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Welcome, This is lecture 03. We are learning 3d Studio Max and you are watching 5minuteMax. So, all you have to do is
give 5minutes from your time. And learn.. learn the program. Learn the philosophy of the program. In the previous lesson on day 02 we talked about the “Select Object” button and what it does. So, let’s create something new again. Because we are going to constantly create new stuff. What we are trying to achieve here is . always trying to model, practice stuff and eventually get better. Alright? You will watch me doing all these once in a while. But fear not!
You will be learning all these. 🙂 Okay, I just made a 3d arrow, just like the previous one. Now let’s try to understand what this is. The previous one was “Select Object”. We will be dealing with something else in this lecture. We will be dealing with the stuff I am moving right now. Which is called “Select and Move”. Alright? So, Select and Move is the second tool and it will be really really important. To manipulate your objects or move certain stuff on your View-port. This is the View-port where you can see all the stuff. This is the cursor which you always have to remember. This is Select and Move. When you select that, you will get the three arrow heads in the 3d space. One is Red, one is Green and one is Blue. So — R, G and B. X, Y and Z. Do this exercise every once in a while until you get how the 3d space works
within 3d Studio Max. And you are constantly going to improve yourself. So, it’s Select and Move. Every object has Select and Move option. So you can basically move any object using this. But just for the practice, what we have learned in lecture 02 If you press Q or Select Object — look it disappeared! Now you cannot do anything with this one. But if you select this one –
— Select and Move –
it comes back! Here are the three arrow heads. And when you are doing this, you can move them. But not when you are in select object mode. So, keep practicing that and you will be seeing these I mean Select and Move in many places in 3d Studio Max. And you are also going to find Rotate and Scale as well, But that’s going to happen tomorrow. We are going to learn further more through the toolbar to understand and comprehend the basic functions that you will be working on most of the time inside Max. So, for Select and Move,
the shortcut key is W. It’s right beside Q. So, Q is just for select object, and Select and Move is W. See you guys on lecture 04 and until then, have a good one.

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  1. How to move an object without holding the arrows.. Like if a square object is to be moved and we have zoomed in so much that tool is not visible???

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