.
Let’s go. How dare you push me? You hate it when I touch you,
right? Let me show you..
– Hey, move back. Just leave, okay?
– Hey.. It’s the matter of your sister
and him. Don’t get involved.
Just leave. Leave me..
Run, Chetan! Hey, what is this?
What’s going on here? What’s this dance for? Today, Vimal’s rooster won
the fight. Sunil’s rooster lost it. It’s a day of celebration. Today there will be a party. What did I say you? Can’t you manage
for at least two months? Didn’t I tell you?
No illegal activities. Don’t you know
rooster fights are illegal? Ma’am, actually.. Listen, Vimal,
you are important to me. You too have
some responsibilities. The opposition will try to spoil
my reputation by making these small matters
into big ones. Listen, I don’t want
any trouble. All the best for your exams. Mom, I am getting late.
– All right.. Let’s go, my dear. It’s already time
to open the shop. Let’s go, I will come
with you till the bus stop. Mom, I will be back
by 2 o’clock. It’s just one paper.
Make sure Chetan will be there on time.
– Okay, I will tell him. You already know what for.
– Yes, I know. Come, let’s go.
– All right. Listen..
– Let’s go. Make sure the exam goes well. It’s not burning.
I think it also needs a drink. You are of no use. Put some wine on it. Here it is. Look, it’s nicely done.
– All right. Beer is already over!
– How would I know? Here it is. Mr. Raghu..
– You are so late. You finished it so early. The party will go on all night.
What do you say, guys? It’s a party.
You will have to drink. Mom! Where were you?
Go bring back your sister. There’s time for that.
She will come at 5 o’clock. No, she told me,
today she will come early. Mom, I know
when she will come. No, you go now.
She will be waiting for you. Mom, not now.
Right now I am hungry. Listen..
She will be waiting for you. I am hungry, Mom. Chetan, hurry up. Mom, let me eat. I am hungry. She must be waiting. Go.
– No. What do you mean?
She just has one exam today. She will be at the stop
at 2 o’clock. Is there only one exam?
– Yes.. Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I’ve been telling you to hurry. I am almost done.
– Put it down.. – I am done.. Eat it later.
– I am done.. Enough. Now go.. Look at him! Sir, didn’t my sister come yet? She did. She went home. Sir, I am going home.
Tell Chetan if he comes. Home? But I came from home. I didn’t see her. Where did she go? What happened?
Where is Varsha? Didn’t she come home?
– No. What happened, Son? I don’t know where she went. Look for her at Neha’s house.
She must have gone there. She didn’t come here.
Why? What happened? Then where did she go? Chetan. What happened? Mr. Raju. Did you see Varsha going home? Why? I didn’t see her. Didn’t she come yet? She didn’t come home. Then look for her
at the bus station. Let me see. Do something and bring
my daughter home. We are going to look for her. She will be all right. I will tell Ms. Rukmini.
Let’s go. – What happened? I don’t know
where the girl went. How is that possible?
Let’s find her. Come. Varsha. Varsha.
– Varsha. Varsha. Varsha.
– Varsha. Did you find her?
– No. Didn’t you find her?
– No, we didn’t find her. Varsha!
– Varsha! Varsha! Varsha.
– Sister. Varsha. Varsha. Sister! Varsha. Varsha! Sister Varsha! V-Varsha! Sister Varsha! Varsha! Varsha, my child. Varsha. Move aside.. Ms. Rukmini. Ms. Rukmini. Ms. Rukmini..
Look what happened to my child. Look what they did to her. Calm down. Whoever did this to Varsha.. I will not spare them. I will make them
shed tears of blood. I will find them even if they
hide under the ground. Within 24 hours. This will be dealt
within 24 hours. Inspector. It’s not our guy. Ma’am, but it seems
to be our guy. Didn’t I tell you that
it’s not our guy. Didn’t you understand? Lock anyone up. Anyone. Lock him up or hang him
till death. Do what you want. But if my men’s names
are involved in it.. Then it will not be good. Hang the murderers.. Hang the murderer! No.. Rascals! You raped a girl!
You murdered her too, right? No, Sir, we didn’t do anything. You’re lying. That juice guy saw you
both at the bus stop. Go! Go away from here! Sir, we are saying the truth.
We didn’t do anything, Sir. Hang the murderers! Hang the murderers! Hang the murderers! Varsha was murdered
very ruthlessly. And local administration tried
a lot to quiet down this matter. But this matter spread
in government departments. And as soon as the
higher officers heard of this they gave this case
to the crime branch to avoid public anger. Sir, if we see all the details we have got of this case then this case
looks to be very sensitive. It’s not just sensitive, Shirke.
It’s inhuman. How can a human being
behave like an animal? Sir, we didn’t do anything! Sir, we didn’t do anything! Stop! How much more time
will you waste on them? I’ll decide their case
right now. Come! Come. Sir, stop them. Or the mob
outside will beat up the guys. If we don’t hand them
over to the mob then she will kill us. Let’s go. Hang the murderers! Hang the murderers! Calm down! We will punish
these criminals together. Yes. I will kill
these two myself and bring justice to Varsha! Beat them! Kill them! Kill them! Kill them! Shirke! Stop! Move! Move it! The law will decide
their punishment. These two have sinned.
They must be punished! The law will punish them. I’m the law here
and I’m the state. I’m the MLA of here. Whether you are an MLA
or the Prime Minister no one’s greater than the law. If anyone tries to touch them
I’ll throw them in jail too. Whoever that may be. You two didn’t show
any humanity. And the animalism you showed,
might scare even animals. Sir, we haven’t done anything.. Don’t lie! That vendor had seen you
at that bus stop with Varsha. Yes, Sir. We had gone
behind Varsha that day. ‘Come, we will
drop you home..’ ‘Let me go..’ ‘Come..’ ‘Come..’
– ‘Let go of me!’ ‘What are you doing?
Get away from here!’ We won’t spare her. But we left from there, Sir. Sir, these people are
trying to trap us.. These people will kill us, Sir. Once the truth comes out you
both will be hanged to death. Sir, the girl used to live here with her mom, brother
and grandfather. This is her PM report, Sir. She was murdered
very brutally. She was dragged
and taken away due to which her finger
nails broke off. First she was hit on her head. And after that a sanitary
napkin was shoved in her mouth. So that no one
hears her screaming. And after that
she was brutally gang raped. And then she was
strangled to death. And when that was unsuccessful she was drowned in
water and killed. And Sir, the worst part is that after she died, an iron rod was
inserted into her private part. Not just that, Sir. Both her legs
were pulled apart. What sort of people
are these, Shirke? What sort of people! I have handled a lot of
cases in my police career. But I never saw
anything so brutal! Does the DNA match
with those guys? Sir, where would we find
the DNA in that condition? What do you mean? You didn’t get the
girl’s DNA checked? Sir.. Shirke, get Varsha’s DNA.
– Sir.. She must have been
cremated by now. What.. The body was given
back to the family. It was really decomposed. What are you even saying! Dear.. ‘I told you I don’t
want to get married so soon.’ ‘Once I become a collector
I’ll straighten everybody up.’ Varsha.. Forgive us,
but we need Varsha’s body. You said that it’s all done. The DNA test
still has to be done. Chetan, come with me.
We need to talk. Rahul and Gopal have been
arrested by the police. In Varsha’s rape
and murder case. But, Chetan, I still want
to know what happened that day. Sir, sister’s exams
were going on. ‘Listen, I will be back by
2 p.m. I just have one paper.’ ‘Tell Chetan without fail
to come pick me up..’ ‘Yes, I’ll tell him..’ She was escorted
till the bus stand. Sister said that
she would be back by 2 p.m. But I was late
to reach there. Has she not come yet?
– She had. She has gone home. Sir, she had got
down at the bus stand. Sir had seen her there. But no one knows
where she went from there. A-And later,
we found her corpse. Where did
all this take place? At the 500-metre road. Sir, this is the road
she used to take to commute
to and from college. You had told us that
your dad would see her off and you were
supposed to pick her up. Your house
is near the bus stop. Why would
she not commute alone? Sir, this place is not safe.
– What do you mean? Ms. Rukmini’s
party office is right in the middle
of the 500-metre road. And the entire stretch
is infested by her men who are mostly
rogues and drunkards. They misbehave with
women who pass by this road. No one dares
protest. – If someone does they stab them. What are
you policemen doing? What happened next?
– Nothing, sir. I searched for her. – She might
have taken another road. No, sir. There is only one road
that leads to the village. Shirke.. The road looks deserted. If something
did take place here Chetan would
have been aware of it. What is that? It is a factory
building, sir. It has been
closed for a long time. Come on. Let me go! No! Let go of me! Shirke call the
forensic team here. I am sure
something had happened here. You were passing through
this place the other day. Did you
notice something? Yes, sir. Mr. Vimal, Mr. Pradeep Mr. Pakya and Sunil
were standing here. And Vimal’s
shirt was stained with blood. Where do I find them? Sir,
he is Ms. Rukmini’s sidekick. He would
always be present there. He would come back in the
evening to retire for the day. And Pradeep lives in
the village up ahead. And Rukmini is a local leader.
– Yes, sir. We cannot enter her house
without a search warrant. Shirke get a search warrant. Let me talk to
Pradeep in the meantime. Seal the place. Mom, what are you doing? Let go of it, Mom! Tell me what happened. Don’t you worry. I am not trying
to commit suicide. I wanted to
see how painful it is. Those demons slaughtered her. It would’ve been
so painful for her. It’s all because of me. This wouldn’t have happened
with sister if I hadn’t reached
there late that night. Chetan was saying that you were
there that day. And there were blood stains
on Vimal’s clothes. That’s true. Mr. Vimal’s rooster
had won the fight that day. They slaughtered it there. Mr. Vimal himself
slaughtered it. That’s why he
got the blood stains. Sir, we even cooked there
and had liquor. And after that we got to know
that Varsha is missing. We were searching for her
the whole night. And we found her
dead body the next morning. We found
blood in Vimal’s room too. Yes. That’s what I am saying. It was the rooster’s blood. And why are you listening
to Chetan? He is already
angry on Mr. Vimal. Why so? Hey! – Stop.. Stop. Hey! Leave him.
Why did you thrash him? He was teasing a girl. Lift him. – Stand up. How dare you tease a girl!
Don’t you have shame! How dare you.. Mr. Vimal, let him go.
He is naive. Never tease a girl. Sir, he must be taking
revenge for this. I understand how hard
it would’ve been after seeing your daughter dead. Look, I can’t share your pain. You have to live with this pain. But yes, I can surely do what
an elder sister should. Rs. 20 lakhs. I can get you Rs. 20 lakhs
from the government and also a government job
for Chetan. That will be favour on us. Get up! Get up.
Get out! Get out! Your men did the most
shameful act with my daughter. They killed her. They chopped her into pieces. And you have come here
to win us by giving us greed of money and job? Get out! What are you saying? Shut up! You can try to save your men but god will neither
forgive them nor you. Understood? This is all because of you. You gave so much of lenience
to your goons that they didn’t spare
my friend.. They will surely get punished
for what they did. Will you bring them to book? Are you able enough? Come on. Sir.. Sunil, Pakya and
Vimal’s phone location says that they are in this area. I am sure they
are in Rukmini’s house. I feel the same. What about
the search warrant? All right. Did you come
here for a delivery? No matter what people say I am sure they have
done something to her. And Ms. Rukmini
would have torched them. Wait. Where to? Hey!
We have a search warrant. No one goes in.
– Make way! You cannot..
– Hey! What are you doing? Let him in. He has got
a search warrant. You cannot stop him! Are you guys
out of your mind? Please go in
and conduct the search. Search every
nook and corner. The entire house. Come on. Go there. Did you find something?
– Nothing, sir. Nothing, sir.
– Nothing. What happened, sir? Did you find something? No! Like I said..
I am an MLA. I do nothing illegal. Goodbye, sir. Where is Vimal? Oh! We are bored
sitting idle here. God knows for how long
we will have to rot in here. Don’t be worried. She will make arrangements. Oh, come on! Check who is at the backdoor.
– Yes, I will. I have got beer.
– Come on, come in. Daughter-in-law,
bring me some water. Sir had called. It was Versha’s blood
in that house. I warned you to stop
doing all such things but you didn’t listen to me. Look what they have done. They bought alcohol
from your shop and they did such a heinous crime
with your granddaughter. Sir, Ms. Rukmini is going
to send Vimal, Sunil and Pakia away from this village. Ma’am thought that
this case is handled by one of her police officers. But the crime branch officer
is very dangerous. Forget about it. Anyway, ma’am said
that she was going to send Vimal,
Sunil and Pakia away from this village by
tonight or tomorrow. It’s fine.. Hey..
– Hey.. Come here..
– Come.. You’ve got
everything, right? Why didn’t you
inform me, earlier? I had faith that they wouldn’t.. That they wouldn’t do such
a thing with my granddaughter. Sir.. Sir, I have got news
that Vimal, Sunil and Pakia are hiding here. Shirke, go from behind. Come on. I’m done eating. Hey.. Run.. Sir.. You’re the news
officer, right? That’s why you have no clue
what can happen to you. What can happen to me? What can happen? You can get shot. You can get killed. And protestors
will be blamed for it. What? Bring the cutting plier
and pluck out their nails. Get up..
– Move! Stand up.. Move it.. You won’t reveal the truth? No, sir..
No.. Sir.. Please, listen to me, sir. No, sir..
I tell the truth.. Speak up! We all raped her. Hey, what nonsense
are you talking? Yes, sir. We raped her. Pakia, Vimal and I raped her. They both are lying. They’ve already revealed the
truth and it’s your turn now. Prove it and show..
Go.. We are going to prove it and make sure that
you all get convicted. Collect a sample of his semen
and send it for DNA testing. Sir, the detail forensic report
of crime spot has arrived. Sir, they didn’t find anyone’s
DNA traces on Versha’s corpse. What?
– Yes, sir. The corpse is completely clean.
– What? Yes, sir. Sir, the DNA reports
states that three people’s semen traces were found there. But they don’t match
with Gopal, Pradeep nor Sunil. But the urine sample
in the house is of Pradeep. I don’t know anything, sir. You don’t know anything? Verhsa’s blood and your urine
was found in that house. Yet, you don’t know anything. Sir, the incident must’ve
taken place after I left. Talking about urine. We all were intoxicated. I must’ve taken a piss. I was too intoxicated. I mean, why would a sensible
person take a piss in the room. You were so intoxicated
that you didn’t even realise whether
you did a rape or not. No, sir.
I didn’t rape her. Listen, they didn’t
your semen traces in that room. But you were present
in that room, that’s the truth. Inspector! Where are my men? Have we arrested her men?
– No. You’re trying to act smart? I know that my men are here. Then, look for them. Look for them
in the police station. Listen, search every corner. Let’s go.. Search for them over there. Did you find them?
– No, ma’am. You can’t spoil my image
by doing all this! Why make a fragile image. Down with Rukmini.. Down with Rukmini.. Down with Rukmini.. Your image is very
dear to you, isn’t it? Now, wait and watch,
what we all do! Internet, news,
I’ll ruin your image everywhere. Then, you will not be able
to show your face to anyone. Take care of your face! Wait and watch what
I’m going to do to you! Down with Rukmini.. Down with Rukmani!
– Down.. Down with Rukmani.. Down with Rukmani.. Who sent you? Who sent you?
Won’t you tell me? You wanted to throw
acid on her, right? Shirke, throw acid
on their faces. No, sir.. I beg of you.. I’ll tell you..
– Speak! Rukmani.. You won’t be able
to cause any harm to me. Let’s see. Come on.
– Come on. Being drunk on power
and arrogant of high status goes to one’s head,
which makes a person so selfish that
ability to differentiate between right and wrong
becomes lost as happened in Rukmani’s case. This case wasn’t limited
to the village alone but had come under the viewing
of the entire nation. It was discussed everywhere. After Delhi rape case, this
was the next horrifying case. The question wasn’t about
who committed the crime but about the justice
to the victim. I never thought
Rukmani would order acid thrown on my daughter. You never honoured your bond,
why would Rukmani? You were present when Varsha
was murdered, weren’t you? Yes.. We were all drunk. Hey, let’s kidnap someone. And let’s enjoy her. Will you also do it? I’ll go out.. Hey.. Come here..
What do you think about her? Look at her? Isn’t she nice? No, she’s got
her husband with her. I don’t want any problem. You’re right. She’s nice, both of them are. All four of us are drunk.
We need someone alone. You guys be at it.
I’ll be back soon. Okay, go. She’s nice..
Let’s kidnap her. Let’s enjoy her, then. Come on.. I never thought that a joke
would escalate so much. What happened next? Didn’t you feel any shame
when doing that! I didn’t do anything.
What proof do you have? Your semen and the semen
found in the room are a perfect match. So what? I’ve taken a lot
of girls there with me. He won’t break
so easily, Shirke. In fact, I don’t wish
to waste any time. Take him away. Come on.. Where are you taking me? Take them out. Come on..
– Stand in a line.. Run! – Do you think
I’m an idiot? He’ll shoot us if we try to run! I’ll shoot you anyway. Rukmani won’t spare you!
– I won’t spare her! She’s in a prison! Run..
– Hey, run! No, sir..
– It was a mistake.. Hold her.. Dad! Let go of me.. You’re like my father..
Please let me go. Vimal, she’s Varsha.
Let her go. Who leaves a caught prey? We’ll have to pick
the girl up from there. Chetan has seen us here. You guys can do
whatever you want to do. I won’t help you anymore. If you say a word..
Remember you also have a daughter. We took her to riverside. Come on.. Hey.. She’s alive! She won’t die so easily. Put her in the water.. Sir.. Forgive us.. Forgive us, sir.. Shoot them, sir. Let’s face the consequences. They’re beasts!
They have no right to live. Kill them! No, sir.. Kill them.. No..
– Kill them.. I feel like shooting you. I won’t want to insult law
by taking it into my own hands. Just wait.. I’ll get you
sentenced to death! Come on.. For their crime,
Vimal, Sunil and Pakya were sentenced to death. Rukmani was sentenced
for getting Naina attacked and Pradeep was left
due to lack of evidence. Do all criminals really
deserve to be killed? Should they be handed
over to the public so that they can
dispense justice? No, doing this will not
just deteriorate law and order but also be dangerous
to social order. I, Annup Soni,
take your leave. We’ll meet again
in ‘Crime Patrol Satark’s chapter, Black Headlines,
with a new case. Keep in mind, your vigilance
is all that stands between crime and you. Be vigilant, be safe. Jai Hind.

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  11. Jis india m 540 m 90 mp yahi kam kar ayia ho aur vote diya ho asy hi huga india m yab tak log Modi isis tv famliy ko asy agy rakha gaa en jisy log ko mar kar india m aag nahi lagadity maro maderchudo ko insaf ab log karega cuort nahi nahi to road par sindu jisy MP log 70 sal k bandy ko mar dita h aur saf bari ho jata h

  12. How man is like that look how their the poor girl the pain she go through I can't even think… But I learn a lot from crime patrol.. And I love this episode … Sentence to death was less punishment for those man and that lady I feel like slapping her in face. .

  13. Jo aadmi larkiyo ko rep karta hy… Wo sab larka kutta ka bhic lekar payda hua hy….mera matlam jo larka harami uska ma kutta ka laand lekar payda karti hy

  14. This is how actually India is viewed by outer world, so get your shit together India. The storyline is somehow true still in 2020. Respect every human as yourself, everyone has same right to breathe and feel safe as you'd like to.

  15. I am maybe being brutal but these people deserve to be killed every day by torturing them emotionally and mentally so that they will know how victims family are felling and i m staying under the law as well…

  16. in india rape is not a crime.
    I don't know why thy make episode on this topic.
    In india if any police office or army officer wants promotion he have to do rape then he will get promoted

  17. Aise logo ko to khoulta huwa garam oil m jida daldo fir bhi kam h itna ghussa aaraha h😣😣ki kya batau insan to kya janwar kehenek k bhi layek nahi h koi kisi k sath aisa kar kaisa sakta h aakhir mila kya mout or to or in harami yo ki karni ki saja inki famli relative ko mile gi jindagi bhar socaity unko jine nahi degi or wo sali bekar ourat wo dhabba khudko aamdar bolti h kalank h agar uske saath aisa hota to samajh aata usko aise insan paida hone se aacha h banjh rahena rip for her,😓😓

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  23. I am so concerned about our country. vote BJP and not only will ethnic minorities like us Christians suffer but these sort of thugs/goons will thrive under modi! I love my country. God bless us all

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  26. People are so shameless! Some men deserve to die not once but everyday! I feel so bad for the victims.. I pay all my respect to them. May their souls rest in peace.

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