5 thoughts on “7 Tips on Beginning Your Minimalism Journey || SugarMamma.TV

  1. I discover minimalism from a forum chat called “diaperswappers” (cloth diapering group) 8 years ago when i was pregnant with my first. 3 kids later and one house later my definition has change so much. It always evolves.

  2. My progression was Marie Kondo, Mr Money Moustache and then the death of my parents. There was SO MUCH stuff to sift through. I wondered what it would be like for my kids to deal with my possessions. With financial freedom and the possibilities of a life beyond traditional work I realised belongings were an anchor. What did I intend to do with a large house and my stuff when I travel for months if not years at a time? I set about pressing stop on “acquiring more”. I constantly ask myself when I need to downsize and travel will this be part of my life?

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