99 thoughts on “3 Easy Dance Moves | Beginner Dancing

  1. Wowww. Nice video! I need to get my channel like yours lol My channel focuses on hip hop, check out the artists on there when you get a chance!

  2. Easy and Good steps. If anyone wants to learn dance for competitor level join https://www.farfallafitness.com/ classes, She can expect to improve your flexibility and control during kicks, jetes, leg extensions, splits and other ballet steps that require hip and leg discipline.

  3. im doing a choreography for gym class and my teacher was right when she said "just dance is your friend" because this is trash

  4. Men always dance on the first beat in contemporary and women dance on the 2nd beat but in classical women dance on the first beat and men dance on the 2nd beat if you look closely you will see what he is doing and what the girls are doing he is dancing on the first beat and they are dancing on the second beat that is crucial information if as a man when going out to a club you don't want to look like a woman dancing or vice versa

  5. Do you have any moves I can learn where the end result is my having shimmied to the fridge and I end up in the lazy-boy with an ice cold beverage?

  6. This is trying to teach basic steps to mid=level learners, It helps no one. Like most of these videos they do not start simple enough and then advance too quickly. Just teach simple steps first. Repeat slowly. Do not incorporate hands until later. It should be 1. move foot to right, 2, pause, 3 move foot to left, 4 pause. or whatever

  7. thank you so much I need this for my dance class if that's ok im just copy it because we need a new dance bad

  8. Anyone know the video or clip of a woman (not her nor this video) saying: "I would like to show you some very nice steps to have fun in a Disco Dance" i (obviously) tried searching it but got this video instead, if anyone knows what i am talking about plz enlighten me, btw this video is a joke right? i mean really? lol……

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