👾 POCOYO in ENGLISH – Tourist Trapped [ New Season] | VIDEOS and CARTOONS FOR KIDS

[opening theme playing] [car engine revving] [car engine revving] -[narrator] Hello, Pocoyo!
[narrator] Lovely day, isn’t it?Pocoyo, the little alien
wants to take your picture!
-Beautiful flowers, Pato!
-[quacks proudly]
[narrator] I think your garden
has some admirers.
[speak gibberish] -[speaks gibberish]
-Quack! [speaks gibberish to himself] [yells proudly and speaks gibberish] -Quack!
-[narrator chuckling] Very life-like.[quacks] [narrator]
How’s ballet practice going, Elly?
Yes, it’s very important to stretch.[trumpets] [birds chirping] [aliens cheering] Wow, wow! [narrator] It seems
you have some new fans!
[trumpets happily] [narrator] Hmm, we’ve seen
a lot of little aliens today, haven’t we?
Uh-oh![aliens shivering] [Pocoyo] Oh! [speaking gibberish] [narrator] They want to take a selfie
with your sandwich!
[pouty grunting] [speaking gibberish frantically] [aliens keep on
speaking gibberish frantically] Ahh! [humming] Oh? [alien yelling] [Nina] Uh-oh! [pouty grunting] -[yells gibberish and whistles]
-[aliens] Uh? [speaks gibberish] Oh? [counts] -[narrator] Look out, Nina!
-[Nina yells]
[alien squealing] [blows whistle] [blows whistle] [Elly trumpets] [water running] [rubber duck squeals] [Pato quacks] [bang] [angry quacking] -[splash]
-Quack? [screams] [speaks gibberish] [narrator] It’s time for the Green Aliens
to go home to their own planet.
[alien speaks gibberish] [narrator]
He says, “Thank you for everything.”
[laughs] [trumpets] [narrator]
You say you all had a wonderful time?
-[all laughing]
-[narrator] Well, that’s great.[trumpets] [narrator] Elly says
you are always welcome to visit again.
[quacking] [narrator] But maybe not all at once
next time!
[all laughing] [spaceship honks twice] Wait! [narrator] Oh, right! You want
to give them a snack for the trip home!
Very nice, Pocoyo.Bye-bye, everyone![upbeat music]

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