Can Grief (or any emotion) be Fuel for Growth and Moving Forward?

I have been pondering some questions about what is fueling growth, that’s the phrase that
comes up, fueling fuel for growth, and looking at my compelling reasons and one of the things that’s been going on as many of you know, is that in November my horse died, and just a year ago my dad died. I have been moving through and being with grieving. Recently I realized some things about grief because I’m
always looking to explore and learn and grow and what helps things shift. My Cat Cassie is coming up she’s on the rail. A And so these are some of the
questions that I’ve been working with pondering, taking into meditations. Recently I created a small book just for
me this one is of the things I do, create. Because I am compelled, I need to take
things into the creative realms… and we also have a bluejay visiting… when I got home last night, I got in the
mail a book that I had created with Ibis and so that’s what his guidance
has been about: Continuing the Connection In this book I have lots of
beautiful pictures of us and I the writing is the message that he gave me
the afternoon that he passed in on November 11th. There were
a couple of reasons why I did it; one is just for my heart, and his messages are
such profound teachings, and this one in particular, well they’re all profound and
they’re all big teachings, they’re all filled with many facets of his teachings
and his wisdom, and so this one starts with: “I race through the winds of
your heart as we touch each other Souls…” and so on the opposite page so I have it
laid out with the writing and then this wonderful picture of him galloping, which
I believe is a picture from last summer, it was always just so amazing to see him
galloping and It’s about 20 pages and it
continues with this message from this that afternoon, that’s one of
my paintings that I started painting before he passed and actually since I
put this in this booklet I did a little bit more with that particular painting.
I love this painting I started this one before he passed also and the
beautiful angel colors that I don’t usually think of angels in but that’s
what came through, and that blue green pink orange red yellows, and on the page
opposite that it says: “I am bound to the physical no more
I am galloping across the ethers across time and space with all of our beloved’s
who’ve passed before me and so this is a way for me to put together messages with
the story of the paintings and pictures and it’s very soothing to my heart
and I also just wanted to see what it would look like in printed form I love
these pictures this is the one of him laughing and me laughing and this
picture is from the same afternoon that’s with our buddy sunny who also
lived to the age of 37 and that was a much older picture of us when we were
all much younger when we were in Vermont actually no I think we were in Virginia
it was our early years in Virginia look at how honky handsome he is there isn’t
that beautiful you just love that somebody sent me that picture I hadn’t
seen it and oops sorry the picture while I was looking through the pages yeah so
you know I use these things situations emotions difficult challenges as fuel
for moving forward so I know what it’s like to not move forward from them I
know what it’s like to sit in them and not be able to move so tune in tomorrow
I’m gonna talk some more about all of this in ways that we can about fueling
fueling forward motion in our lives in our and my tune into the
multi-dimensional world I’ll put the link for registering below
and I look forward to seeing you for the next episode of tuning into the
multi-dimensional world and I am sandy rechlicz see you soon

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