Battle Trip | 배틀트립 EP170 Part. 2 Trip to Australia 2 [ENG/THA/CHN/2020.01.12]

(Morning of day 4 in Melbourne) – Wow. / – Wow. It was so nice. – This looks so nice. / – Yes. Rowing on the river. That’s so exotic. People were rowing on the river. – Really? / – Yes. (Jogging at Fitzroy Garden) They have 25 of these gardens in Melbourne. And this is one of the three biggest. Melbourne is also called the garden city. They have a lot of gardens. And Fitzroy Garden is one of the bigger ones. How many gardens do they have? – Around 25? / – 25? It’s 6 a.m.! You’re really going jogging. A lot of people were jogging. A lot of people out here jogging this morning. – Right? / – Yeah. Isn’t it nice to go for a run in the morning? Yeah, this is nice. Taking in this refreshing air. – You can smell the grass. / – Right? We wouldn’t jog if it was just us. – But other people are jogging too. / – Right. We’re true Melburnians now. You’re right. Nobody has ever gone jogging at 6 a.m. – On this show. / – Right. Your friends, Chiyeul. Yes, my girlfriends. (Showing off for the birds) You’re good at running backward! – How do you do that? / – You just run backward. Melbourne hosts a marathon. It’s like the runner and the coach… – You’re right. / – It’s like training. (It’s like he has 8 hearts) I shouldn’t have done that… We’re not running. We’re jogging. (He’s out of steam after less than 50m) That’s one lap! 49 laps left. It’s not over? Not yet. We just started. This is good enough, right? No? This is enough, right? Try to look cool as you jog. Try to look cool as you jog, Chiyeul. I’m suddenly power walking. – You got tired. / – Power walking? (It’s like his lungs are broken) This isn’t… Meaningful… (Cough, cough) Hurry! (Cough) (Huffing) (A lot of hard breathing) This is refreshing. (Gasping) How was it? What? Wasn’t that refreshing? That was refreshing. “That was refreshing.” I don’t talk in dialect that often. But it just came out because I was tired. (He aged a lot in 15 minutes) We’ll go jogging tomorrow too. We’ll go jogging tomorrow too. (Trembling) You dropped it? (Boreum, let’s go back to Korea…) I heard that England let them bring a building here. Yes. That’s Cooks’ Cottage over there. – Cooks’ Cottage? / – He discovered Australia. He’s a captain. The captain that first discovered Australia. An English explorer. (Cooks’ Cottage) (James Cooks’ house in England was moved here) (You can experience life in the 18th century) This house… They brought it from England. Why didn’t they just build it here? They brought that house here… – By using thousands of balloons. / – Like this? – With balloons? / – Balloons? Then they popped them. Really? They even added CG. You just made that up, right? You shouldn’t lie to your elders. – I believed that. / – Me too. I was like, “They really used balloons?” – Or a hot air balloon. / – Yes. Shall we run to it? We can just walk. – Can’t we walk this way? / – No, no. Let’s go! – It looks so old. / – Right? Isn’t it pretty? (Built in England in 1755) They took it apart, brought it and built it again. You can pay an entrance fee to go inside and look around. (Became a tourist attraction in Australia) This is a tourist attraction. You can wear clothes from the 18th century. – And you can look around. / – Really? So it’s a tourist attraction now. (Cooks’ Cottage) (Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., $5.20 entry fee) Chiyeul, everyone in Melbourne drinks coffee in the morning. Oh, morning coffee sounds nice. – Right? Shall we go? / – Okay. (Boreum’s Melbourne) (Morning coffee at cafe street) We went for coffee. We’ve never had such early birds like you guys. A very busy day. This is Degraves Street. – It’s a street of cafes. / – They’re all open. Right? All the cafes open at 6:30 a.m. Most office workers start their mornings with coffee. They drink a lot of coffee here. And people go on cafe tours in Melbourne. – They open so early. / – The coffee’s really good. – All the other places are closed. / – Right. Except for the cafes. – Just that street of cafes? / – Yes. This is where we’re going. – Here? / – Yes. Should we have our coffee outside? So pretty. I love it. I ordered some food for breakfast too. We’ll get to eat if we wait a bit. It’s like we’re living in Melbourne. Yes, like Melburnians. Melburnia? They call people in New York, New Yorkers. They call people in Paris, Parisians. And people in Melbourne are Melburnians. We live in Seoul. (For people in Seoul…) Seoul people. We learn before going to Seoul. They’ll cheat you right in front of you. – If you move to Seoul? / – Yeah. That’s what you learned? This smell… The smell of bread. Brad Pitt? Stop it. (Embarrassed) You use a lot of English. I just hear things… I couldn’t help myself. – Here… / – It’s here. (The coffee arrives) – Thank you. / – Thank you. (The pancakes arrive soon after) – A pancake! / – That looks so good. I want to take a photo! Hold on! (Should I pose like this?) Like this? No, I’m just getting the food. – Oh, just the food? I see… / – Yes. I should move. (Distant) (A common breakfast in Melbourne) That looks delicious. They use different terms for coffee here. An Americano is called a long black. – A long black? / – That’s different. They use different terms. And they call a latte a flat white. – The terms are different. / – Flat white. The milk is steamed, so it’s softer and more fragrant. – You smell the milk more? / – No, the coffee. They don’t use that much milk, but they use a lot of coffee beans. It’s a bit stiffer than a latte. And the coffee is really cheap. And Boreum is… – I make coffee. / – A barista. – She has a barista license. / – She has a license. Right. I couldn’t think of the word “barista.” (Hahaha) What’s this? This is this cafe’s special dish. It’s breakfast. It’s like brunch. No, it’s breakfast. So it’s for breakfast. (Embarrassed) Shall we eat now? Let’s try the coffee first. It smells nice. It smells strong. – Really? / – Yeah. This is good. – This is perfect for the morning. / – Right? The coffee is pretty strong. But it smells nice. It looks really strong. They add more foam than milk, so it’s smoother than a latte. The toppings look nice on this pancake. Yes. – Blueberries. / – Yes. And strawberries. And banana too. Doesn’t it look cute? – So pretty. / – That looks so good. Perfect for breakfast. It looks like an 8-year-old made it. This is maple syrup. – Should we ask for honey? / – Should we? – This is too dry. / – Dry… You just called the pancake dry. I want maple syrup. “I want maple syrup.” I think they added maple syrup. It’s right here. – Oh, they added some. / – Yes. It kind of looks like a Korean pancake. (How will this pancake taste?) Should I try it? – This is yogurt. / – Yeah. This is good. It’s even better after jogging. I was worried that this wasn’t enough syrup, but it’s really moist. The bread smell is really strong. Bread smell? – Bread smell? / – The smell of the bread. (The smell of the bread) – Don’t you call it bread smell? / – Bread smell? I’ve never heard that term. (Don’t just make things up) Bread smell. – The bread smell is really strong. / – The bread… Its smell was very strong. – The bread? / – It wasn’t like ordinary bread. It smelled really nutty… I don’t even want to call it a smell. – Let’s call it a fragrance. / – Right. When something smells really good… – You want to make it into perfume. / – Right. – So you can smell like bread. / – Yes. Pork rib perfume. Nutty scent. So you smell nice all day. Bread… Bread… Pork rib perfume! – Just an example. / – Never heard of bread smell. It’s thick. It’s kind of crude but it’s soft. It’s like cornbread. – Is that how it tastes? / – The texture. It’s like cornbread? (Nom) Eating in this alley with locals walking by… – Makes me feel like a Melburian. / – Melburnian. Like a Melburnian. I’m just making these outdated jokes to be funny. I’m actually really classy. (Hahaha) (He keeps his pinky up to be classy) Let’s try this, Chiyeul. We’re used to having sausages, hash browns and bread. I love stuff like this. – You do? / – Yeah, the potatoes. – This is… / – That’s meat? – No. / – What’s that? This was so good! – This was amazing. / – Is that a sausage? What is it? What is this? Sausage. – Oh, this is a sausage? / – Yeah. – It’s so good. / – It’s huge. (How does it taste?) Good, right? – Wow, this is so good! / – Right? I was shocked. It’s incredible. What is this? It’s a bit tough on the outside. – This sausage… / – Yes. That’s why the texture is nicer. I love how spicy it is. – This sausage is so good! / – Right? It’s delicious. Gosh… – This sausage is the best. / – Why is it so good? – It looks kind of like steak. / – Yes. You’re right. I was so shocked at how good it was. – Is it salty? / – Not at all! – Sausage overseas is usually salty. / – This wasn’t. That’s why it was good. It wasn’t too salty. – This sausage is delicious. / – Right? (They finish their breakfast) The bread is so good too. Chiyeul, after we finish eating, we’re going to Queen Victoria Market. To experience that country’s culture… He’s not listening. He’s focused on eating. We’re going to eat there. Really? (Oh… We’re eating again?) (Hahaha) We really enjoyed the food. Because it was after exercising. – It’s even better that way. / – Yes. (5-minute drive to Queen Victoria Market) There are gardens in the city. It wasn’t too far either. It was a great morning. It’s so nice out. I always go to the market… – When I travel overseas. / – Me too. – Right? / – Yes. – You have to go. / – Yes. – You have to. / – The market. The weather was a lot nicer… – For Boreum’s days. / – It was so nice out. It’s so nice out! I finally get to wear my sunglasses. – This is my first time wearing them. / – Really? Chiyeul, that’s Queen Victoria Market. So this is the place. It was named after Queen Victoria. – I see. / – Isn’t it huge? All of this is a market. It was made in 1859. It’s around 150 years old. Everything’s displayed so nicely. – The locals… / – It’s like out of a cartoon. Buy a lot of stuff here. – You can buy souvenirs here. / -Yes, that’s right. But it’s only open until 3. – Oh, really? / – Yes. – That’s why we came early. / – So that’s why. This market is huge. Yeah. – So many cute souvenirs. / – So much to see. – Hey, they have souvenirs. / – Look at the koala. – This bag is so cute. / – So cute. They have everything. Gosh, that’s adorable. Kangaroo. A koala! So cute! You have to buy stuff like that. Stuffed koalas would make great gifts. – So cute. / – I think I look good with a koala. Yes. – That’s… / – Wow! What is that? Kangaroos! We ate kangaroo yesterday. – Yeah? / – Look at the tail. (Limited edition kangaroo leather) Sorry. – How is it? / – Super soft. It’s so soft. (Kangaroo skin is so soft) It’s so soft. – You can’t bring stuff like that to Korea? / – Right. – You can’t bring that? / – You can’t. You can bring products made with it but you can’t bring whole leather in. Interesting. They have kangaroo hats too. Are they made of kangaroo leather? This is kangaroo hide? – I’ll try one on. / – Okay. Hey, that looks great! – It looks nice. / – It looks good on him. Buy one for concerts. I pulled out a gun and she shot a dart at me. This is pretty comfortable. (This is the best thing about kangaroo leather) – It was really neat. / – Very neat. It doesn’t wrinkle. It goes back to normal. You can stuff that in your luggage… – It’s fine when you take it out. / – No wrinkles? – It’s really light. / – Like those self-pitching tents? It doesn’t get wrinkled. (It never gets wrinkled) (He loves the hat) I’ll buy one for your birthday present. (But he doesn’t need it) You don’t want it? I need a horse to wear that… It’s honey! $2.60. – Isn’t this honeycomb? / – Yeah. I want to try eating this. You add this to ice cream. – It’s honeycomb. / – I love it! – How about this? / – What is it? You can suck the honey out of these. Let’s try one. – Should we? / – Yeah. – That looks yummy. / – Interesting. – This one. / – I’m curious about this one. (Honeycomb honey, $8) (How do the honey sticks taste?) I feel stronger! It’s really good. I feel energized. Do this, like an IV. (Getting some sugar) It’s so good. Wow, I’ve always wanted to try this! Someone got that for me as a gift once. They brought me Australian honey. – It’s not too sweet. / – It’s delicious! You could make spicy chicken stew with that. That would be such a waste! Try it. It’ll be incredible! – Really? / – Using honey like that… – Should we try it? / – Yeah. – So much honey. / – That looks so good. The honey is different. It’s so good. It’s like eating a cookie. It’s so good. Those would make great gifts. Isn’t it sweet? (Eyes bulging) It’s so good. (They get to taste the honey cheap) It’s so good. I love the texture too. It isn’t too sweet. It’s pleasantly sweet. I would keep this on my belt and… (Eat some whenever your blood sugar is low) (For your pocket) – How is it? / – It’s so good. – Is it good? / – Yeah. – You seem much happier now. / – Yeah. It was really good. Hey! Lambskin! (They start shopping again) This is Australia’s famous brand. (They see Australia’s famous sheepskin boots) – Ugg. / – Ugg. Ugg slippers. So much to see here. (Handmade souvenirs) – These are all handmade, aren’t they? / – Yes. So cute! Australia. This one looks nice. – It’s cute. It’s a thermometer. / – Interesting. (What does Boreum see?) (Boxing kangaroo pens) – So cute! / – How cute! I love those. “I’m not making this sound with my mouth.” I have to buy this. – I want a yellow one. / – They’re six for $10. Wow! That’s so cheap! The kangaroos are frowning. (Very pleased) A man holding kangaroos. So cute. (So many kangaroos) – So pretty! What is this? So cute. / – What is this? Whoever made this is really clever! – This one’s really interesting. / – That was cool. It looks like this, but it becomes like this. – What is this? / – That’s how it normally looks. – It becomes a fruit basket. / – That’s wood? This is how it’s sold. – It opens up… / – Like this. This is a great idea. It’s neat how this expands, so you can put stuff in here. Excuse me? (I’m already buying this) That’s really neat. I’m glad I bought it. It’s only $30. We brought… (Ta-da) – You shouldn’t have! / – Nice! – It’s okay! / – Boreum… – Take a look. / – This is how it looks. But then… – Like this. / – It’s a kangaroo! – It’s a kangaroo. / – It became a kangaroo. You can put fruit in here. – Wow, so cute. / – So pretty! Let me see. You can store it easily. Oh, like this? – So this is how it works. / – Wow! So bouncy! So you go like this… – And then… / – It becomes flat. Then you expand it… You could use it as a pot holder. – Yeah. / – You’re right. Just like that… – You could keep fruit in here. / – Right. It expands a lot. Oh, it’s like a kangaroo pouch. – It gets really big. / – I see a baby in the front. Yes, in the front. – And if you lift it up… / – This is great. – Great as a decoration. / – Yes. It was so interesting that we had to show you. – I see… / – Oh, to show us? – Oh, this isn’t for us to keep? / – No. We just brought it to show you all. – Just to show us? / – Yes. – Oh… / – Put it away now that we’ve seen it. Let’s move on. Thanks for letting us see it. I’m sure you brought more. You just brought one to show off? (They brought gifts for the hosts too) What is this? Chiyeul, we’re going to a pub now. A place locals love. (Boreum’s Melbourne) (Enjoying unique cocktails) Alright, this is the last stop of our trip. – This is the last stop. / – Yes. This is where locals go to end their day. Shall we check it out? – This is it? / – Yes. This is it. Ta-da! What do you think? Wow, so many people. – This is incredible. / – Isn’t it nice? (The place is packed with Melburnians) We can’t bring cameras in. I don’t think we can go inside. (This place is too packed) (A few hours later!) (We got permission to shoot after they closed) – The alcohol… Gosh… / – They have so many kinds. It’s like they have liquor from around the world. They had so many kinds of liquor. You can’t even get to some of them without a ladder. That’s how they’re displayed. 5 shelves. That’s a skill too. Memorizing the names of all those different spirits. – Is that draft beer? / – Yes. Craft beer. I think they have beer taps. I can see handles. This pub is called the Boilermaker. That drink is called a boilermaker. – What is this? / – It’s whiskey and stout beer. We’re going to drink a boilermaker. It’s like a beer cocktail. A beer cocktail… Did you just sigh? No… It’s not like that. I don’t really drink. It’s interesting because they add egg whites. Egg whites? Like black herbal tea? It’s not black herbal tea. – Oh, you’re right! / – Yes. “Egg white.” He’s going up. That’s how he gets to the higher shelves. – That bartender is really cool. / – Yes. (Whiskey is the base of a boilermaker) He added whiskey. – Stout beer. / – He adds stout beer. (Craft stout beer) – It looks pretty fancy. / – Yeah. – Served like that. / – That’s a boilermaker. (Adds lemon, passion fruit, egg white and whiskey) – Egg white? / – Yes. The one I ordered has egg white in it. Shake it, shake it. – Shake it, shake it. / – A cocktail. I thought it was like black herbal tea. Look at that foam. Wow. I thought it would taste eggy… Here it is. It’s coming. ($20, $16, $60) So pretty. This is whiskey and this is stout beer. You can sip on this and then sip on this. Or just add this to this and drink it. They give you chocolate because it’s really bitter. So first… Down it. – I can’t do that. / – Okay. It smells like a kerosene lamp. It smells so strong. This is… (Chiyeul gets ready to make a boilermaker) Wow, it looks like you’ve done this before. How is it? It smells nice. How does it taste? It’s bitter. (Hahaha) (Like he discovered the secret of life) – You’re right. / – Because it’s alcohol. (He tries the stout beer) How is it? Bitter. – Bitter? / – Because it’s alcohol. This smells really grainy. – So these two are mixed together. / – Yes. Should we try these mixed together? Ta-da. Wow! Will it taste different now? (How does the boilermaker taste?) – You can taste the whiskey. / – Really? In the beer? That stout beer smell with this whiskey… Well, I’m not sure. – They drew a mustache. / – So pretty. – It’s so pretty. / – Wow, a mustache. (How is it?) – It’s so refreshing! / – Yeah? I don’t taste any whiskey in this. They added scotch, passion fruit and egg white. Women would really like this. – That one… / – It’s refreshing. Yes, and it doesn’t taste like alcohol. – You don’t taste any whiskey? / – Right. They added passion fruit, so it’s like drinking refreshing whiskey. It didn’t taste eggy or anything like that. (What does Chiyeul think?) How is it? Isn’t it refreshing? It doesn’t taste like beer. – It doesn’t taste like egg white. / – Right? It tastes like fruit and it’s tangy. But it’s bitter. It’s bitter? Neither of you drink, so it’s hard to express. Boreum drank a good amount. (This is tasty) (We’ll get drunk on you) Boreum, I like you. Boreum… You suddenly remind me of Chow Yun-fat. Someone else lives inside her. (This is tasty) Bring me more! (Hahaha) What was most memorable for you? The most memorable place? Everything was memorable, but the Great Ocean Road… – This place was lovely. / – It was so nice. So pretty. (Great Ocean Road was unforgettable) It looked amazing. This beauty from nature… – You can’t capture it on camera. / – Yeah. You can’t capture it with a photo. For me, the most memorable experience was skydiving. (Skydiving was most memorable for Chiyeul) Agreed. By going skydiving, I overcame my fear of heights. It was amazing. It made me happy. And I like how I got to accomplish something new. This is really important. No matter what you do, as long as it becomes a happy memory. I remember being happy, but I don’t remember much. Should we get wasted now? – Yeah. / – Let’s make this meaningful. – Cheers! / – Good job today. Cheers! That was such a fun trip to watch. It was an intense and meaningful trip to Melbourne, Australia. That was great. That was fun. As I was watching… We saw that place BBC said… – To see before you die. / – Right. The top 10 places. And Melbourne was chosen as the best… – City to live in. / – Right. This is what came to mind. I don’t just want to visit. – I want to go live there. / – Right. – Maybe for like 2 weeks. / – Right. – For 2 weeks… / – That would be wonderful. I could go jogging and get some fresh air. And eat good food. You feel really laidback there. As Boreum and I were talking, we felt so laidback. – Yes. / – Like Melburnians. I recommend going there. We usually think of Sydney, but now, we’ll think of Melbourne when we think about Australia. Comedians probably all know. They have a comedy festival there. – A big one. / – So everyone wants to go. It’s time for the best part of Battle Trip. What must you do in Melbourne, Australia? Bomi’s recommendation! (Bomi’s recommendation) – She got better at this. / – It’s upgraded every week. For me… I say skydiving. – Skydiving? / – Yes. How ironic. – That was the most memorable? / – Yes, it was. My life has always been about facing challenges. And overcoming challenges. Now that I’ve experienced skydiving, I realized I can do anything… – If I just put my mind to it. / – True. That’s what I found out. And we took a helicopter ride. That was also really memorable. If I had to pick one, I say the Great Ocean Road. – Oh, the helicopter ride? / – The helicopter ride? You can go skydiving in other countries. So you really should see the Great Ocean Road. – The helicopter tour? / – Right. So if you want to get a good view of Australia, you should get a view from above. – That’s what I think you’re saying. / – Yes. I really recommend going to Melbourne. It’s a city, but you can see nature everywhere too. – You can even see penguins. / – Right. You can experience many things there. So I just recommend traveling to Melbourne. Just go? As I was watching this, I was thinking, “When should I go?” Nice. I got to live vicariously through you two. Jung Hyuk, come back as a trip planner next time. I’d love that! Who would you travel with? Probably one of my model buddies. – I’d go with you too. / – Me? Yes. I can eat a lot too. We both went on trips for the host special. – Junhyeon hasn’t traveled yet. / – Really? – Let’s go. / – Still waiting for my chance. If we go together… I’m really good at eating… – A lot in one bite. / – Really? Yes. – Okay. / – You already have great chemistry. – He has a big mouth. / – Even this fits. – You can put your fist in your mouth? / – Show us. – If I go with him… / – Your fist fits in your mouth? I’ll just eat one bite of everything. Big fist-sized bites… (Holy cow) (Nom) Like this. – You did it so easily! / – Yes, it’s easy for me. How did you do that? You have a big mouth. – I can’t do it. / – I’ll just take one big bite. Junhyeon would probably lose. I can’t wait to see your trip, Jung Hyuk. Thank you. Careful trip… (A trip for the New Year) This is where the Sun rises first in Korea. (Seeing the sunrise at Ulsan for the New Year) It’s so hot. We’ll go back to the basics in 2020! A bunch of master craftsmen made this village. Smile. 1, 2, 3. (Their childhoods can’t be expressed with words) (You have to try the soul food here) This is like soul food. – This is so cool! / – So pretty. Let’s have a great 2020. – Let’s do this. / – Let’s go! We’re taking a week off. See you next year. (“Untitled” by Hwang Chiyeul)

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