Indian Traveller teaching in Kyrgyzstan’s Village

I told them that I will go for a hike in the mountains My name is Varun My host use this water for drinking a new day I spent almost 3 days Initially, I planned to stay here for at least a week But due to the communication gap, I thought to leave early I was feeling lonely Now he’s…

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Our Cat’s Reaction to Moving to a New Apartment | Beemo’s Day in the Life

최근에 저희가 이사를 갔어요 그래서 비모의 이사 경험을 촬영해보기로 했답니다 (아빠 어디갔지?) (아빠 옷들도 다 사라졌고…) 거의 비어있는 이상한 집을 검사중 규호와 로웰이 다시 돌아오고 비모야 이사하기 전날이야 기분이 어때? ㅋㅋㅋ 너 스스로 눈을 친거야? 이 작은 집에서 마지막 밤을 이렇게 보내고 있답니다 비모 완전 혼란스러워요 무슨 일이 일어나는지 전혀 몰라요 이렇게 쭉 내려다보는 비모를 보며 깼어요 영혼 속까지 뚫어져라…

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Tokyo Bike Ride POV | Otemachi to Tokyo Bay – 4K Gopro

Tokyo Otemachi Marunouchi Naka-Dori Street National route 20 Turn left here, then you can see Tokyo station Harumi Dori Avenue Yurakucho station is on the left Sukiyabashi crossing Ginza 4chome crossing Tsukiji Sumida river Kachidoki bridge Harumi Ohashi bridge Oh yeah! Skytree Shin-Toyosu Toyosu 6chome Park Ariake Arena (Olympics site) Olympic Gymnastic Center Disaster Prevention Park Tokyo bigsight

Japan | Massive Summer Road Trip! | Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka and the Road

We just got Bubs a dinosaur egg to keep him occupied… He’s really excited about it! **happy hipster folk music** Is it good? Yeah. Good. So we stopped at this rest stop… …and… ROSE GARDEN. This is your bed??? Heeheeyeah! Your bed? Did you get your own??? Yeah! Wee! **music continues**

How to move a Otaku Husband | Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken Funny/Cute Moments

It’s our day off, so let’s go out somewhere. I had a festival until morning, so I’m tired. A festival? If you insist… Make me feel moe! Meow. Are you going to Comi** again this year? Yeah! Our Comi** is the strongest! I’m amazed you get so excited every time. You can come, too. Nope. They might have an enka…

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