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Hi friends welcome to Lakshu’s Diary Today we are going to see about a travel vlog Coimbatore to Shirdi We went to shirdi by shirdi tours and travels We are 25 members went as a family trip in that day 1 we went from coimbatore airport to mumbai. How we reached mumbai and what are the tourist places we visited in Mumbai Now let’s go the video We went to this trip during feb 14 15 16 we was little busy so this video was delayed to publish Our flight to Mumbai is 7.50am but we went to airport in early morning 6.00 am We have entered into the airport and completed all procedures inside There was lot of shops but was costly so we bought breakfast as a parcel and took in the airport because we had some time for boarding These are some shops inside airport Now its time for boarding so we have started we went by indigo flight so we had indigo bus to drop us near the flight Will share my personal experience in next video . We have come to the flight now Here i like to share a information After receiving the boarding pass you will be having the seat number in the boarding pass according to that you can go to the entry door in the flight because we had some hurry burry during last minute we had the seat numbers in the back and we went to the front entry door We got settled in the flight and demo given by the air hostess That chart and the catalogue have been shared I suggest if you are feeding mothers the air hostess itself will suggest to feed while take off or not we elder people can keep cotton to ears while take off and landing but for babies we cannot do that for babies who stopped feeding you can give them water in straw bottles or chipper or else something to eat . They will not get the pain when they chew something Now the flight is getting ready for take off while take off the views are really superb and we enjoyed a lot because its a day time the clouds views are really superb Music Music Music Music Music this is the catalog which I told you in this we have some snacks list and also accessories which are all available for sales. Snacks are Good but price is little costly accessories we purchased a ear phones last time it was good and the price was also reasonable This one is like information sheet we have come mumbai and landed here my daughter din feel comfortable while landing so i cannot take landing videos Now we landed and got into indigo bus Now time is 9.45 am the guide told he will be waiting in airport In bombay we are going two temples one is siddhi vinayak temple and mahalakshmi temple after completing this we planned to start to Shirdi Now we have entered inside airport We landed in terminal 1 airport Here also there was some shops music music music music music music music music music music music music music music music And also while coming out we have many taxi services like ola uber meru etc i am not sure about the fares We have started to siddhi vinayak temple in siddhi vinayak temple and mahalakshmitemple camera is not allowed so in any temple i din take any videos and photos I have taken videos only outside Mumbai traffic is very heavy and also the buildings looks very beautiful Now we are near Rajiv gandhi sea link bridge this view is really superb both sides beach view and centre there is a bridge and its really awesome In bombay beach we cannot see the waves This is the bridge view While crossing this bridge for taking photos we should not stop vehicle in this bridge. Siddhi vinayak is located in the area called Prabha devi in mumbai. We can reach sidhi vinyak temple by train and bus. The bus stop is siddhi vinayak mandir. The bus depot is vasantrao naik chowk that is 7.1 km From mumbai central railway station the distance to the templeis 7.9 km from terminal 1 to temple is 11.3 km from terminal 2 to temple is 14 km will give details in description box if needed please check and about the darshan timings is it will open from 5.00 am to 10.00 pm and about the darshan tickets we have free darshan and also tickets available for rs.50 and for senior citizens the special darshan is free if they are above 60 yrs this temple was built during 18th century And this one of the richest temple in India now we have reached to the temple will show you the shops and outside of the temple There was lot of shops outside and also some shops are there for shopping Now we are on the way to mahalakshmi temple it takes 30min to 45 min to siddhivinayk mandir Mahalakshmi temple is in sea shore in this temple three dieties are together Maha kali, Mahalakshmi and maha sarswathi this also built in 18th century timings for this temple is morning 6.00 am to nite 10.00 pm we went during 12.00 pm that time it was closed for 30 min to 45 min for naivedhaya We went only in free darshan so I am not sure any special darshan tickets over there the railway station near by this temple mahalakshmi railway station jus 1 km travel from temple bus stop is jus 500 m distance from temple from mumbai central its 4kms to the temple and from both airport its 19kms all those details are given in description box if needed please check this is temple entrance this is shopping area and slipper stand Will complete my day 1 video here in day 2 video will upload about mumbai to shridi tourist places If you din subscribe to my channel please click on the red button if you like my video please press the like and if you think whether my video is useful for you please share to your friends and family members. Thank you friends bye see you in next video.

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