Backpacking Trip Planning Part 3

This list is getting long of planning…. who
would even want to go with all this planning all right another thing the
time of the year is it summer you can carry less stuff you’re gonna be hot is
it late fall might be cold like here in Minnesota look at the season and look
where you’re going and see what the temperatures will be going online and
looking at weather is some people say it’s useless I like to have an idea of
what I’m gonna face weather-wise how many days are you going camping you’re
going one night or seven days you got to think about that in relation with your
food and your fuel whatever your stove is gonna be I feel like me I’m using an
alcohol stove most of the time so I want to think about my fuel how much I’m
gonna bring and if you’re gonna bring five six seven days of food that entails
another thought as well which goes into the size of the pack you might want to
carry two day trip yeah any good old pack will do but when you start getting
into longer trips I have three backpacks I switch between sometimes if it’s cold
weather and you got six days of food you might really start maxing out think
about this if you’re going with somebody else so there’s four of you are you
gonna share gear it’s one person carry a saw yeah you don’t really need four saws
are we gonna share stoves or are we not if you’re tenters a lot of people go
well we’re both going to be in the same tent unless you’re the kind of tenters
who are like ham occurs I’d like to sleep alone but sometimes you might have
a big three person tent for three people and one person carries the poles and one
person carries the fly and one person carries the tent you can split that gear
up but always check on those other people to make sure they got it packed
up don’t ever assume that they will not even if they’re good experienced campers
don’t let it hurt your feelings if somebody comes over and looks over your
shoulder make sure you packed it it’s just smart it’s prudent you watch each
other’s back out there are you gonna split food maybe you’re cooking big
meals where it’s a it’s a huge meal or one person’s gonna cook it so you might
be dividing your food up to now a guy like me I have a lot of gear I have it
already half packed all the time so when I want to take
trip I grab and go because I have a strange schedule because I’m in show
business sometimes a trip just comes up I two
days before my wife and I are talking and I go you know I think I’m just gonna
go camping I I don’t really feel like doing anything this weekend and you’re
busy so you know she might be busy with family or teaching at her circus school
so I said I’m gonna take two nights or go for a 36-hour trip bam-bam-bam I pack
it up and I go if you’re fairly new to it test your gear if you can’t set it up
in your backyard in your house look at your gear get to know your water filter
if you’ve never set up your tent before at least set it up somewhere so you kind
of know what you’re doing I know most of you won’t and everybody says this but if
you can do if you’ve never hung your hammock it’s really smart really smart
to familiarize yourself with that first so look over your gear pack your pack go
through it go take stuff out don’t fret about it too much at the end of the trip
if you’re new you’ll find things that you never used and you can decide if
you’re gonna bring that next time or not leave an itinerary with someone every
time I go camping I take a piece of paper and I write you know usually print
the map out just so my wife knows where I’m going and I write how many nights
and where I think I’ll be I put my car the make of my car I put my my tag
number I put my cell phone number I put the number of anybody that may go
with me if I’m with Hickory I put his number and I don’t do this so much for
Meg I do it actually in case I’m out on the trail and something were to happen
to her and one of her sisters is at our house and so I have a big thing up there
that says Shauna’s backpacking and where I am and where when I left and when I’m
coming home the dates I’m gonna be there my proposed route and each night about
where I think I’m gonna be and that way it for some reason and I hope it never
happens they have to come out there looking for me because something’s
happened at home they got a basic idea where I am everybody’s gonna trip plan a little
differently I’m kind of a guy that wings things a little bit but I I go enough
that I kind of know what I’m doing other people are
very detail orientated I’ve seen people that have an itinerary
with uh we’re gonna leave camp at 9:17 we’re gonna walk for 1 hour and 43
minutes we’re gonna stop for a three minute break and then we’re gonna go on
for another two hours and seven minutes and then we’re gonna stop and fill our
water bottles and we’ll take a moment to sigh and breathe and you know that’s
that’s some people’s style whatever your style is do it but plan it but let me
tell you this be ready to let that plan go sometimes okay like I’ve always said
mother nature is gonna dictate the trip the weather it might turn into a big
storm or a snow storm or you might get there and there’s trees down all over
the trail because there’s been a storm it might happen when you’re out there
some days you’re not gonna make the miles you thought you were for various
reasons crossing water a bridge is out blowdown and you’re having to go around
under over trees and that’s another thing to check find out if they’ve had a
storm because that happens a lot here and is the trail clear like on the
border route you know their site will let you know that that they get a lot of
storms up there so find out things like that what the trail conditions are
superior hiking trail on their website they usually give a list of trail
conditions what trail heads are open are there problems with bears in area as the
trail been rerouted not every website does that so all of these things search
online get a map do your work enjoy your trip plan it as much as you
want to go on the trip have a good time make notes of what you do right make
notes of what you do wrong but let’s focus on what you do right but take heed
on what you do wrong you might be too cold you might be too hot you might have
brought too much food you probably didn’t bring enough food did you bring
enough candy you were thirsty of the whole time your feet hurt you got
blisters cuz you bought new boots and never wore them it could be your socks
get to know your socks whoo Oh secure in Sector 7 what an ending well might as well that’s
the first balance on that table I liked it I liked it a lot

55 thoughts on “Backpacking Trip Planning Part 3

  1. Been doing this so long I plan and pack in my sleep. Retired so lots of time, solo trips mostly, OCD on gear and maintenance, so mostly grab and go. I do photos instead of lists. Every camper is different!

  2. Thanks shug for your videos on the Linville Gorge, totally helped me have an epic trip!! That Cambric trail is a beast 😂

  3. Backpacking itinerary – hike- lollygag – stop for snack – lollygag – setup hammock – lollygag – etc. Whooo BUDDY)))

  4. You mentioned that you were running out of topics to discuss in your videos. I don't know about you but there is a new emergence of hikers taken to the outdoors. This is most apparent in the Adirondacks. Most are not prepared and have a miserable time hiking and camping. Whether You know it or not, but I think you do. Your knowledge is invaluable and I always pass your name for information and guidance. Now back to topics, since your videos are six plus old, equipment has improved, new equipment has been invented. Perhaps a review of past videos and update to present day. New Hikers need new vision. Where are we going in the improvement of gear. As always Shug, love your videos and the knowledge you have and the generosity to share it.

  5. great tips and advice, i kinda wing things. when i go i try to figure out how far i can go as a guestimate.but the plan falls apart 5 min after i start up the side of the mtn lol.i never seem to find flatish trails, the joys of new england

  6. Yup, my husband was one of those with pages of where we were going, when he planned us to be there and how aprox how long we would stay. I'm more the relaxed kind as that's the way things were when I was growing up. Took many years for him to relax a bit….never argued about it as this was how he relaxed the rest of the year by planning and making his phone calls- pre-internet. We covered many states and the boy's saw much history first hand. (aka woodsymom) Happy trails

  7. Extremely thoughtful to make sure that you have an itinerary specifically for not for you but for your wife and family
    Awesome planning 👍

  8. Great ideas to consider and remember – think I will skip the table balancing part tho – I am not a trained professional like yourself.

  9. Yeah… the guy who has printouts of his "plan" (to the minute), I ain't goin' with him. That's always the guy who wants to lead from the rear.

  10. Shug I wish that you could have done this video 10 years ago, but let's face it, I enjoy you just boiling water. Love all of your stuff. You introduced me to the SHT, the best hiking stream in MN. Thank you for all that you do! I can't wait to see you at the State Fair next year. And someday maybe see you on the trail. Thanks!

  11. Great job as always. The more specific the itinerary, the more likel you won't stick to it. As you say, some days you just won't make the miles. Other days, you'll find that you get to your planned campsite and there's 4+ hours of daylight left. After a bite of food, you realize that you feel good and are starting to get bored, so onward you go for a few more miles.

  12. Past two attempts to sleep out in my hammock in the yard haven’t gone too well. Problem is I literally can’t fall asleep and lay there wide awake. Anyone got any suggestions?

  13. Thank God you said 'All secure in Sector 7'. I was getting worried because you didn't say it the first two parts.
    Oh, and you seem to plan like you juggle. You have a lot of things flying around up in the air but somehow it always works out and looks fantastic.

  14. I really enjoyed these 3 videos. They were very informative. I also liked the painting of you performing that was over your shoulder in the video. You are talented in so many areas.

  15. Hey pal. You mentioned a saw in this one, I just picked up a "sven saw". Do you ever tote a saw along? If so possible video? Love to hear your thoughts.-kevin.

  16. one has to learn his own way, that is the path success in 'packing or something other…. Add hacks and tips when necessary.

  17. I love yer guts Shug, but the fact that you have to make videos about common sense makes me sad. If I pack summer gear for a winter camp, I deserve to freeze to death. It's natural selection.

  18. Thanks Sir. Not to insult you, but you would have been welcome in my little group of misfits any day. Logistics expert for sure. It was very nice to see you and Ken out doing your thing again a while back. The only thing I think you left out was "Don't eat the yellow snow". Peace.

  19. Classic Shug ending! There’s something about watching a man bounce his head off a table that makes you laugh! Great trip tips as well. I travel a lot and I always leave my itinerary with my information. Honestly, I’ve never thought about being tracked down if there was trouble at home. Solid planning!!

  20. One of my first backpacking 'trips' with two friends, it wasn't really hiking as much as just camping for 3 days. We get to location, walk into the forest, look for a nice spot to set up camp. They hang their tarp and make rudimentary beds out of fallen branches and their sleeping pads, take out their sleeping bags. I hang my tarp, my hammock, my warm weather DIY underquilt, an additional layer that I put between the underquilt and hammock, and… My backpack is empty, and there's no overquilt/sleeping bag on my hammock.
    Those two nights were enough to convince me to ALWAYS have a basic equipment list and to check it every time before a trip.

  21. Very good videos. I’ve been watching your videos since many years ago and you were one of those inspirations for me to go backpacking even when I am blind. I wonder if I could visit you sometime and have a backpacking adventure in your backyard or close by to where you live. Are you up to that? I would like to have a one on one kind of experience for me to learn and a more direct way since I lose or miss out kind of details in the videos because I only go by while I can listen to I cannot see at all. Thank you so much for all your videos and entertainment and encouragement. God bless you.

  22. Hi shug! Im looking for a new coffee to try and i hear you talk a lot about megadaladoro and just trying to figure out what kind of coffee it is. Is it a medium roast or a light roadt and that kind of thing? Thanks, hotc

  23. Well, after all my years of backpacking, I never thought to leave the make and model # of my vehicle. A great idea! Thanks again for your thoughtful videos. Funny and unforgettable which really helps with retainment. I’m about to head off on a long snowy drive to pick up a new puppy and I picked up an inreach device in case things go wrong on one of the passes. I love your work! Thanks for the effort and care you put into each. A request: more music please!

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