..قررت أترك بلدي why I decided to move to another country | vlog 29

I decided to move out of Lebanon I will leave my family here and go live alone Hi guys and welcome to my channel I hope you liked my new year’s eve and christmas vlogs If you didn’t watch them yet, I’ll put the links down in the description box so today I woke up and I decided that I want to sit with you and tell you about my latest life decision which is a decision I took in a very short period of time A very important decision but I didn’t have a lot of time, I had to directly get ready and come to Karolina-Belle’s birthday party so you’ll have to wait with me till today’s done and then inshallah I’ll sit with you and tell you everything until then, I’ll take you with me and show you what I’ll do in my day and yeah that’s it Caroline came Hi Caroline! Dodi: Koko Belle is turning 2! Baba: if you fill these pockets now with money, you’ll have millions! Everyone is making fun of my outfit they’re saying I look like a person who works in a zoo Baba: yes in a zoo Dodi: can you go feed the giraffe? Natalie: okay Dodi: and feed the elephant Natalie: or the lions please..? Hey y’all! so today was a very tiring day we went to the North of Lebanon we really had fun we love road trips we love discovering Lebanon we went to a village called Miniara I believe it’s in Akkar or near Akkar and why did we go there? I’ve never heard of this village but we have a friend who doesn’t live here and has lived all her life abroad and her father and grandfather were also born abroad but they’re originally from Miniara so Mr. Y and I decided to go there and send them pictures and videos and they were really happy to see where they’re from because they’ve neither been here nor have ever visited their village we also asked about their family there, and turns out everyone knows them and knows about them, so it was very nice and honestly I’ve never seen such hospitable people and such funny and good people they didn’t let us go without having us in and offering us something to drink so it was very nice and yeah that’s it! I know I told you that I’ll tell you about something so important but honestly I’m so tired so tomorrow if possible no not if possible, I WILL tell you I have to edit the vlog and upload it so tomorrow is my deadline to talk to you and tell you about my decision so I’ll sleep now, I’m super tired and we’ll talk tomorrow Hi guys! so I finally have time to sit and chat with you so I decided to move to outside Lebanon I will leave my family here and go live alone of course this thing makes me sad a little bit because I have to leave my family and my country but I know that this decision is for my benefit I’ll be moving to Dubai I took this decision in a very short period of time you remember last time I went to Dubai my pointless Dubai vlog, I’ll put the link in the description box if you haven’t watched it so when I was on the airplane going there I didn’t expect myself to say, I want to come back and live here about 3 days before returning to Lebanon I took this decision Of course I knew before that that there are more job opportunities for me there and it’s better for me to be in Dubai but I always hesitated and I want to stay in my country but now due to the current situation in Lebanon not only in Lebanon but in all the arab countries are passing through hard times so I decided that this year I want to focus on my work I want 2020 to be a year that I’ll be proud in I will focus on myself, I will focus on my work I don’t want any negative vibe in my life I will put aside all these problems and I will focus on myself Inshallah all will be good Of course a lot of you will ask me what I’ll be doing there so first as you all know, my work on instagram and youtube is my full time job not all my time is for instagram and youtube of course because there’s my other job that we’re moving on to but now instagram and youtube became a huge part of my job in Dubai there are more opportunities that benefit me so now all eyes are on Dubai and it’s a very trendy place to be in and it has many opportunities also a lot of you know that I’ve been working on my brand Natalie Beauty for 3 years now when you’re building your brand from zero, it takes a lot of time for some people it takes them even more than 3 years Thank God that we, the team I’m working with and I, were able to finish in 3 years the launching is very soon I was supposed to launch in December but because of the situation in Lebanon and the revolution I wasn’t able to launch so now inshallah in Dubai I will make this launch As God says in the Quran: You may dislike something although it is good for you… maybe it’s better for me to launch in Dubai of course first everything of the Natalie Beauty products will be online and then it will be provided in stores but as a start they’ll be online only so basically I have the instagram and youtube and I have Natalie Beauty and both of them work more in Dubai so I’m very excited as I told you I took the decision very quickly and I was so stressed these days because I had to finish everything I had to apply for a residence permit and all these stuff in order to move to Dubai but thank God everything went smoothly so I think you’ll like my content even more this year because I’ll be in a new country I’ll be living alone I’ll be showing you more of this life you won’t be seeing the cute Natalie that lives with her parents anymore Natalie that stays with her parents and family Goes to Bekaa every weekend so a lot of things will differ in my content and please write in the comments below what you’d like to see more now in this new phase of my life whether you’d like to see about my life living alone or how’s work there or I don’t know, please tell me in the comments so my flight is tomorrow and I started preparing everything these are some pictures from when I was cleaning out my office I emptied out my office in Beirut because why would I uselessly pay rent when I’m not here, nor will my team be here so I emptied all the office and I felt a little bit sad from inside because I really loved the office it was a place where I can go and think alone and to be creative in my own way and free my mind so I was really sad that I had to remove everything from there so yeah I’m packing my bags now I think I’ll take with me 3 bags, not more and yeah that’s it I don’t know if you expected that this is the thing I want to tell you that I’m moving to Dubai to live there so I’m packing my stuff I’m almost done and this is everything for this vlog Thank you so much for watching sorry that I made you wait from the beginning of the vlog till now to tell you but I really didn’t have enough time to chat with you guys so stay tuned for a new video next week and of course it will be about my flight to Dubai and my first few days there so it’s really exciting and you’ll see me going in my new house and all these stuff, and how I will adapt to the life there because of course the vacation in Dubai is different than living there so press the 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  1. Firstly want to say I love you soooo much nato and I’ve been watching your videos for a long time, secondly to take this step it takes a lot of courage, I did it and I moved from Morocco to Germany and it was the hardest decision in my life hamdulilah now I’m about to finish my studies I’ve been here for about 3 years. I hope you’ll stay strong and make it through this new experience.
    Wishing you all the best and success
    Sara ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Ok I really wanna see your new apartments and your new life style and your thought about living alone and Dubai in General I’m gonna miss your family vlogs but I wish you the best and I really hope you did the right decision and don’t let anything stand in your future

  3. Wow! That’s a way to start your new year! Insha’allah you’ll have an amazing time there, i am happy for you that you choose to focus on yourself & on your ambitions. Goodluck! ♥️

  4. Can one of your siblings take over or carry on with the Lebanese family oriented vlogs 🤭 not that i won't be interested in your new type of vlogs..but i'm kinda of already missing the family part in your videos 😔

  5. Good luck Natalie, moving to a new country and leaving your family is not easy, but you can do it!!! I love your videos and really wish the best of luck and success and can't wait for what is coming from you already !! bisous

  6. ما هذا القرار الصعب ازاي تتركي عيلتك وقرايبينك ومكتبك وحبيبك mr y

  7. اتمنى لش كل النجاح والتوفيق
    تستاهلي كل خير
    وإن شاء الله نشوف المنتجات قريبا و نجربها 😍

  8. راح نشتاق لفلوكاتج الحلوة بلبنان بس متحمسين لفلوكات دبي ونتالي ٢٠٢٠🤩💗💗💗💗

  9. كنت حاسه بتقولي دبي 😂😂. الله يوفقك يارب ♥️. ماشاءالله هذي امنيتي انقل اعيش لحالي ان شاءالله بيوم احققها

  10. In Dubai you should definitely focus on vlogging – It’s one of the best places for vlogging content. I feel like this will boost your channel more. I find Lailli Mirza’s Dubai vlogs interesting. Make sure to vlog everyday life rather than only ‘events’ as this will make it more relatable and the Dubai atmosphere gives viewers a sense of ‘escapism’. Hope this was useful and I wish you the best of luck 👍

  11. I live in Iran and I understand what you're saying. I wish I could move to another country too.. Middle East having so much problems right now and it's so so hard to live here. Wish we see peace again and live happily.
    I'm sure you are gonna be successful in everything you do, no matter where you go. Sending you so much love. :*

  12. don’t get me wrong i’m so happy for you and wish you all the best in Dubai, but kinda sad at the same time. i love watching your videos in Lebanon with you and your family, now i feel like your videos are going to be just like all the other influences, but inshallah it’s best for your future❤️

  13. Oh My god cant believe you were in Miniara, I live evry near there and I would've be so happy to see you :((((

  14. I’m not a curious! but what about MR.Y???
    He’s your love❤️💔
    But ,, this is your life and have fun why not🥺

  15. We're so excited! Show us more of the different ways your life changed now that you're living alone! Many students living abroad watch your channel, including me, so its nice to see that 🙂

  16. كنت عارفة والله دبي اول ماقلتي بدك تنتقلي لانو اغلب اليوتيوبر بينتقلو ع دبي بحكم الشغل ف دبي فرصة منيحة الك بحكم شغلك واليوتيوب وانشاء الله يكون خير الك السكن ب دبي ومتحمسين لا فيديوهات دبي بتمنالك الافضل وموفقة يارب

  17. I hope for you the best and inchallah your work will be amazing in Dubai and i hope for you the best the best of luck ❤️

  18. You made me cry btmna kel shi ykun mnih w tkune bara mbsouta i love so much aanjd w btmnlik kel lkher ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. I will miss coco bell junior , Caroline, Charlies and Natalia also🥺 I will miss each single person of your family members 💋❤️love u natt

  20. الله يوفقك بحياتك الجديده 👍🏼كثير متحمسه لفلوقات دبي وبدنا نشوف فلوقات النقله لدبي والبيت الجديد🏃‍♀️😻

  21. We will miss your videos with your family:( but you take big decision and We proud of you 👏🏻❤️ hope you the best ♥️♥️♥️

  22. ℕ𝕒𝕥𝕒𝕝𝕚𝕖 𝕀 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕦𝕦
    الله ييسرلك وتنجحي بحياتك بدبي♥️♥️♥️

  23. بصراحه انا احب الكونتيت عشانك في لبنان وهذا الشي مميز .
    دبي الكل عايش فيها ❤️
    المهم تكوني سعيده فين م كنتي ناتالي❤️

  24. I don't know why I felt like you're living us too, and I don't know why I feel like I'm going to miss your family soooooo much, coco, doudi, coco belle, Mr Y, 3ammou, khaltou, Tina and Sami, baby İbrahim, the twins charlize and Natalie, but I wish youuuu the best of luck, and your second family will always be with youuuu.

  25. متحممسسسسيييييين لفلوقات دبييي، متاكدة بتكون احليى فلوقات ❤️❤️❤️

  26. Im so happy with this decision , now I can feel you will be closer for me

    love you hbb , maybe one day you can come to my school For my graduation day

  27. I feel sad aren’t know why 🙂 when you are vlogging with ur family this is make me happy and nice feeling , but i always wish for u a good life and luck💙

  28. كنت متأكدة رح تقولي دبي بعد ما حكتلك صديقتك تعالي عيشي في دبي و انتي سكتي لحظة كإنو عجباتك الفكرة 😂❤❤❤

  29. happy for you hayete, I wish you all the best, ❤️and take care about yourself so well ❤️love you albi ❤️

  30. VERYYY SAD NEWSS😭😭lebanon will miss u i wish u all the luck in dubai. Dubai is very lucky❤️❤️🥺🥺

  31. Wooooooowwww still can't believe you are moving!!!!!!! ❤ bravooo you are strong gurl wherever you are!! Waiting to see the NEW nathalie! The independent and hardworking one!!!
    What are your motivations?
    Q: what about Mr. Y???!!!!!! You are still together right?
    Wish you the best Nat ❤❤❤❤❤

  32. Omggg so saddd.inshallah allah biyassir .I know its not like a good time for this bas is there gonna be shipping to Lebanon min Natalie beauty?

  33. ياليت تصورين لنا فلوقات عن النقل بالتفصيل والطياره والتأثيث وكل شي❤️

  34. so proud of you nato, but ofc im kinda sad because when you were in Lebanon i had the thought that i could see you again by accident and i felt closer to you…but that’s totally fine you’re in my heart!!I’ll always support you no matter what…i hope you succeed in everything you do,i love you 🥰❤️❤️❤️

  35. I'm so sad cause ur leaving but we wil stay with you whenever you are and we will keep on supporting you love you so much ❤

  36. Good luck on this new phase! Definitely would like to see how you decorate your new house, and cool stuff to do/places to visit in town:)

  37. Ideas for video:
    A day in my life
    A week in my life
    Shopping vlogs
    Makeup tutorials
    How do you live alone
    Fashion tips
    Vlogging yourself having a photoshoot to show us how can we pose and telling us hacks about how we make our instagram feed better,how you edit your pictures. Wish you the best❤️love you❤️❤️

  38. زعلت 🥺احب لبنان واحب فلوقاتك ب لبنان بعد دبي جميله الله يوفقك يارب ❤️

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