BIKEPARK SPICAK – Season end trip with Raddiesl / Trail mix

follow me where to go? – there are a few lines don’t go up there! wait and see this was a big thing back in the days it’s confusing with all those lines to the left omg Check it out! can you do that? you need momentum this works! yeah well done huh? Slipped a pedal.. just while rolling down there I don’t get it… – uh and then stomped into the ground? yepp this is awesome that was a rock…. and there are some exposed poles loose rocks everywhere nice another northshore element it moved pretty nice there’s more a bit broken have to ride it again final drop thought it was shorter love those parts you don’t want to crash here I really like it! almost go away tape! the tower is moving! we better get down it’s dark… damn clock change survived! good job!

9 thoughts on “BIKEPARK SPICAK – Season end trip with Raddiesl / Trail mix

  1. Ich. muss. einfach.
    Was fahrt ihr für Fahrräder?
    Welche Reifen fährst du?
    Welchen Luftdruck?
    Bleibt gesund ihr zwei, aber da geh' ich jetzt einfach mal 'von aus. 🙂

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