100 thoughts on “A ride through Elon Musk’s first Boring Company tunnel

  1. Delusional keyboard 'experts' – "What if the car breaks down inside" etc., seriously believe they possess more intellect than a combined pool of MANY mit, caltech etc. phd's and harvard cambridge mba's and business professionals, and come up with a flaw by watching a 3 minute video which these professionals could not figure out in 2 years. Fuckin' Millenials

  2. The solution for the traffic problem is public transport, but since he owns an automobile company he can´t admit that….

  3. I thought cars would be moving on top of a sliding platform using some maglev tech. But it's a very simple demo. I like Elon but sometimes He performs such a cumbersome publicity stunts … Anyway let's wait and see.

  4. I wish Elon all the best but the problem isn't speed as such, it's the number of people wanting to make the same journey. I mean, roads are inherently quite fast but when you have a million people wanting to go squeeze onto the same bits at the same time, that's what the problem is.

  5. Elon's one of those guys where his just to good to be true, but he really is… You cant fault this guy…. HIs just a down to earth innovator in service of making this world a better place

  6. Well, you don’t need to spend a lots of money to dig a hole and then put a Tesla for demo. Simply buys a D250 cm concrete drainage pipe stack them long enough together and place them on the side of the I405 for 1/20 the cost of digging and 10 times faster or aprox 3 months. Not so smart after all

  7. I don’t get why some people prefer subway trains over these innovative tunnels. Elon himself said that subways are great but they only travel 10miles/hour because they always have to stop. Also, it’s just 2D. On the other hand, these boring tunnels can travel up to 150miles/hour and they are 3D

  8. My goodness I can only imagine a USA with Musk as president. A visionary like Musk could be the best thing to happen to the USA in a very long time…

  9. Unbelievable they spend so much money and effort in this, and they where unable to create a not-bumpy track. I think any serious concrete company could have made it straight.

  10. I'm no so sure how many of Elons wild ideas are practical… But none the less, they are innovative, new, and will help us discover new tech and ideas that haven't been explored before! Cool stuff Elon.

  11. In the end the plan is to say, oh problems means it will be private use only for wealthy people only! The rest of you useless eaters can sit in traffic!

  12. That Ziggi Mon is pissing me the f*** off. He should go find something better to do than spreading his lies. Don't believe what he says.

  13. So much goddamn hate on this topic. You guys don't even give his idea a chance and you're shooting it down. The computer or phone you're using was deemed impossible at one time. Why is that any different than this??

  14. nice here comes the stupid futures greeeat also they wont let anybody film inside look at casey n his friend

  15. I respect Elon, but I don't really see his Boring company working in New York.

    We have a massive underground subway system New York is #1 in the field of mass transit. Also the MTA will never allow this to exist.

  16. Let's build tunnels in seismic active California.. Brilliant!

    And if earthquakes aren't enough.. how about the rapid growth of sink holes around the globe? with nature making it's own tunnels in our ground.. do we really need to make our crust into swiss cheese?

  17. Seems like a bit of a waste, let’s admit, how many people that don’t have really deep pockets do you think will actually use this?

  18. A lot of critics seem to ask…why not just use a subway, metro, or bus? Los angeles is so spread out, that even with public transportation…u usually would find yourself a couple of miles away from your destination. There's a reason we Angelinos are so dependant on our cars.

  19. Writing on YouTube lol. I will have all numbers for black exit for you. Stay safe my friend and hear you. But don’t forget we need to get moving on for real in this ( perspectively ) short lives. Read my messages on your mainframe please. Lots to talk about. You’re friend
    Bjørn brøndelsbo

  20. The bottleneck is the elevator and the on/off ramps – way too slow. One car lifted out of tunnel every 5 minutes will have to be reduced to one car every 5 seconds to prevent congestion. Lanes in existing city streets will have to be dedicated to the on/off points causing congestion.

  21. I'm sorry but a tunnel is a total waste of procurement. 5 reasons:

    Why do below what you can do above.

    It's not wide like a traditional highway. 1 lane? Stupid.

    You have to vent dangerous gases or people die.

    Maintenance is impossible without shutting down the tunnel.

    Military could use it, but why not fly a plane.

    You have to use more equipment to dig a tunnel then lay a road.

    I love elon but wtf!

  22. This is a crazy, hairbrained scheme that will ultimately not deliver on any of its promises. Elon Musk is no formal scientist or engineer, he's an entrepreneur, the Steve Jobs of the technology sector. Dont get me wrong he's a brilliant guy and it's great to have people like him pushing the boundaries. These Musk devotees need to rein it in and realise he ain't the second coming.

  23. Considering total urban space and population divided by total number of cars, and possible total limited length of tunnels and their directions, plus crushing price of the tunnels and their continuous operation and maintenance, this development PRESENTLY at least seems impractical.

  24. This is nothing else than a very weak attempt to imitate metro/subway in ratio by passengers 1:500 or something like that. By means of safety these two approaches are also incomparable.

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