Audi R8 SuperSport Spyder 12V Licensed Ride On Car With Parental Remote Control

– [Announcer] If that small
person in your life is looking for the ultimate adventure, then our Audi R8 Spyder
super sports ride on car might just be the ticket. (whooshing)
(suspenseful electronic music) This is not only a real
cool looking replica of the real thing, this bad
boy’s officially licensed by Audi, which means all
the features and badges are authentic. It’s suitable for children
aged between 3-5 years old, but I must stress: this can
vary from child to child. As we take a look around the outside, you’ll notice both the Audi
badge, and also the R8 badge look exactly like the real thing. That’s because this is a
fully licensed version, which means we have the
full blessing of Audi to use their branding. Each model comes with
working front and back lights that look amazing at night. A black C-3 translucent
windscreen, carbon wing-mirrors, and a full set of polygon
alloy-style wheels that also have the Audi branding, giving it that authentic look. If we take a closer look at the tires, you’ll notice the attention to detail that grip most tire tread. Again, even though this is a
toy, the tread on the tires have been designed for your child to really picture themselves
driving the real thing. Looking around the back of the car, you can’t fail to notice
the diffuse that the R8 has, and a really cool engine
cover that would house the mighty engine the
real thing would have. This really sets it off. For your child’s comfort, it
has a rear-suspension system. This means your kid will
enjoy the full Audi experience in the complete and total comfort. As we take a look on the inside, you’ll notice safety seat belts. These seat belts come fitted
with every ride on car sold by RiiRoo. So rest assured, your
child will be completely and totally safe. It has a one-seat capacity,
which means it is designed to seat one child. The car has forward and reverse
gears, foot accelerator, with an auto brake-on-release function. Now let’s talk about the media player. Not only does it have
USB-input that allows you to use your own USB stick with MP3 music, but you also have the
ability to turn the music up or down, and skip track function, too. Don’t worry if you don’t have any music. Every Audi R8 comes with a
selection of tunes pre-stored, so your child can sing along
while they are driving. If you purchase one of
our RiiRoo 8GB USB sticks, they’re already pre-formatted for you to download your own tunes. Each of our ride on cars comes with a full parental remote control. This means you can take control
at any point if you like. The charge time is
approximately six to eight hours on a full charge, and the drive time of approximately one
hour on a full charge. Just remember, this will
vary, depending on the use. It comes with a one-year
warranty on the motor, and a 3-pin charger. If you would like to buy
one of these great cars, go to our website, at, where we offer free, one-day
delivery if you live in the UK, as long as you order before 1:00 p.m. And don’t forget, we also
offer our customers the option of purchasing a one-year
extended battery warranty. (whooshing sound)
(upbeat music fades out)

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