(Music) J: Hello guys, A; Hello, J: Welcome to Hoi An Vietnam. Right, so the chances of you guys not eating a banh mi while you are in Vietnam
will be verry slim, so we thought we’d show you the best place to get a banh mi
in Hoi An. Honestly, we had it yesterday … A: Yep, it was the best, J: And it was delicious so… and we also tried banh mi Queen, which everyone knows about in Hoi An, but … A: This one’s best … J: This one top’s it, trust me, it’s called Banh Mi Phuong, Let’s go and see what all the fuss is about. A: Let’s go show you, this is the best. (Music) A: Banh Mi top tip … you don’t need to queue downstairs, just come upstairs and order. J: What’d you get? A: I got the chicken, but inside, there’s laughing cow cheese. J: Spreadable cheese, cucumber, chicken … A: Lettuce, J: Onion, laughing cow cheese in there. A: And they put some like, gravy … so good. J: Hi guys, yeah, and I got the mixed one, so in the
mixed one there is chicken, pork, beef, some chili sauce there look, some coriander, I’ve got
some onions … I think, no … I’ve got some onions here, A: They fell out … J: onions, cucumber and some A: Chilli sauce as well. J: chilli sauce and some special gravy pate in there, but
yeah, let’s go A: What do you think Jamie? So what do you say? Now we’ve had that amazing gorgeous
banh mi, which was only 25 dong, J: How much? A; 25 dong, and I’ll put the price up here,
Bing, we’re now off to our favorite coffee and milkshake shop, but we’ve got
to work the calories off first. J: Work that banh mi off (Music) Girl: Welcome to Hoi An. (Sounds of street) J: Yeah, yeah, yeah. (Music in cafe) A: Another reason for making this video is to show you how cheap Vietnam is, so, the bamn mi and the milkshakes were £3? I’m stuffed. J: Your bellie’s happy, yeah? A: Yeah, very happy belly. J: Let’s go and have a look at the milkshakes. A: Let’s go. (Music in the cafe) (Alice laughs) J: Right guys, I got chocolate, gelato milkshake, Alice got banana… this is … I haven’t even tasted it yet … let’s go ready? Ooo, that’s rich … Belgian chocolate … that’s beautiful. A: and I’ve got banana, which is different to what I expected it to taste … it still tastes good … I mean, I’d give it a 6, not an 8. J: Hey, not an eight … normally Alice, you’ll know if you’ve been watching the vlogs, Alice always gives an 8. Always, (mimicing Alice) yeah, sure, okay, I’ll give an 8. Yeah, it wasn’t too bad, I’ll give it an 8. A: This is getting a 6. J: 6? A: Cos it’s just not what I wanted. J: Mine’s an 8. But we normally have coffee here, and that’s why we thought we’d try the milkshakes today, but … A: Yeah … J: Mmm A: Can I try yours? J: Try it, go on. A: Mmm, this is good. J: No it’s mine … A: This is a 9. J: I would like some of my milkshake at the end … A: This is yours. J: I’ll try yours … That’s good, that’s good, but, mine’s better. A: Always make a mistake. A: Hi guys, sorry to cut the vlog short, but it started raining, and then when we got back we had to pack, cos we leave
early tomorrow. J: yeah guys, so at least now you know where the best banh mi in Hoi An is in Vietnam, definitely go and check out banh mi phuong, 100%, even if you don’t watch the whole video, make sure you take that from the beginning because it is
incredible, only 80p as well. And then once you have it, let us know in the
comments, if you ever go in there let us know in the comments, don’t forget to
subscribe please, A: like … J: and yeah, ding the bell on so you don’t miss a video, leave us a
comment like I already said, so see you in the next one. A: See you in the next one, J: bye guys (Music)


  1. There are a few Vietnamese restaurants in Cebu City area that you might want to visit offering that awesome Banh mi sandwich. Try both Phat Pho (Ayala Center Cebu and IT Park branches) as well as Banh Mi Kitchen in Ayala Malls Central Block in IT Park. Cebu City has two Ayala Malls – the older one is called Ayala Center Cebu at Cebu Business Park and the newer one called Ayala Malls Central Block at IT Park.

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