100 thoughts on “5 SIMPLE First Touch SKILL MOVES to Beat Defenders

  1. How to perfect your passes video
    How to keep a cool and composed mind in pressure situations video
    How to not be nervous and be confident in football match video
    Please do these All Attack

  2. First I started playing Football I was completely don’t how play it and my friends were laughing at me, But now I got allattack thank you very much for helping to improve my skills ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Podrias hacer una especie de "All tactics" pero de como es que lo hacen jugadores top como Ronaldinho, Cristianito o Messi?

  4. One advice that I didn't hear from allattack maybe he said it but i didn't hear….always check if there's space to use these touches

  5. First one only worked cos the daft silly bean head ran to the other side of him like a mug. In an actual game with a defender that’s not been told to run to the side of someone he’d stand behind you, you’d turn right into him and he’d just tackle u cos u turned straight into his face???

  6. * New Subscriber*** Love your content! I coach U12 travel and was wondering if you had any drills on collecting the ball in transition. At the U12 and U10 level as you can imagine, has a lot of stumbling and bumbling ?

  7. The first, second and last move is what I'm going to learn how to do, the way my school holds defence make the last move almost impossible to do.

  8. ПАТПИСАЙТЕ НА МОЙ КАНАЛ а 1000 патписка станут я вам скажу как открыть канал а как забирать деник

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