A Spiritual Journey

(gentle music) – So many young people
from all over the world are doing the Camino de Santiago. So as a part of my project I walked 300 miles across Spain, engaging in ethnographic
research methods. I was interviewing people
from many different countries and backgrounds and language abilities from across the world
and talking with them about how technology had impacted their spiritual experience. Personally, I was waking
up every single day feeling like I was the
best version of myself and I was doing that for other people, because that’s who they expected me to be. This is my home. I’ve lived here, as my third
year living in the co-op. It’s so different from a dorm because you have your room but you can come down to the kitchen or the
common room at any point and expect to see at least
one other person there who is pretty much always
up for a conversation and is interested in hearing
about how your day was, and is interested in learning
about who you are as a person.

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