So you’ve got passageways going off in all directions – money – so I guess this
is how they get paid when they leave – but I don’t particularly want anymore
brain hemorrhages today, I’m so excited let’s go on the train (MUSIC) hola amigos and welcome back to Mexico
today is Thursday June the 6th and today is just another beautiful sunny day here
in central Mexico we are in Zacatecas once again and today is the third video
in my four-part series from Zacatecas if you haven’t seen previous videos we have
been up la bufa we have been down the teleferico we have explored the central
area and drunk mezcal at Las Quince Letras – fantastic, but today we’re doing
something a bit different now you are seeing shots now of the beautiful blue
skies and colorful buildings in Zacatecas however things are going to
change a little bit we’re going underground yes we’re going down in the
mines in Zacatecas now as I said previously Zacatecas is famous for
mining in terms of silver mining gold and other minerals such as quartz and
onyx and there’s a 16th century mine here that you can go down in and have a
tour it is going to be absolutely spectacular so let’s get going! (MUSIC) now if you are new to this channel and
you love Mexico as much as I do and indeed travel in general I would
consider subscribing because I’ve done about a hundred videos in Mexico over
the last year or so you can check out that playlist linked up above! ok Minas
El Eden is somewhere down these steps I think it’s around here I’m excited I
love mines I went to one in taxco in Guerrero about eight months ago which
I’m showing you shots of now absolutely spectacular you know you don’t expect to
come to Mexico and find mines that you can actually go down (MUSIC) oh I’m so excited this is the sort of
thing that i absolutely love, I turn into like a five year old child when it comes
to this sort of thing. so when you get like a little postcard thingy that they
like punch when you get in, it costs 100 pesos you know I actually you know it’s
pretty much normal for Mexico prices this sort of thing and oh my god, Hola amigo! there’s like a train thing so you go down into the mine on the train this –
from the 16th century is a set and I believe it was opened up in the 70s I
think for tourism and there’s really there’s many interesting things about it
which I will describe along the way. now me and those people over there are just
waiting for the train to come back up again so we go down in the mines and as
you’ve seen you know there’s a lot of school kids on that train so it’s an ideal
place for kids to come for a good day out and I’m basically a big kid today so
I have a you know this thing like a pickaxe thing I don’t know what it’s
called I don’t know mining terminology but anyway you know and as I said I
didn’t know that Mexico had a history of good mining especially in central Mexico
Guerrero Taxco San Luis Potosi there’s so many parts of this country that are
full of history in terms of mining it was a massive part of industry back in
the day in Mexico and the Train has come back up time to go down in the mine! this is the height of fashion so you get like a hairnet and a helmet
obviously because you know rocks and hard surfaces I’ve already hit my head
once today on something when I left my place so don’t particularly want any
more brain hemorrhages today – let’s get on the train so it goes without saying the lighting
will not be great from now on but you start off in this museum area with all
these examples of all these minerals like you know quartz amethyst those
sorts of things amazing colors glistening spectacular it really is off
the scale there’s fossils as well examples of fossils and then the thing
obviously you will know about this sort of thing is that it is all in Spanish
you know apparently there is an English tour but realistically I’m the only English
speaker but so far so good in terms of my Spanish listening
so not all these precious minerals are from this area in Mexico so you have
some from Durango Chihuahua there’s even stuff from China and down the bottom
there there’s something from Zacatecas and look at that
amazing Africa as well Tanzania also Jalisco Bolivia as well so Potosi in
Bolivia I’ve been there many years ago Chile so you can’t really see much but one of
the interesting things about this mine is that there’s a nightclub extremely
bizarre I vaguely got what she was talking about in terms of this nightclub
that it’s only open on certain days and costs a certain amount game and yeah
absolutely crazy who bethought a nightclub in a mine so good and I just discovered that I
have a life on my camera fantastic we’re going down
hey now my fingers taste of metal it’s cold it’s a bit claustrophobic very
interesting so we’re going up we’re going down and then I believe the –
flooded in the lower levels and and it’s great to see like the glistening shiny
bits in the rock you gotta be careful of your head you know Iive knocked my hat off a
few times that’s life in a mine we got passages going off in all directions
you’ve got models, models, that you know old mining people you know back in the
day 16th century, it’s amazing to think this is so old you know
and you can actually come down here to learn a bit about it. Spectacular! okay I’ve got to try to not be blinded
by the light but this ending is really cool so you’ve got amazing example what
was talking about sp, light on his head, rope, a shovel
okay it’s an interesting part, there’s a guy with a gun,
like a register, I assume they get registered when you come into the mines,
money, so I guess this is how they get paid when they leave, I don’t know, I could be wrong.
so that’s the tour of the El Eden mine in Zacatecas complete I hope you’ve
enjoyed having a look around I think there’s a car coming let’s move and you
know what I’m gonna put some information about this mine down in the description
below so if like me you’re Spanish isn’t great and you can read that down below
to learn a bit about it but honestly you don’t really need it because I think
it’s obvious you know it’s part of the history in this area in terms of
industry it’s very important to this region in Mexico it was just fascinating
you know being down in those mines yes it’s a bit claustrophobic and dark and
cold and wet you know I’ve got dripped on loads of times my hand spell of metal
now but isn’t that just part of the experience awesome I’m so glad I did
this so do this when you come to Zacatecas I need to go and sort my hair
right now and get on the bus to Jerez or Jerez that’s the Mexican
pronunciation, Jerez is the Spain Spanish one I think anyway
hope you enjoyed this subscribe like comment and everything I’ll see you in
the final part of my Zacatecas series, I’ll catch you later! places like Jerez are Mexico overloaded,
sorry about this but there are tears in my eyes right now you might be able to
see them because the voice is going as well


  1. Hola amigos, I hope you enjoyed part 3 of the Zacatecas series! There's one more to come from the gorgeous Jerez! Thanks to Daniel for the awesome info I used for the text on screen in this video! Have a great weekend! 🇲🇽❤

    Hola amigos, ¡espero que hayan disfrutado la parte 3 de la serie de Zacatecas! ¡Hay uno más por venir del magnífico Jerez! ¡Gracias a Daniel por la increíble información que utilicé para el texto en pantalla en este video! ¡Ten un excelente fin de semana! 🇲🇽❤

  2. México en el mundo

    Ocupa el 1er lugar en la producción de plata a nivel mundial.
    Se ubica entre los 10 principales productores de 16 diferentes minerales: plata, bismuto, fluorita, celestita, wollastonita, cadmio, molibdeno, plomo, zinc, diatomita, sal, barita, grafito, yeso, oro y cobre.
    Es el 1er destino en inversión en exploración minera en América Latina y el 4° en el mundo de acuerdo con el reporte publicado por SNL Metals & Mining 2015.
    Es el 5° país con el mejor ambiente para hacer negocios mineros, de acuerdo al reporte de la consultora Behre Dolbear publicado en agosto de 2015.

  3. David, nice video! In the Estado de Hidalgo, there are also mines, the miners that worked those mines were British, it happened in the late XIX century and the beginning of the XX. Real del Monte and San Miguel Regla are two examples of that era. That is why in Hidalgo, pastries it is traditional food. It was the food the British miners took in to the mine for lunch. Next time you come to Mexico, go around that area. There are some places to visit, I like a walk through the British Cemetery, it is a must visit place in that area.

  4. Thanks ♥️
    David for fall in love of Zacatecas 💖
    I'm going to miss you, seeing you going true 🇲🇽

  5. Hilarious tour down the mine… gatecrashing school tour, headbangers and all (the second one cracked me up!).

    The guy you saw with the coins and the gun, I think was representing the "store" where the miners would exchange their coins given as payment for goods. These stores were called "tienda de raya" ( 'line' store) called like that because miners were illiterate so they would sign their payment with a line. The most awful thing about these stores is that there were the only place where the coins used as payment for miners could be exchanged (anywhere else the coins were worthless). And such stores were also owned by the owner of the mine: so in reality the owner of the mine had a profit from them working and then them spending their "money" on goods the mine owner sold to them! If miners could not afford to buy every good they needed, the line store would give them credit (and everyone had to get some to get by) so miners were really bound to work in the mines for the rest of their lives since they would never be able to pay off their debts to the mine.
    After Independence mines and tiendas de raya continued! So during the Mexican Revolution (circa 1910) these tiendas de raya were one of the first targets of the revolutionaries and I believe that was the end of them (not of the abuse of miners though that I am sure still continues in some other form).
    The word 'raya' survived though so even today is used to name the day some construction workers get paid: día de raya, we call it.

  6. Lol! Thanks for the chuckle my friend , the head bump, the sound was like a cartoon, perfect! Very cool the mine, your videos are great! Thank you!

  7. This is one of the things didn’t know about this state, I knew about the famous sinfonia “la marcha de Zacatecas “ “The March of Zacatecas “ I knew about Emiliano Zapata famous Caudillo or warrior of the poor people of Mexico. But I did not know about all this that just show us…thank you ! One more thing that Mexico is such a great country, and it belongs to those that love it …Salute amigo !

  8. Hey David, thanks for yet another great Zacatecas video! The mine is super famous and I am happy to see that you enjoyed the place, but you missed the La Encantada Park and Lake! Now you have to return to Zacatecas someday, ha ha! Cheers, and have a great time!

  9. Hi mate great job David ,you know what breaks my heart on one hand we as Mexicans have such a rich culture and cuisine and natural resources and as today many people live on poverty. I was born in the state of Michoacán and left my hometown at the age of 15 not because I wanted to but because of lack of oportunidades.

  10. Cool!, special for me this video!, I used to work in a company that has as a client the mines and obe of the mines was this one in Zacatecas!, actually my work was here in Vancouver (is a Canada big business mines in Mexico) but they sent me and my team to delivery one of the sesions of the programs we had for mining team, I went 4 days but I didn't have the time to go to the mine!! Work work…you know! So I just spend sometime in the city which I loved! End if the story! 🤷‍♀️Thanks for share this video! 🙋‍♀️

  11. Congratulations David, I loved the video. Thank you very much for so much. I would like to see you dancing in the club.

  12. Love seeing your travels. Having coffee and beginning my day with Tao of David. Looking forward to more of your talent! Love, Jim

  13. I think there’s a mine Guanajuato? Real mine? I must admit that’s one thing I wished we had done.

  14. My wife and I live in Arizona and hadn't really thought about going to Mexico City. After watching some of your videos we decided to give it a try for a long weekend since it is a short flight for us. It was definitely worth the trip. The sites, food, and mostly the people made it a great experience. After going to Mexico City, it makes me think there is a lot of misinformation that is published by the American media. Thank you for your videos as they were definitely a big influence on us visting a great city.

  15. Mexico lindo . Thank you for showing your love for the real Mexico. God bless you on your journey 🙂👍

  16. The miners in the Eden mine had an overage life of 35 years. And they were called "achichinkle"that means helper. First natives had to use just an underwear, because at the moment they finish they journey, they were checked, to be sure they weren't robbing any ore.

  17. My family is from Malpaso, Zacatecas. I went this past November, March and last month in June🇲🇽😁. AWESOME VIDEO!! I also uploaded a video from my November trip and March trip to Zacatecas on my channel.

  18. Hello David! An amazing video with a touch of fright. I do not like dark places, they give me chills. But this one is really interesting and worth it. A hard life for the miners in those times, even now I think. In truth, your eyes shone with emotion like those of a child. Beware of the blows on the head, I only heard the helmet sound 🤭. I love the video, kisses 😘❤️

  19. My family is from a pueblo close by and I recently went last month and I went to the capital where my aunt lives and we did the mine as well, it was so much fun, glad you enjoyed it!!💞

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