Bafoussam Cameroun – Cameroon city guide – Tips for first-time visitors (Tourism & Places to visit)

Welcome to the video premiere of our YouTube channel video log or blog Kamer Xpose On this channel were going to be focusing on tourism in Cameroon a Central African country by geolocation. We shall be visiting major cities, town, villages, touristic sites, and why not events That is to say guiding you on may aspects of the locations we are going to be visiting The first city we are going to be visiting is… Bafoussam Which is the capital city? In the highlands of the West region of Cameroon It is a center for the Bamilike tribal culture Here is the Entree de la Ville Ndiangdam bus stop If You are entering from Douala through Bandjoun or YAOUNDE through Bangangte, this should be your first stop You do not need to worry about accommodations here because you find a Handful of hotels and motels just around it car park Here is “Carefour Cami Toyota” for travelers coming into town from a Noun division or From Northwest region through Jakiri Or from Ngaoundere, this should be your first point in town Here is Carefour Bamougoum or Carefour Dscang Chang two travelers coming into town from Douala or from Bamenda through Mbouda Bafoussam regional airport Night life in Bafoussam is relatively moderate and it is centered around an area called Akwa named after the Akwa of Douala Here you will find some cream snack bars restaurants life music grilled fish, beef, chicken, etc This is the Baleng chiefdom and it dates back the 16th century their first people to settle at the left bank of the Noun River The Bafoussam royal palace is a historic building in a city of some It was built in the 13th century The palace museum tells the story of the dynasty of the Bafoussam Kings from the 400s present day with information on migrations and successive Kings The lake Baleng of “Lac Baleng” Also called lake SABATCHI is found the Baleng Chiefdom. The lake is about 1374m above sea level according to wikipedia Villages of this village commonly carry our traditional sacrifices Around the lake as explained by this Native of the area Thank you for watching to the end please do not forget to subscribe to our channel like comments There any other locations you wish? us to visit you can indicate on the comment section if there are some locations we ignored in Bafoussam please do not hesitate to indicate

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  1. Bafoussam (Cameroon) City Guide: Everything you need to know . This is it. The Ultimate Bafoussam City Guide. Today this travel guide will give you all the information about Bafoussam in the West Region of Cameroon. The Bamilikes Head Quarters.. Please guys watch and give your reviews. Do not forget to subscribe and share

    Bafoussam est la capitale de la Région de l'Ouest Cameroun.

    La ville de Bafoussam est située à 1470 m d'altitude, elle compte environ 650.000 habitants en 2019, et c'est l'une des plus grandes villes du Cameroun.

    Bafoussam est la sixième ville la plus peuplée du Cameroun, après Douala, Yaoundé, Garoua , Maroua et Bamenda.

    Et c'est la quatrième ville en terme d'infrastructures à égalité avec Bamenda, après Douala, Yaoundé, et Garoua.

  2. Great expose on what to expect in Bafoussam, great display of knowledge about the history of the place. But I think there are fun recreational cites you could mention if that's not against some law.

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