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Good morning you guys we’re coming to you live in Canada yeah yeah yeah Now we are doing an epic, super-budget road trip
all the way from Vancouver out to Calgary So we missed an entire day yesterday because we
were miffing around with that tent and stuff like that but we made the right
decision we met an amazing couple from Red Deer shout out to Gary and Marcie,
married for 49 years? holy heck they are just living the dream
man they’re getting around in their caravan, lovely people I’m so glad we got
to meet them gonna go set up at Tunnel Mountain at our campsite hopefully we can
have a campfire again tonight Strap yourself in, put on your vlog belts
cuz it’s about to be Liiiiiiittttt!!!!! Welcome to summer Summer, can you see that? it’s snowing
just a light dusting of snow but still for Queenslander like me… It’s like dandruff really Ok, that makes me feel sick Ok we’re gonna try the big reveal again look down yeah, don’t look up keep it down, keep it down he can’t see it yet alright… look up Woah Awesome right? isn’t that cool? Yeah that’s beautiful You like it? Look at the colour of it yeah beautiful right, glacial you may remember early in this vlog episode
I mentioned Matthew facing off with an elk what happened? where were you? I’d been in town for a while and I’d noticed a postcard In banff? yeah The postcard was a whole bunch of people lined up behind a tree and using the tree to block themselves from what looked like… an agitated elk So I’m running up Tunnel Mountain when i looked up to my left I remember hearing like a… what sounded like a horse running at me It was galloping…
it was galloping down the mountain at me and all I could think was get behind the tree get behind the tree so I got behind the tree and
just stood there and looked at it it was flaring it’s nostrils at me and then after what seemed like five minutes was probably twenty seconds
I decided to just back away slowly and then turned and ran anyway, I’m looking forward to…
seeing that elk again, 20 years on I’m back, I’m not scared of you What advice would you give the people of the internet? keep your eyes and ears open when you’re in souvenir shops because you can pick up
awesome survival tips from really corny looking postcards You are looking at two smooth criminals
we just stole some wi-fi from the Fairmont because…
thanks Fairmont, you’re the best why did we steal it? one, got no money
two, got no Wi-Fi, three… got no life look who it is! Lake freaking Louise there she is So Matt used to live in Banff he did a season here for six months? yeah So he’s giving me a bit of his nostalgia tour
I guess we could call it there are a few There are a few really significant things
that happened in Banff for Matt and how do you feel being here
in the old stomping ground? I’m really happy, I really really like this place what do you like about it? I don’t know, it brings back good memories
it was a good time in my life So I used to sit in this park a lot and ponder
what would become of my life when I had no job here and I was looking for a job
that’s what I want to show you is I want to take you to the places that I had jobs
cuz I had quite a few jobs here Great Canadian Bagel
I worked there for a little while they were lucky to have you they were did you have a passion for the bagel? I did I thought I was a bagel
connoisseur after working in Canadian Bagels, I thought that was the pinnacle
of… The Great Canadian Bagel I thought it was a big thing. They’ve since closed down
it’s not a big thing I did have one crack at retail here as well
at a place called Bear Country Shirts how did that go? They cut me from 38 hours to 4 hours
a week because I sold one skivvy what I went to next was the Magpie and Stump
which is still here I worked in the dish pit and there was dishes coming
from all angles and I was in the middle of it just washing stuff. It stunk of
Mexican food and it turned me off so much I quit after a week. That used to be
Silver… Silver City which they used to call Syphilis City why? I have no idea I used to love going there all the time we have arrived somewhere very very
special indeed that house there
was a very important part of my life I used to live in the semi-basement
of that place and I remember we used to socialize with
everyone in the house I think it was a whole share house place. Had a big night anyway
come back to there and for whatever reason I was staying in the other side of the house and that house was responsible for… making me a man it was 20 years ago so if you do the math on that… almost 20 years ago to the day I was what you call a late bloomer I mean what street is this?
what is this called? this is Bear street this is where I… went from a cub to a bear to stand here and see where it all happened and just think about wow, what a 30 seconds that must
have been for everybody Matthew and I’ve been staying with a friend in
Canmore, our very good friend Mindy and last night we were all just hanging out at
home after Mindy and Matthew had gone and done a five… hour… hike anyway Mindy and I are sitting in the living room, we’re talking and we’re
gabbing and I’m cooking dinner and then all of a sudden Matthew says something
from the lounge I said to Mindy I think my nose hurts and it was hurting because it was all grazed so Mindy and I are looking at his face going oh my god your nose is
so scratched and then as we were looking at that I noticed his eye how did, how 5 minutes ago I didn’t have a black eye yeah, and we were like how did that happen? and you kept saying I don’t know, I don’t know… I just came
out and my nose is really sore and you had a black eye and then when I went in and saw that
I went… what the… what is that? what is…. what is that! it was like he had been like scraped and the skin from here had been like pushed up his forehead
to a little curl like this it’s like a curl of skin was hanging off and the Febreeze had moved yeah the Febreze was on the ground next to the toilet…brush and the toilet brush was sort of… knocked so there’s water everywhere
so I… it’s very likely that I… was face down in the toilet brush water

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  1. So does that make Matt in his 40s? Lol you just never know what hilarious comedy you’ll get in a LGB travel video 😂

  2. What time of year were you there? We're from the Gold Coast, heading there next October. Wondering how the lakes may look and whether snowing?

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