Abby Duell ’20 – Studying Opera in Bologna, Italy

(upbeat piano music) – Yeah, why Bologna? That’s a good question. I chose Bologna because I’m a
music major, studying opera, and opera was born in Italy. I kind of know that I’m an opera nerd when my knowledge of Italian
librettos and opera librettos helps me on Italian tests. (laughs) Bologna’s really awesome because it really is a city of students. And me being a student, I can have access to student
prices and student tickets and things like that. So if I wanted to go see a show, I can really do that. Just pay, like, 10 euros and I get to go see an
opera that I really love, which is really awesome. I really, really wanted to study abroad. It’s something that was
really important to me, especially when choosing Dickinson. I reached out to Bruno, who’s the Italian
Studies program director, and he pulled some strings for me. He reached out to his resources here and he was able to help
me meet the requirements that I would have had on campus. So I have a voice teacher here, I’m in the choir here, and really that’s all because of what the Italian
Studies program in Bologna has done for me. (music cadences)

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