intro -Good evening! You’ve got a call -Who’s calling? Where is it calling? Good evening friends!!! Today we decided to film a vlog in an underground river. We’ve got skates here roller-skates. They’ve been lying in the cupboard for a year now and we decided to skate down there There is a hostorical underground river and one part is made of plastic that was changed. And we decided to break in our rollers roller, rovers. Or how are they called? Rovers? -Yeah -So these rovers and I’m gonna ride down there I’ll be riding down the underground collector So we’re going down there But I can’t descent here, because I’ve got short hands so we’ll use a different hole And we’ll sneak there, a historical moment the underground river is from the year 1900 There are only 3 underground rivers left in Kyiv Glybochitsa, Klov that is Khreshchatyk and Skomorog we’re now going into 3 underground rivers left that are historical made from bricks with stamps. -Oh what the f**k? -Get out of here, let me talk to people. -Speak -We are heading for the underground historical river down there see how high it is -Open it up and show that there are doors here -Aha, the doors are welded. -Open it up -And that’s where we’re going. To the bottom -But I can’t descent here, because I’m small -We’ll sneak in through that side tunnel -Should I throw the rollers down? -No, don’t do it, they’ll fall into water -Well, thow them if you want to. -So lets go, one, two, three -Bam bam bam -Just for you to know, the entrance to the underground is in the middle of a park -We’ll enter from the other side Because I’m a small Kurduplik -Opa, and this is the entrance to the underground river -Pay attention, let me show the manhole is under the Lancer and there is our Lancer -Our Lancer. -There is our Lancer And here is another one -I’ll use a key, wait. Don’t film -It’s only me who has a key to the dungeons and no one else can enter -Suuuukaaa. -He’s a newbie, but I’m a pro -Say something before we go down. -I wish happiness and love to everyone 2020 has finally come -Wish you love and we’re going underground In all traditions of Sus Oh, we’ve got a tomato -The f**k are you throwing this at me -Take the wheels -Come on. -Hold them -Oh, blyat, they fell down. They’ll get wet -Oh, hold me -Dude, whre did you get such shoes? -Dima Gora gave them to me -Calling again. -Dude, turn off the f**ken phone -If a car will run over this, won’t it fall in? -It won’t run over this There, I’ve closed it -I’ve got wounds on my hands. -A? – Wounds on my hands .-Hope blood doesn’t come in there I came here yesterday… -What is that. -A tomato A tomato Blyat -Why are you demolishing food? -Foooooood -So, lets roll. Welcome to the begining of the rout A historical moment is starting This is a historical river from 1900, I tell more when we get down -Lets go down -Dima, give us some light here. -We’re going inside the tunnels -Those dungeons are like home to me I feel myself awesome here -So guys, we’re making our descent in a roundabout way. We went under the lattice Now we’ll try to get down. -Come on -What’s the problem? The problem is that I can’t see anything the battery on my torch is dead I took a discharged torch with me, such a shame I go sneaking undergrounds for thousands of years and took a torch with a dead battery -Be careful dude, what are you doing? -I don’t remember how to descent here, give me some light -Blyat, look. Here with your hands and then you go with your legs. -Give me a hand -Hold it carefully, have the torch Take that clip with two hands Take that clip with two hands, Susanin Susanin, listen to me. You hold on to that clip with your hands and put your left leg on the brick -Where’s the clip? -Blyat, turn off that… -Where is the clip, is it far? -Wait, stop. Listen to me You’re holding the clip with your hands -Turn those f**ken as**oles off -I’ll turn it off now -Dude, listen Here is the clip you were holding on to it and put your feet on the place I’m showing you -Sus, hold my hand blyat Take my hand. -Where is it? -Lower There it is You’re there. -I’ve got it -Lower, lower. -Hold the water for me I’m starting the descent -Sus, be careful. Hold on to it -All good, I’m going down. Dima, control the water control the water!!! control the water please!! My boots are full of water. Give me your hand. -Here Hold my hand, here is torch -There, there One, two, three Come on, go down All good, come down here -I got down ok, but be careful because it’s very slippery, a dangerous place -Come on, Dimon -So, guys. We’ve descented. We’re undergroung -In an underground river The collector is from 1900, from the King’s yellow brick and we want to show you this underground river today. I’ll tell you a little about how it was build and all of this -Look guys, such a descent the side tunnel we sneaked though, a waterfall and the entrance to the main tunnel it’s covered in meat yuck! yuck, suka!. -Sus, look! There are mushrooms here -They are bitter. No, Dima. I won’t eat them -The mushrooms are growing everywhere on the floor, on the ground, on the ceiling there is very high humidity in here and they like it they grow here in the dark and accumulate psychedelic properties -And they are white It’s all an underground anomaly there can’t be white or green color underground there are only two colors that can be only in nature, on the outside but it’s white here and this is nonsense this is an underground Like I’ve told in the series before there are fish that don’t have eyes in the underground collector, we’ll go and film there once On Borshyagovka, in the collector og the river Nyvky there are fish that have no eyes and they are all white and these fish are completely transparent it’s because hot water was damped there. And mutations started But we still haven’t notified the government services beacuse the biologist looked and said that those are unique species of fish Not to spoil them there Because there are no fish like that in other places of the world The eyes are glued like that and they are all transparent like water and they swim there. We can come some day and film there I’m telling you serious stuff here, isn’t this interesting for you? -So, and what?- I’m telling you serious stuff here the fish are transparent. -No, llok at him -I’m telling him aga and he goes aga. Lets go and have fun I might tell somthing more about my life how it’s all I’m telling you, it’s from 1900, the collector is old only 3 left in Kyiv this is the last one But this one is also soon gonna be demolish Now the territory is being bought in the city center they’ll be building something here, and the collector will soon be gone I feel very sorry for that, because this is our era, our history our sneak the things that we love, but in our days nobody cares about
architecture all are only thirsty for money!!!! And we are thirsty for aesthetics -We’re goinf deeper inside the underground river And the tunnels turn out to be of a very unusual space shape And what were you saying -That this collector is from 1900 and they made the collector -Wait, what collector… Tell why is it needed -Aa, we are now in an undergound river I’m sorry that I did not bring you up to date There are underground rivers in Kyiv, they used to be on the surface before little steams, but then the city formed and pipes were build and put all the rivers inside them, that is all The river wasn’t needed for the city any more The river ceased to fulfill her function for sailing boats drinking sailing and other sailing and other buzz it just became unnecessary and everyone forgot of the river and the streets Skomarozhska, Pavlovskaya and no one knows why. And I’m gonna tell you why 90 % of the streets in Kyiv were formed by rivers even the district of Darnytsya. No one knows why it’s called that way Because there is a river called Darnytsya under the whole district 20 km, the Darnytsya collector Not many people know about this. Why is the stream called Khreshchatyk .. Why the street is called Khreshchatyk, because there is a stream called Khreshchatyk Why the street is called hlybochytska, because there is a street called Hlybochytska Why the kiyanovskiy descent called that way, because there is a river called Kiyanka the whole city was formed by rivers because Kyiv is hilly, it has a lot of rivers and they all got closed because roads were built and everything else, so we have the opportunity to have a touch of history here year 1900 When all the water is drainning from the hilly city and when it feels up to the ceiling It’s very scary in here, horrible things start to happen here I once felt this moment And those are greenhouse crickets They are local inhabitants of these collectors. They are very cute and cool They are harmless But they live here in the dark Just look how cute it is it is so beautiful and we come to visit it and they just hang out here. Look here is a smaller individual a smaller individual -Friends, on this undergound sneak we decided to make contest and we want to give away anything from our merch and for you to understand what the contest is about and who can win it, watch the video till the end– “Super Bitch” . Our new hats are out and in the end of the video you will see what the competition is about -Do you know how to ride them? -No -But I’ll try. -These are modern and for youth -Yeah youth republic. -A very stylish model -Stylish just like me Check out my stylish coat, I also got these stylish shoes as a gift -Opaaaa -So I’m all on style -These are our locals. Don’t eat them. Leave them alone Leave it and let it crawl, prusak These are prusaks, you can easily harm him His body is very… -I know, I know. Look, he’s going to jump now -F**k this shit, I don’t want him to jump on me Let him go -He’s shocked. -He’s f**ken shocked -Of course, no one ever caught him and now some moron did I’m telling you, let him go Let him go his own way -Let him walk away. -Have a good night. -Have a good night. -Greenhouse crickets -Why greenhouse crickets? -Well they are called that way But why greenhouse? -Well, they are called that way Latin name, I don’t reme,ber how it’s called the right way Orangireticus Kusnechikus Orangireinikus Svyrchkunikus. Svyrc.. Svyrc.. blyat. Svyrchkusikus Orangireinikus Svyrchkusikus, Svyrchkusikus blyat So, a greenhouse cricket -Just look at that tunnel going up Where does it lead? -To some basement I never went there, because I can’t reach I must go to some basement -Whhoa. -To a basement of some house Now we are starting to face our first difficulties in the look of water This is my passion, the undergounds -It’s very flooded in there -When it rains I’m not kiding now When the flow of water goes though here During the summer, spring and autumn rains, when a storm starts The water is here up till the ceiling And those huse stones all of this is carried buy rain it’s really scary and terrible No jokes here Super Sus actually likes to joke, he is a joker But actually it is very dangerous and very scary How many of our guys have died 4 people have died in places like this. Under Khreschatyk And I also almost drowned here once We came here to make some BBQ and then a rain started I was so f**ked up -When you go dwon the streets and see those square gratings Water drains in them and goes to big collectors and those collectors go into even beger ones. They are like veins From a little one to a bigger one and bigger and bigger we’ll now enter a bigger collector from this one and then to a more bigger one and in the end it come to a big river then from the river to the sea and then to the ocean That is how it is, a split system -And can we enter the metro though here? -Well, I won’t tell this here -Blyat, dude. Stop -While we exist there will be evil ice and the major will slip and the major will fall on the ice under the major’s feet we are ice under the major’s feet we are ice under the major’s feet we are ice ! -We are only such connoisseurs and the others… nobody even knows that there is an underground river here we are now under the central railway station and who of them knows that there is such a underground collector under them some of them will say sewage, shit But actually it doesn’t even smell bad in here, just an underground river that was on the surface before but now it’s a piece of the city water system And everyone has forgotten about it long ago. The engineers and the history and all this went away forever only these manholes that lead here and only we know where and what manhole every tunnel and reference point where you can sneak to, that is history now -Yeah, it’s over. -This is history now But we have fun and don’t discouraged Because we’ve got lots of other dungeons In which we’ll sneak into -Blocked, blocked. Warped my f**ken face off Warped, war… -I’ll get out. -Blyat This goes on to infinity. How much have we got left? -1km -1km, like this? -Yes -It’s about 1,20 m high -Many people ask my hight. It’s 1,23m I don’t fit here only with those 3 cm But I feel myself good in here -This is the big plastic pipe. -Almost 3 meters -this is the tribute to the old collectors that were here, made of bricks built in the times of the King and now they are plastic, era replaces an era But we always remember always respect history, love our city Tribute to the old systems music -So, friends. The roller skates are on We put on these stylish rollers -Holy f**ken shit!!!! Happy New 2020 -Going softly? -Yeah I’ve never tried riding one of these -Blyyaaaa -Suka, f**k. -Did you cut yourself? -Motherf***er, blyat. -Did you cut yourself? -No, I’m alive -Oh f**k that bottle, I’ll buy 28 more -Blya -A firecracker Happy New 2020 -Blyat.. -What happened? -I feel a lot better with my glasses on -I should say you showed a good level of riding -Your technique is awesome -Guys, those who are going to write in the comments. Please teach me to ride these rollers We bought them, but I don’t know how to ride. I’m not made for this But I would really like to learn riding this thing And now my ass is in water again -So did you like it? -Yeah -I won’t be riding anymore -I don;t want any of those rollers anymore So, guys. Nappy New 2020 to all of you. The 23rd century is here Wish you love and happiness I love all of you, your Super Sus All good, Super Sus Super Puper Super Sus, all good Super Sus -Saw what it did? -Holly shit song song song Hey, Mr! Bugs are crawling on you, get up I’m telling you the bugs are crawling -Lets go -Friends, as you remember we’ve got a contest So the contest is all about… So who will come up with the most creative idea for the next vlog that person will get merch as a gift from us. Any merch for your choice And that person will have the opportunity to realize his idea in our vlog So write down in the comments any creative idea and the coolest one we’ll take and film a vlog. The most creative idea And merch from us That’s it. I’m of to go supersus.shop


  1. Друзья, напишите в комментариях необычное задание для нас, и самую крутую идею мы обязательно выполним ! А автору подарим любой Мерч из нашего фирменного магазина http://supersus.shop/

  2. Есть лучше задание ,приехать к нам в Харьков ,и посетить наши подземелья🤩

  3. Паша Роуд ту Фыльм. Блогер. Задохнулся в коллекторе. Царство небесное пусть земля будет Пухом.

  4. хочу выйграть в конкурсе!1 пожарьте шашлындосы прямо в подземке.

  5. в Москве меня знают, как лучшего креативного контент-мейкера. Поэтому предложу вам; закажите пиццу и заберите ее прямо из подземки допустим в костюмах черепашек ниндзя)

  6. Креативная идея: Зайти в лес. Например: Возле ст.метро Червоный Хутор. И спуститься под землю посмотреть что там находится. Или пойти в лес на 24 часа. И добывать что то. Мой инстаграм: @dimasik._.boxing

  7. Айда в Припять в квартире пожить и ремонт там сделать????? как идея???

  8. Креативная идея:
    хотелось бы чтоб вы поехали куда то за киев в заброшенные катакомбыподземелья или какое то заброшенное место и погуляли там, либо попытайтесь пройтись по киеву по подземельным "тропам" (насколько максимально возможно). было бы еще классно если б сус был под градусом как раньше. ну и можете впринципе попробывать поменяться местами, димон пусть порассказывает что да как а сус пусть поснимает(попытается).

  9. поставьте перед сильными дождями камеры в коллекторах. интересно посмотреть как вода поднимается и что там происходит, когда воды под потолок

  10. Вот идея сусятинке: приезжай в Молдову лазить по Объекту 1180 – одному из самых больших ядерных бункеров в бывшем СССР и стрёмному лесу вокруг него

  11. Го я научу кататься, я на борщаге живу, помню ещё в метро повидались с тобой )

  12. Пойти в любой коллектор и взорвать 7 петард одновременно и сус должен убрать брови как Стас Борецкий и ещё часто орать Пубертат идет кричать

  13. Поплавать в какой-нибудь трубе, где воды не по колено, а как минимум по пояс.

  14. Смотрю этот в видос под финал действия окончания первого трипа ЛСД, и понимаю что маме под чем-то)))


  16. Снимите что то в духе Дискавери, без мата и бухла. Попробуйте себя в новом формате

  17. Подземная река Полтва – в 5 раз больше киевского Клова.

    Она примечательна тем, что проходит под всем городом и имеет выходы в подвалы домов, церквей, другие подземные коммуникации. Можно спуститься из одного дома в подвал и по реке выйти в подвал дома на другой части города. В Полтве прятались евреи во время второй мировой. Сус, Демон сходите туда…

  18. Чуваки, приедьте в Одессу, снимите видос в наших катакомбах! Там реально есть шо показать и посмотреть

  19. Идея: ползать всё время и рассказывать истории) Хочу мэрчччч

  20. Ребята, вот моя идея для вашего нового влога:
    Сус и его гости на время должны купить самую нелепую и дешёвую одежду на барахолке (естественно, можно вести денежный лимит на каждого из участников), затем вся команда идёт тусоваться в самые дорогие и мажорные места Киева.

    Надеюсь, мою идею оцените. Спасибо. 😉

  21. Сусик в образе «тоннельной крысы» пожирающей вьетконговцев между Вьетнамом и Черниговым, ну или какой нибудь ещё вьетнамский флешбэк, эта тема здорово заходит!

  22. Сус го в метро с петардами либо в тунэль где вода на коньках с петардами го чтоб сус увидел он мой любимый блогер сус с 2020 годом

  23. Креативная идея: найти тех рыб, про которые рассказывал сус и попытаться из поймать, так же можно заехать на ланцере в коллектор, кушать колбасу и пиво

  24. Идея: Дмитрий, невероятно интересно было бы узнать о местах в подземелье, где сус бытовал.
    Т.е. в ролике, где вы взрывали манекен Сус сказал, что приходил туда ловить рыбу.
    Это очень впечатляющие подробности о быте Сусанина, хотелось бы таких побольше

  25. Супер Сус надевает противогаз и вместо банки накручивает пиво и идёт ловить рыб (прозрачных) , готовит их и ест . Потом берёт гитару залезает на дерево и начинает играть на гитаре.

  26. креативная идея:помойте суперсуса и меньше мАТА во влогах плиз. Еще одна суспер креативная идея, предлагаю пройтись по Киеву поспрашивать прохожих знают ли они кто такой СУСпер Пуз, думаю будет весело

  27. Как в старые добрые. Прогулки по подземелью, много алкахи, друзей,костюмов и юмора.
    Хотелось бы увидеть ещё 1 влог из государственной бани.

  28. Блин такой выпуск классный получился, без негатива, какого-то кринджа, и залаз интересный показали, и атмосфера, супер. Сус. СуперСус.

  29. Идея номер 1 : сделать шашлыки в бункере и побуянить с петардами
    2: поехать в заброшенную автобусное предприятие и побуянить , может угнать автобус и сделать дом
    3. Поехать в Ригу , как и хотел сусанин
    4. Попить пива просто на камеру

  30. Идея : Сгоняйте в Чернобыль и попробуйте там полазить по коллекторам, водоканалам и т.д. оч цикава )))))

  31. Пусть сус переоденется в охраника и пойдет доебываться до чопа типо это его территория.

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